Everything is fine without Ignatiev in tourism in Chuvashia

Tourism in Chuvashia is lost between sport and culture

Today the city of Yadrin received guests from the motor ship "Borodino", from which tourists got acquainted with the museums of the Yadrin region. According to the official website of the Yadrinsky District, a total of 60 guests left the ship.

Yadrintsy showed tourists an extensive excursion program. The guests of the region got acquainted with all the museums of the city, and also visited the museum of natural economy of the Chuvash peasant of the 19th century in the village of Verkhniye Achaki. Tourists with great interest examined the halls and exhibitions of the Yadrinsky Regional Museum of Art and Local Lore, visited the house-museum of the People's Artist of the USSR N. Mordvinov, as well as the famous patrons of the arts, the Talantsev brothers. They were also interested in the works of the Chuvash master Vyacheslav Etker. At the end of the excursion, the guests visited the village of Verkhniye Achaki, where they were met by the "Viryal" folk ensemble. The artists not only familiarized with the repertoire of folk songs, but also showed the process of brewing beer and processing flax.

Chuvashia got its own tourist card

In anticipation of an influx of travelers in Cheboksary, a modern tourist map "Chuvashia tourist" has been developed. Its customer is the Ministry of Culture, Ethnic Affairs and Archival Affairs of the Republic.

The Chuvash tourist card is no different from the tourist cards of popular tourist countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Spain. The map is professionally designed and represents a standard artistic reference material with the designation of the main attractions of the Chuvash region with symbolic symbols.

The production of local, regional and state tourist maps is widespread in the world. Many regions of Russia have their own maps of educational tourism, for example, Crimea, Karelia, Mari El.

The sightseeing trolleybus again runs through the streets of Cheboksary

An excursion trolleybus under the name of the route "Cheboksary - from the past to the present" has started operating in Cheboksary. It will work from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00. At the moment, the trolleybus operates until July 5 in test mode and the cost of the trip is only 17 rubles.

And so the ticket will cost 150 rubles, this price will include one bonus - free admission to one museum complex from the program.

The length of this route is 12.9 km. The trolleybus has an audio guide with information about historical events and facts, personalities. If visitors of this route have questions, volunteers will answer them. The administration promises that a screen will soon appear on the trolleybus, which will show historical information about architectural monuments and city events.

The project of the billion-dollar complex "Ethnic Chuvashia" is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure construction

Mikhail Ignatiev's decision to transfer powers in the field of tourism from the Ministry of Sports to the Ministry of Culture belatedly brought the structure of the authorities in Chuvashia into line with the federal one. However, it seems that it came as a surprise to Vadim Efimov: over the past three weeks, the minister has not made a single statement on tourism issues, and in the ministry itself, no progress is noticeable at all in terms of adopting new powers. Meanwhile, although 2014 is the year of culture in Russia, in Chuvashia it should be, rather, a decisive year for tourism. Of the 7 billion rubles in the total estimate of the Ethnic Chuvashia complex - the largest and, by and large, the only serious tourism project in the republic - almost 3 billion should be spent by the end of 2014. Project manager Marina Fedorova says that at one time she lost almost a year due to the transfer of tourist powers from the Ministry of Sports to the Ministry of Culture at the federal level. If in the near future the republican Ministry of Culture does not take tourism seriously, the losses may be even greater.

How Vadim Efimov relates to the burden that has fallen on him is still unknown. Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Sports, after the ballast was dropped, seemed to flourish: as recently as January 9, Melnikov decided on a TV interview in the pool. Previously, only Mikhail Ignatiev allowed himself such a thing - and then only once. Apparently, in the case of the head of the republic, photographs in the pool were considered not the most successful experience and, to put it mildly, are not widely replicated - along with videos of their own dances (apparently, in order not to confuse the question of who should be considered the "dancing president" ).

How to transfer part of one ministry to another, it is better to think it over in the natural environment

But I can't say that even the Ministry of Transport, which has been involved in tourism for a long time, did its job flawlessly. According to the preliminary breakdown of financing by years, 796 million rubles were planned to be spent in 2013. In fact, three infrastructure competitions were held: electricity supply for 166 million (winner - Energoservice LLC), gasification for 3 million (winner - Aridal LLC) and water disposal for 14 million (the competition was declared invalid, and on New Year's Eve The Chechen Republic noticed violations in the procedure of its conduct by the Ministry of Sports). All of the above amounts will be disbursed only in 2014. On the allocation of federal 60 million had to agree to the chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvashia Ivan Motorin, and they were credited to the account, according to Pravda Volga Federal District, exactly on December 31st.

In total, it is planned to spend 493 state million on the supporting infrastructure in 2014 - excluding the 69 million underdeveloped in 2013. Without the supporting infrastructure, it makes no sense to build tourist facilities. But the question is much more interesting: when will the investor "TRigroup" really come into play, because the project provides for the development of 2.2 billion rubles of "off-budget sources" for 2014 for the construction of "tourist infrastructure facilities", including the oceanarium promised by the end of the year.

You can't cover a bare field with a beautiful booklet

“To date, investors have invested about 60 million rubles. in the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of engineering networks: gas, water, sewerage, electricity, road - for three objects, positive conclusions of the state examination were received. Marketing research of the tourist opportunities of Chuvashia has been carried out, a package of documents has been prepared for entering the federal target program for the development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia. In the same amount - the draft design of the Cheboksary Kremlin, which, at the suggestion of the former administration of Cheboksary, was to be built in the park of the 500th anniversary of the city of Cheboksary in the format of an ethnographic complex. I want to note that the investor carried out all this work without having any initial permits for the land, and therefore, without any guarantees for the implementation of the project in Chuvashia. And even the VAT, which was required by law to be returned for the development of communications, had to be returned through the courts, ”Fedorova complains.

