Gennady Shatalov - to the organizers of the awards: "Prioritize the interests of the industry, not personal ambitions"

Gennady Shatalov - to the organizers of the awards:

What can awards give to industry and event market professionals? How to choose the right judges for an industry competition? To whom can the jury lower the grades at the defense of the Russian Event Awards, and what are the prospects for the contestants after the results are announced? The founder of the award, Gennady Shatalov, shared the details of the preparation process for the national award in the event tourism industry.

Industry awards are a powerful tool for industry development. In my opinion, the main meaning and significance of any industry award is to fix the main trends in the development of the industry and a specific profession at the moment, to determine guidelines for the development of the professional community for the coming year.

At the very beginning of developing the idea of ​​an industry award, one must understand in advance that this is a long-term project, this is not a sprint, this is a marathon distance. At this point, the organizers should develop a project strategy for at least 5-7 years and determine how they see their prize after this time.

Any industry award must pass the test of time, the first 3 years are just the formation of the project, the development of the technology for its implementation, the creation of a certain image. After the first three years of the project, a loyal community, a pool of partners and experts, and recognition among colleagues already appear around him. And only by the 5th anniversary of the competition it is already possible to fully say that the professional industry award has taken place. This has been verified on our own experience, on the experience of organizing and conducting several professional industry awards by our PR-agency FROS Region PR: in 2019, the RuPoR Public Relations Development Award celebrates its 15th anniversary; The Russian Event Awards, the national award in the field of event tourism, is held for the 8th time; for the 6th time - the All-Russian Tourist Prize "Route of the Year", and the All-Russian Competition "Tourist Souvenir" is 5 years old.

Participation in the industry award is a kind of team building and analytics tool for the team of project authors. This helps the team to structure everything that has been done so far and describe their work.

Winning an industry award is a recognition of colleagues, it is significant for participants and the industry as a whole. For example, in the domestic PR industry there is a whole network of professional regional competitions led by the Silver Archer National Prize for the Development of Public Relations. The importance of the "Silver Archer" and the network of regional competitions, including the RuPoR prize, for the development of the domestic PR industry can hardly be overestimated. After all, participation in these awards shows the willingness of the authors of the project to share their experience, and victory is the recognition of colleagues in the PR department.

The goals of the Russian Event Awards National Award in the field of event tourism have remained unchanged for 8 years since its inception:

  • Organization and holding of an open competition of projects as a tool for identifying the most successful projects in the field of event tourism and their promotion.
  • Creation of information and communication platforms for exchange of experience.

All these years, when organizing and conducting the competition, we are guided by these goals, and the tasks that we set ourselves are aimed at achieving them. One of the main ones is the popularization of the "event tourism" direction.

“We are not just holding a competition, we are holding an industry award, and we try to use it to form a professional domestic community that would make effective tourism events in different regions of the country. By conducting the competition, we, together with the participants, form the standards of "event tourism" and the conceptual apparatus of this type of activity. "

There are a lot of difficult moments in organizing and conducting industry competitions: constant interaction with the participants of the competition, the formation of an expert council or jury, etc. In my opinion, the last point is one of the most difficult. It is important that these are real professionals in their areas of activity.

Avoid making the jury only members of the industry itself. It is necessary to include in the composition and experts from other areas of activity, indirectly affecting the formation of the industry in which the competition is held. The development of one industry is impossible without interaction with adjacent areas.

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