The current state of event management

As you know, modern society has two main characteristics - mass production and consumption. It was they who influenced the ever-growing need for event marketing.

As you know, modern society has two main characteristics - mass production and consumption. It was they who influenced the ever-growing need for event marketing.

Event management took a long time to take root in Russia. So, in the USSR, this type of service was provided by the state for a long time, it was also responsible for organizing grandiose holidays (for example, the Olympics).

Professional event companies in Russia began their activities only in the 90s of the 20th century. Due to the specifics of this field of activity, it turned out that most of the specialists were from show business. Therefore, some events were carried out in those years not in the name of bringing benefit, but for the usual show.

With the development of corporate culture, the demand continued to grow not only for event marketing, but also for event management professionals. They not only need to be creative, but also have to possess various tools and knowledge in the field of psychology. In modern agencies of this direction, the staff has qualified employees who are able to organize any event. It can also be assumed that this service industry will continue to develop.

The essence of event management

Definition 1 Event management is the most effective method of promoting the product of a company that produces innovative services.

Event management actively began to gain popularity when companies appeared on the world market that promoted innovative and high-tech products and services. In the conditions of the economic crisis, the demand for information business and management consulting decreased, which led to a sharply increased competition. This situation requires optimization of the advertising budget, which means that the marketing service needs to look for new channels of communication with the target audience.

Quite a lot of marketing tools are used in times of crisis, but the most effective tool in the info business is event management. This tool began to develop actively in Russia in 2020. The share of expenses for this tool in IT companies this year has grown by 7% of the total marketing budget.

The above definition of event management is not the only one. In theoretical studies, there is no consensus and generally accepted definition of this term. Quite often in the economic literature there are terms similar to event management, for example, event marketing, event marketing. These definitions are often considered synonymous.

All well-known brands use marketing to attract customers and increase awareness. One of the most effective types of marketing is event marketing (Event marketing). We will consider its definition and tools below.

Event marketing is a procedure aimed at increasing customer (visitors) loyalty and brand promotion through events.


Event management appeared in the West in the 1970s, but as an event-marketing concept with the emergence of the idea of ​​integrated branding. In our country, it became known about it in the 2000s, and today there are many event marketing agencies in Russia.

McDonald's was one of the first companies to use measures to promote the brand, we all remember the clown who became the "image" of the company. This approach helped McDonald's to create a memorable image and attract children with parents to its restaurant chain.

Apple is one of the brightest examples of event marketing application today. The presentation of its new products is a real show that is broadcast to the whole world and causes a storm of emotions among people watching the presentation, lighting a fire in their eyes, prompting them to buy a new Iphone, ipod, etc.

Trading Events

Trade events are events aimed at dealers, distributors, wholesalers and those who are partners of the company. As an event, a presentation, a conference, a summit, a forum, a seminar and an exhibition can be held.

With their help, the company presents its product and conducts a demonstration of developments, gives a detailed description, thus obtaining the interest of investors, customers (partners) and the opportunity to create a business relationship and a distribution system. You can also hold PR-actions and shows to create the company's image in the eyes of visitors.

Corporate events

Corporate events (HR events) - events that are held by a company for its team. It can be: various holidays, company birthday, joint vacation. This approach allows you to get a more cohesive team with a high corporate spirit, in addition, employees feel that the company cares about them and appreciates them.

There are two more subcategories of corporate events: family day and teambuilding. The first includes the organization of family holidays, and the second the organization of trainings, in which, under the guidance of a personal growth coach or psychologist, various business situations are presented and employees solve them.

Special Events

We, Event Wheel, are a company that offers services to improve customer experience at an event. We help organize streams of spectators, make the security system comfortable, and build communication between organizers to quickly solve problems. The only company in Russia that does this based on the experience of mega-events: the Olympics, the World EXPO, the World Cup, the Universiade.

We, Event Wheel, are a company that operates in a market that has temporarily ceased to exist.

We decided to check if the crisis is the time of new opportunities. And talk about your experience.


