Excursion From St. Petersburg to medieval Vyborg

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From St. Petersburg to medieval Vyborg

Little Europe is very close to you, just a few hours drive from St. Petersburg. Cobbled streets, medieval castles with loopholes, chapels and Lutheran churches, houses of wealthy burghers and watchtowers - all this forms the most European city in Russia - Vyborg.

During a one-day excursion you will see the most beautiful streets of Vyborg, paved with paving stones, its famous squares and towers. Walk around the Vyborg Castle, built by Swedish troops. See the most romantic corner of Europe and the North-West of Russia - Mon Repos Park!

  • transfer by comfortable tourist class bus,
  • sightseeing tour,
  • sightseeing tour of Vyborg,
  • excursion the Vyborg Castle,
  • a tour of the Mon Repos Park,
  • a visit to the "Delicious Shop"

  • lunch at a cafe in Vyborg (optional) - from 350 rubles.
  • entrance tickets to the Mon Repos Park (adults - 100 rubles, children up to 16 years old - free of charge, teenagers from 16 to 18 years old and pensioners - 50 rubles)
  • St. Olaf's Tower with a guided tour + self-examination of the Vyborg Castle Museum, including the "Underwater Archeology" exposition (optional) - 500 rubles.
  • Archery shooting range (optional) - 150 rubles.
  • Craft yard (optional) - entrance 100 rubles, master classes - 300 rubles.
  • Master class in the pottery workshop Knight's Hall (optional) - 500 rubles.
  • Tasting (optional) - 200 rub.

The day before the trip, before 19:00, an SMS message should be received with the name and phone number of the guide, the bus number and the exact time and place of departure. If there is no SMS at 19:00, you MUST call us 8812389-44-32 (we work until 21:00).

Be sure to bring your documents on your trip.

According to the form of clothing - the most convenient option, in rainy weather we recommend a raincoat, not an umbrella.

Vyborg is the most European city in Russia. Founded by Swedish crusaders more than 7 centuries ago, it still preserves traces of Scandinavian culture in its architecture. An incredible mixture of styles and eras gives the city a bright medieval flavor, which is strongly supported by local entrepreneurs and the administration - authentic restaurants with a characteristic interior, a variety of excursion programs, many thematic exhibitions and festivals. If you come here in the summer, you can take part in a knightly tournament and try on old uniforms.

Russian and Finnish tourists are equally eager to walk along the ancient streets and admire the bay, and in souvenir shops, along with the attributes of medieval Vyborg, you can easily find Finnish chocolate and figurines of Scandinavian Vikings. Many travelers dare to cross the border, which is just a stone's throw away, and visit our northern neighbors.

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- interactive exhibits and unusual photo zones

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You can also have a birthday, bachelorette party, corporate party and even a date.

How to get to Vyborg

A trip to historic Vyborg is a good idea, because the city is located very close to St. Petersburg. A huge number of buses and trains run here from the northern capital. But not only residents and guests of the city on the Neva have a convenient opportunity to explore the sights of the once second largest city in Finland. A comfortable Leo Tolstoy train runs from Moscow through Vyborg almost every day, connecting the Russian capital with Helsinki.

For more information on how to get to Vyborg, see this page.


An excursion for those who will be captivated by the history of our city, the history and legends of the Vyborg environs.

For those who appreciate the individual approach and want to get to know Vyborg in a new way, see it from an unusual side.

The first object of our trip will be the State Archives. You will learn its history, the history of its construction. An extraordinary panoramic view of the city will open before you!

Then we will proceed to the next attraction in the vicinity of Vyborg, a giant boulder of the Ice Age - the famous Kazak-stone!

The legends of the stone are very entertaining.

According to one version, he marked the intersection of the two oldest roads in Finland.

According to the second, it is associated with the name of Peter I. In 1710, during the siege of Vyborg, the tsar climbed this stone to observe the progress of the siege. And a giant Cossack from the Russian army jumped on a rock and saved Peter from a flying nucleus

The Cossack himself died at the feet of the Sovereign.

This is why the strange name of this stone colossus came about - the legend tells.

Tradition also says that on every Midsummer's day a tar barrel was rolled with great difficulty on the Cossack-stone and, with a large crowd of jubilant people, they lit it in memory of that glorious feat.

A very dynamic, interesting and exciting excursion, in order to return to it again and again!

Duration 2.5 hours. The cost is 2500 rubles.

Vyborg for 2 days is a suitable travel option to get to know the city better. During this time, you will have time to wander the streets of the Old Town and inspect the buildings of the times when Vyborg belonged to Sweden, Finland, the Russian Empire and the USSR. You can set aside half a day or a whole day for a walk in the picturesque rocky park of Mon Repos and stop there for a picnic, if you wish, go to the city museums.

First day

What to see in Vyborg in 2 days? Medieval towers, an ancient castle and some of the oldest buildings in Russia await you. The first day should be devoted to a walk in the historic center of the city. You will see charming cobbled streets, architectural monuments from different times and atmospheric places reminiscent of old Europe. Although some of the buildings lack restoration and renovation, you can see interesting structures from the past.

Houses on Lenin Avenue

The route usually starts from the railway or bus station. From them you can go to the hotel "Druzhba", near which imitating Viking boats "Drakkars" are installed. Walk along Leningradsky Avenue and turn onto Lenin Avenue. Here you will see the former building of the Finland Trade Bank. It was erected at the beginning of the last century. The central façade is tiled with gray granite and decorated with female sculptures. Now you can go to the Sberbank branch opened here and look at the stained glass ceiling. The buildings on both sides of the bank were built a little later, they are finished with red bricks.

Further, at the intersection with Nikolaev Lane, there is the former National Joint Stock Bank. The building was built in 1901 in the Finnish national romantic style, which is known as the Northern Art Nouveau. The facade is decorated with various symbolic elements; natural Karelian-Finnish materials (potted stone and granite) were used for decoration. Due to the wars of the last century, some of the house decorations were lost. Decor with plant and marine motifs can be seen in the adjacent building no. 8.

Next along the avenue is Markelov's apartment building (No. 6). It was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the Northern Art Nouveau style with decor in the form of images from the flora and fauna of Karelia (bears, squirrels, etc.). At the beginning of the avenue (house number 2) - the former building of the Bank of Finland made of red brick. The building, erected in 1910, is decorated with high reliefs with coats of arms and various symbolic images.

Market Square

The Market Square begins from the former building of the Bank of Finland. Previously, it was the outskirts of the city, there was a bastion of Eleanor and the Cattle Gate of the fortress wall. Of the historical buildings, the Round Tower of the mid-16th century has remained, in which a restaurant operates. The modern name of the square is due to the market located here. The building of the early XX century was damaged during the war, it was restored in 1957. Inside, vendors offer groceries, clothing, and other goods. There are souvenir stalls in front of the market building.

Burger's Estate

From the square along Progonnaya Street, walk to one of the oldest houses in the city - the burgher's estate. It is an architectural monument built in the 16th century. The walls are made of granite boulders, the house has 3 floors. Due to the thick walls and small windows, houses of this type are called “small fortresses”; there are 3 more such structures in Vyborg. From the former outbuildings around the former estate, a coach house remained, and a restaurant was housed in it. In the burgher's estate itself there is a tourist information center with a historical exposition and a souvenir shop.

Not far from the estate you can see the house on the rock. It is believed that it was erected in the 17th century right on a granite rock, it is called the "house of the city hairdresser." The building was seriously damaged during the war and its appearance has changed a lot.

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