How events in Hurghada will affect Egyptian tourism

How events in Hurghada will affect Egyptian tourism

Egypt has decided on a tourism development strategy and reformed the ministry in charge of this area. The Minister of Tourism has also changed. Beach holidays are no longer a priority in promoting the country's tourism product, and charter subsidies may be questionable.


The Ministry of Tourism has been reformed in Egypt. The tourism department was merged with the Ministry of Antiquities, as it was more than 50 years ago. The new structure is called the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism.

However, tourism in this bundle is not the leading direction. This is evidenced by the appointment of Khaled al-Anani to the post of minister, who previously headed the Ministry of Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Rania Mashat, who has run Egyptian tourism for the past two years, has remained in the country's government, taking over as Minister for International Cooperation.

According to the official comments of the Egyptian side, the emergence of a new structure led by Khaled Al-Anani is associated with the implementation of "major archaeological projects supported by the state, such as the Great Egyptian Museum", as well as the promotion of Egypt as a tourist destination precisely from the point of view of cultural and historical heritage.

“Egypt is rich in a variety of tourist products such as beaches and monuments, but what distinguishes Egypt from other countries is precisely the monuments,” the Egyptian Cabinet said in a statement.


As representatives of DMC-companies in Egypt explain, Al-Anani's appointment is primarily associated with the opening of the Great Egyptian Museum, which is scheduled for the end of 2020. Essentially, Al-Anani oversaw this project, compiling his collection. In addition, Al-Anani is the author of a project to transform the tourist area around the pyramids on the Giza plateau. At the suggestion of the minister, new archaeological museums will open in 2020 in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

According to Egyptian experts, Al-Anani is an adherent of "classic" tourism, which is what Egypt needs at this stage.

First, the task is to "recapture" billions of dollars in investment in the creation of the Great Museum and the new Sphinx airport, which is located not far from the new museum complex.

Secondly, it is cultural tourism, relying on visitors from China, Japan, the United States and other countries of the world, that promises Egypt more income than beach tours. According to observers, Egypt has not managed to get rid of the status of a "cheap beach destination", so a return to "traditional brands" (the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, ancient temples in Luxor, etc.) in conjunction with the future opening of the Great Egyptian Museum looks like logical.

Egypt is monitoring the reaction of international tour operators to the tragic events in Hurghada. In how an attack on tourists can affect the tourism of the Country of the Pyramids, "Vestnik ATOR" tried to understand the materials of the Egyptian media.


According to updated information, 6 women became victims of the attack of a 27-year-old Egyptian in Hurghada, two of whom, German citizens, were killed. Among the wounded were also one Russian woman, two citizens of Armenia and one tourist from the Czech Republic. According to TASS, the Russian citizen actively resisted the criminal who attacked her, and only her courage helped her stay alive. Most of the stabbing fell on her hands, and, according to Russian diplomats, “the woman’s face is also hurt in several places, but she can already walk on her own, although she is still in a psychologically restless, post-shock state”.

6 women became victims of the attack in Hurghada, two, citizens of Germany, were killed. Among the wounded - one Russian woman, two citizens of Armenia and one from the Czech Republic

According to Egyptian law enforcement agencies, the offender arrived in Hurghada on Friday morning, attended Friday prayer in one of the city's mosques, then bought a kitchen knife in a hardware store and went to the embankment where tourist complexes are located. From a public beach, he swam to a closed beach hotel area (the Zahabia hotel and the neighboring Sunny Days El Palacio), where he attacked the women with a knife, after which he tried to escape, but was detained by the hotel security officers.

The motives of the attacker have not yet been established. The prosecutor's office is investigating whether the attack was an individual act, a criminal act, a terrorist attack, or some other kind of crime.


Realizing the consequences of the incident for the tourism industry, the Egyptian prosecutor's office asked the local media "not to draw any conclusions or speculate on the nature of the attack" so as not to "spoil the country's tourist image."

Further, as usual after such high-profile cases, the authorities of Hurghada announced the strengthening of security measures. The closure of the public beach from which the offender arrived is reported. According to Egyptian media reports, this public area will be reconstructed taking into account security measures: they will install barriers and equip entrances. On Sunday, by order of the Governor of the Red Sea Province, the largest hotels in Hurghada began to install special frames to check all visitors entering the hotel. At the entrance and exit from the city, access measures have been strengthened.

Since Sunday, by order of the Governor of the Red Sea province, in the largest hotels in Hurghada, they began to install a special framework for checking all incoming

In this article we will tell you everything about your holidays in Egypt. You will find out why to come here, what to see, what to do and much more.

Why travel to Egypt

Egypt is mostly located on the African continent, and only a small part of it is located in Asia. In this country, the desert occupies almost 95% of all land. All infrastructure is based on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, and to a greater extent, along the Nile, which is considered the world's greatest river. Ancient pyramids are the hallmark of Egypt.

The legacy left over from the ancient Egyptian civilization attracts tourists from all over the world. However, Egypt is rich not only in pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphs. Coptic Christianity and Islam, which developed here in the Middle Ages, have left their mark throughout the country in the form of mosques, monasteries and ancient churches.

Many tourists from all over the world visit this country every year to see the sights that are mesmerizing. For many years, Egypt has been among the most popular tourist destinations.

For more information on what to do in Egypt, read the article at the link.

Political environment

As a result of the 2011 revolution, a change of government took place in the country. By decision of the Federal Tourism Agency, the country was closed for tourism purposes in 2011 and 2013. To this day, rallies and strikes take place in Tahrir Square, which is located in the center of Cairo.

Political events in the country did not affect the resorts of Egypt in any way. Local businessmen also tried to keep their hotels in good condition. Egypt's economy is not a little dependent on tourism.


In Egypt, there is no concept of “off season” for holidays. There is a favorable atmosphere here all year round.

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