We have lost 5 projects in the last month. Two of them are international events with participants from 145 countries of the world. Only their preparation and implementation would take all our experts for 5 months. But the organizers decided to cancel them due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The loss of projects turned out to be painful not only because of lost income. In preparation for these events, we had to organize a project office. This means - to develop a project plan, monitor its implementation, maintain communication between all participants. And within the framework of these projects, we wanted to use new tools to optimize work within the company and to improve the quality of our services. Ambitious plans were not destined to come true - the event market collapsed in a matter of weeks.

But this is not the first time our team has found itself in a stressful situation. We managed the adjacent area of ​​three stadiums and organized two Fan Festivals during the FIFA World Cup. Such an event is a huge responsibility to hundreds of thousands of fans and the need to make the right decisions in a matter of minutes. Therefore, we are not used to giving up, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

This means that we can be useful when event organizers are forced to make difficult decisions without room for error.


We have launched a new service. We propose to develop an anti-crisis plan for events that may not take place on the scheduled dates. To do this, we conduct interviews with the organizers and study all the information about the event. We analyze the market and external threats, including the risk of a second wave of a pandemic. Then we consider possible strategies and evaluate each of them in terms of the degree of impact on income, achievement of goals and level of risks. Based on all the data received, we create a roadmap - an action plan for getting out of the situation with minimal losses.

It was a matter of principle to make this service free. This is the only way it can be made available to those who cannot afford new costs in the current situation. And for us this is a unique chance for self-study and acquaintance with new projects.


We started by developing a scheme for creating an anti-crisis plan. And we identified 4 main strategies that we will propose: transfer, format change, deferred decision and cancellation. This allowed us to reduce the time for work - we developed 3 anti-crisis plans in 3 weeks.

You will learn how to organize an event of any scale. Learn to brief customers and come up with a concept, assemble a team and maintain documentation. You will improve your skills on real tasks, you can get a job in an agency or engage in freelance events.

Today, universities do not have a specialized training program for event managers

  • Portfolio 70% of vacancies require a portfolio with projects
  • 60,000 rubles average specialist salary

Who is this course suitable for


Learn to organize turnkey events: communicate with contractors, plan a budget, prepare commercial proposals and write press releases. Understand event types and event manager tools. You will be able to practice on real problems, replenish your portfolio with thesis and find work in the event industry.

Beginner event managers

Learn how to assemble an ideal event-team, work with government projects and organize large events with clear timing. Learn to maintain project documentation and attract sponsors. You will be able to take on large-scale and complex projects and earn more.

Organization of online events

You will find out what events are on the Internet and what are the specifics of their preparation. You will figure out how to combine offline and online events in one project. You will understand how to choose a platform and a team for an event so that there are no technical overlaps. Learn to budget and manage it.

How to organize and conduct successful events? Understanding Pressfeed with the experts.

Event events - what is it?

When implementing event marketing, you need to clearly understand what event-events are, what business tasks they solve and for whom they are initiated, otherwise you will not get tangible returns from the process. Events are events organized to form a positive image of a company and its promotion on the market.

Partners. Trade events: conferences, presentations, exhibitions, seminars, forums. During such events, you can strengthen the network of already established business contacts, as well as establish new ones, exchange experiences or ideas.

Clients. Special events: festivals, shows, concerts, awards, presentations. Special events create a positive public opinion, form the image of a powerful influencer in their niche, increasing consumer interest.

Employees. Corporate events. An example of an event of this format are professional holidays, company anniversaries, team building and family days for employees. These events provide a positive atmosphere in the team, improving performance.

Thanks to a well-built event strategy, you can:

  • increase the loyalty of the target audience;
  • competently position the company;
  • strengthen the corporate culture;
  • present a product/service ;
  • to increase profits.

Event marketing creates a positive attitude towards the brand and increases a loyal audience. In addition, events can be used as a strong sales channel. So, in November 2019, together with our partners WebAsyst and TargetHunter, we held an online conference “Packaging. Traffic. Sales ”for 2000 participants. Revenues from ticket sales and extended attendance packages for viewers exceeded advertising and organization costs by six times.

Corporate events form new chains of relationships in the team that have a positive effect on the work process, providing a friendly emotional background in the company. Employees learn to negotiate, create collaboratively, and tackle important challenges in a relaxed atmosphere.

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