How is it now in Turkey? We have been here for 5 days now, we tell you what the situation is

Turkey in December 2020

On September 8, Turkey tightened the mask regime due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. The resorts loved by Russians have changed a lot over the past 2 weeks: masks on the beach, fines and new restrictions. AiF. u talks about the difficulties tourists faced: deportations, isolation and tests at their own expense.

Sent home

On September 7, a group of Russian tourists arrived in Kemer and checked into a hotel. On September 10, they were told that a person with a coronavirus was traveling with them on a shuttle bus, and they were forbidden to leave their rooms. The next day, vacationers at their own expense passed tests for COVID-19. When negative results came, we relaxed. But, as it turned out, in vain: the hotel still refused to rest and sent them to the airport. There, the unlucky tourists met other comrades in misfortune from the same flight on September 7th. The Russians were deported home. The Russian Union of Travel Industry has promised tourists that it will try to get a refund for their unused vacation.

Sent to isolation

Sergey Avdeev, a tourist from Moscow, told the AIF. u, that he was in some sense more fortunate - in the midst of the rest, the hotel guide told him that there was a COVID-positive person on the joint excursion, so Sergey and his wife should go to isolation. “I was mentally preparing that we would now be sent to the observatory, but no, everything turned out to be more humane: we were moved from our room to an isolated apartment on its territory,” Sergei said. - They didn't even refuse to feed - the food was left under the door. Sounds good, but we were not allowed to leave our room and the vacation immediately became very strange. You sit within four walls and do not feel like a rest. You just go crazy out of boredom. "

Sergey called the insurance company, and they were ready to help with the examination, but the hotel sent its own laboratory assistant and made tourists pay for this analysis. Only when a negative result came, they were allowed to leave, but they did not move back to the chosen room.

As it turned out, Turkish hoteliers do not have uniform instructions on what to do if vacationers came into contact with an infected person on a plane or bus, so they act at their own discretion. They can immediately refuse service and send to the airport, they can look for a place to isolate the tourist in the hotel (at his expense), or they can send him to the observatory.

Singer Rita Dakota on Instagram asked for help from subscribers: she wrote that, flying to Turkey, she was tested and underwent a full examination by a doctor. But in the middle of the rest, she was informed of a positive test result for coronavirus (perhaps the result of the test she passed on entering the country came). “In Turkey, it shows a positive test, and I was just locked up in isolation,” Dakota wrote. - On requests to retake and exclude an error - they refuse. The earliest is to take a new test in a week, and again right there. Help me call an independent laboratory and retake this test, I want to go home! "

As a result, a few days later, the singer wrote that she had achieved a second analysis and it turned out to be negative. Dakota flew to Russia.

Moved to another hotel

Other tourists encountered problems when checking in - overbooking (overbooking). They come to the hotel and find out that it is closed (did not have time to pass the security certification) or that there are no empty seats in it. Frightened tourists are offered lower class hotels.

On tourist forums, people planning on vacation in Turkey are actively posting the same advice - to check if the hotel indicated in the purchased voucher is open. As a result, prudent users find that their hotels won't open at all this year. Many people manage to resolve the issue with the tour operator and change to something of the same level, because on the spot they usually offer worse options - unclaimed, unpopular, therefore free. Those who have not read the forums before the trip visit them.

Rest in Armenia is curative even without swimming in Sevan: tourism is developing in Armenia as a philosophy of love of life and small holidays - whether it is a trip to the Erebuni fortress or to the Areni winery.

Tourism in Armenia is distinguished by enviable hospitality: tourism attracts almost 1.5 million travelers to Armenia annually, and this is exactly half of the country's population! The country has preserved its authenticity and historical location for millennia. Perhaps the secret lies in the continuity - here everyone, young and old, knows their genealogies and reveres their ancestors.

The residents of the CIS and Ukraine are not faced with the question of whether they need a visa to Armenia: free entry with an international passport, and for Russians since February 2017, with an internal document. Citizens of Europe and America, other continents, permission can be obtained upon arrival at airports for $ 8 for three weeks.

How to get to Armenia

Rest in Armenia for many tourists begins at the airports. There are 2 air harbors in the republic - in Yerevan and Gyumri, planes fly in 70 directions.

The railway network connects most of the regions, the branches to Azerbaijan and Turkey are blocked, but a road to Iran is being built.

Due to the short distances, it is convenient to travel by electric trains.

Airplane - 6 hours, $ 80; Train - 45 hours, $ 65; Bus - 1.5 days, $ 60.

Airplane - with a transfer in Kiev, 7 hours, 160 $; Train - 2 days, 95 $ Bus - 2 days, 80 $.

Airplane - 6.5 hours, $ 120; Train - 44 hours, $ 80; Bus - about 2 days, $ 60.

Where to stay in Armenia

The territory of the republic is 20 times smaller than France, but there are similarities: many small villages and fifty towns with ancient history and family businesses.

What is the current situation in Turkey in connection with the coronavirus and mask mode. Should I fly now to Turkey for a vacation? We are in Turkey for 5 days. We will tell you how things really are in Turkish resorts.

What it takes to fly to Turkey now

For Russian citizens to travel to Turkey in connection with the coronavirus, nothing new is needed, everything is as usual. There is no need to do any tests, no health certificates are needed, there is no quarantine for arriving tourists, no insurance with virus coverage is required. Upon returning to the Russian Federation, you need to do a covid test and upload the results to State Services within 3 days.

All you need now to get to Turkey is to take a voucher. Tour prices are now reduced, see for yourself!

Independent tourists need to go to Air Sales as usual and buy tickets. Air tickets cost us 14 thousand rubles for two and with luggage.

You will not have to look for insurance with coverage for the treatment of COVID-19, this option is already enabled on the well-known Cherekhapa in all policies. We bought insurance for 2 months for 5 thousand rubles for two. Travel insurance prices have not risen due to covid.

Book your hotel on Booking. om - it is on Booking that the lowest prices in Turkey are now. And it is better to do this in advance from Russia in order to avoid dancing with tambourines here (in Turkey, booking is blocked by the local Roskomnadzor).

Alanya from the height of the plane's flight

How we arrived in Turkey

We flew by Pobeda direct flight Moscow-Alania. We have already talked in detail about this convenient and inexpensive flight here. Nothing changed. Only on the plane they give out questionnaires, which must be filled out and returned at the airport. They also measure the temperature of everyone without contact. There were no more formalities.

This is not the first or even the second time we land at a Turkish airport

Until the last moment, we were not sure that we would buy tickets and generally find ourselves in Turkey this month. Until now, in some places I can't even believe it.

Tour operator Intourist has launched an early booking campaign for tours to Turkey for the summer season of 2021. Charter flights to Antalya are planned from 14 cities of Russia, and to Dalaman - from 10. We will tell you how much you can buy a summer tour to Turkey for "all inclusive" now.


The company told Vestnik ATOR that for the summer season the Intourist tour operator has planned its own extensive charter program in Turkey in partnership with Red Wings and AZUR air.

Intourist charter flights to Antalya on board both Red Wings and AZUR air will start at the beginning of April 2021 from 14 Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Rostov-on -Don, Krasnodar, Kazan, Samara, Ufa, Vladikavkaz, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh) and will last until the end of October.

Charters in Dalaman (tours to the resorts of the Aegean coast of Turkey) will start in the second half of April on the wings of the partner airline AZUR air. This program is planned from 10 Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Ufa, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Mineralnye Vody and Nizhny Novgorod).

Under the summer flight programs "Intourist" has stocked up contracts with almost 400 hotels of various categories - from budget 3 * hotels to luxury hotels of well-known chains - in 38 resort districts of Antalya province. On the Aegean coast, the tour operator has about 100 hotels in 16 districts of Muula (Mugla) province in the booking system.

“We have positive forecasts for the 2021 summer season in Turkey. Preparations for the next season, together with the host companies, are in full swing, "says Intourist executive director Sergei Tolchin.

He said that the company will hold presentations of recreation opportunities in partner hotels in Turkey, where, together with hotel representatives, he will talk about all the changes that will occur in accommodation facilities in the new summer season.

Presentations and training will be conducted both online and offline (as soon as the epidemiological situation in various Russian regions allows and the corresponding restrictions are lifted).


We have been living in Turkey for 3 months. We will tell you what is the current situation in connection with the pandemic, what restrictions have been introduced for tourists, how the curfew works. Knowing the real situation in Turkey, you will draw a conclusion for yourself whether it is worth coming to rest now.

How to fly to Turkey for Russians now

Turkey's borders are open and the authorities do not intend to close them yet. According to news reports, there are no plans to close Turkey at least until the New Year holidays.

Russians can fly to Turkey until December 28 without PCR test for covid and without other information. Just buy a ticket or a plane ticket and arrive. But from the 28th, the presence of a negative PCR test will be required. There is no quarantine upon arrival.

Covid-19 coverage can be purchased on this website.

Due to the latest events in Turkey, it is better to arrive on an all inclusive tour in December. Because in cities everything is now closed, cafes and restaurants are open only for take-out. You can buy the last minute ticket online here.

But for tourists in all inclusive hotels everything works. Almost everything is the same as before, only the time of discos was limited to 22 hours.

Is it worth flying to Turkey for the New Year -

In dockyard times, on New Year's Eve, the hotels hosted a dinner and a New Year's party. It cost $ 50-100 per person and all the tourists from the hotel gathered in one room for the holiday.

To date, Turkish hotels have limited entertainment programs to 10 pm. So, it is highly likely that all New Year's banquets and show programs will be canceled due to these restrictions. The Turkish President recommended not to celebrate the new year.

You can go to Turkey for the new year for the sake of nature and the sea, although it's already cold to swim. That is, for the sake of the trip itself, and not for New Year's fun.

By the way, 90% of the population does not celebrate the New Year in Turkey. Only tourists have fun. Last year we told you about this in the article: New Year in Alanya. As celebrated on December 31 in Turkey

In Alanya, the only New Year tree in the city is just in a parking lot

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