“Imagine how much money would be thrown into the basket if the investor actively began to use these 796 million rubles. [pre-laid for 2013] earlier! Only in December was a land lease agreement signed, and the issue of financing from the federal budget was finally resolved. Today the logistics of the shopping and entertainment complex with an oceanarium is being developed by the well-known company LaSal. The Oceanarium is designed by the MosBio engineering company. The ethnographic complex has brought up a large team of architects, landscape designers, historians, ethnographers and sculptors of Chuvashia, ”Fedorova told Pravda Volga Federal District.

Sports and culture were far-sighted in the project

The project manager of Ethnic Chuvashia is sure that the transfer of powers from the Ministry of Sports to the Ministry of Culture will not affect the project in any way, because the team is working according to the plan approved by Rostourism and the government of Chuvashia. Nevertheless, the current work on the part of the state must be done by someone - not all the same at the level of Motorin. But in the Ministry of Culture itself, Pravda Volga Federal District did not respond to a written request about how the department is going to work in tourism in general and in Ethnic Chuvashia in particular, although all the deadlines established by law have passed.

Nobody wanted to criticize the development of the industry in the absence of the bosses

On February 28 in Moscow, the Prime Minister of the Republic Ivan Motorin will take part in a meeting of the Coordination Council for the implementation of the Federal Target Program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia". Perhaps in Rosturizm, the regional authorities will somehow manage to correct the worrisome situation with federal grants. The fact is that by order of Alexander Radkov, the republic was not included in a separate line in the organizational and financial plan of measures under the FTP, and the tourist and recreational cluster "Ethnic Chuvashia" was reduced to the role of a "project of a promising region", funding for which "will be carried out after specifying the sources ". And in this very best case, Chuvashia in 2014 will receive almost half of the volumes planned back in the summer of 2013. But it is unlikely that Minister of Culture Vadim Efimov, who has accepted tourism powers, will deal with such things personally: as it turned out at the round table on February 21, former employees of the Ministry of Sports will be engaged in tourism in his department. Efimov did not even sit out until the end of the round table, which finally emasculated the event - although at the same year ago, the conversation was much more harsh.

None of the tourist generals of Chuvashia, sitting in the hall, considered it necessary to express any serious problems of the industry. Do not consider as such the absence of a pedestrian crossing at the Church of the Archangel Michael in Cheboksary, which was complained about by the head of the World of Excursions bureau, Lyudmila Pronyukhina, or regret about the waste of six-figure sums by the administration of the Marposad district on servicing the landing stage on the Volga bank in the regional center.

In the absence of the head of the relevant department, Alexey Yakovlev performed solo

The situation and the authorities are happy - they believe that Marposad should be equal to the rest of the Volga regions. “If earlier [traveling along the Volga] tourists mainly visited only Cheboksary, now they have begun to actively visit the Marposad region as well. I would like the Morgaush district to improve too, ”says Aleksey Yakovlev, Deputy Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Chuvashia. It turns out that the Morgaush district now cannot do without a landing stage and its maintenance.

Many benefactors have prudently invested in the monument to the Russian Empress

In essence, Yakovlev was the main protagonist of the round table - even though the Ministry of Sports has not been officially engaged in tourism for two months now and has transferred powers to the Ministry of Culture. But in his brief report, Vadim Efimov limited himself to reporting on the upcoming event in Moscow, said that he had hired a "tourist" deputy (a former employee of the Ministry of Sports, by the way), and announced that on March 2 the names of 3 people who will make up the tourism sector in ministry.

Some problems of the industry were concretized in the report by the new "tourist" Deputy Minister of Culture Ivan Ivanov, noting among them unfair competition. “We have repeatedly discussed the problem of dumping among travel companies. It is relevant not only for our region, but also for Russia as a whole. Rosturizm also asked this question. We are now being asked to submit proposals to combat unfair competition in the tourism environment. The question is raised about the creation of a self-regulatory organization similar to the way it is accepted in the construction industry. I believe the ministry will also adhere to this mechanism, ”Ivanov said. However, proposals for the creation of a tourist SRO were heard at the round table a year ago.

Ivan Ivanov proposed to leave the regulation of the industry at the mercy of interested parties

The rest of the meeting resembled Krylov's fable "The Cuckoo and the Rooster" - as if not the same people clashed in heated controversy a year ago. Suffice it to say that the most memorable performance was the performance of Vyacheslav Spiridonov, the champion of Russia in park technique. The bathhouse attendant shared his impressions of the festivals "Bathhouse Rus" (whose logo with a stylized bathhouse attendant in the middle caused a giggle in the hall) and suggested holding a similar festival in Chuvashia. Time will show whether a stylized bath attendant will appear on the logo of the hypothetical festival "Chuvashia Bannaya" and what it will mean.

The Banny Champion wants to extend the Russian brand to Chuvashia

Meanwhile, the words about the development of tourism in Chuvashia bizarrely coincide with the sale of sanatoriums belonging to the republic - and not at all problematic, but the most delicious pieces of state property. In accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Property Management, the state share in the Volzhanka sanatorium was sold in several stages, the Nadezhda sanatorium was corporatized, and in 2014, without any hesitation, it is planned to sell immediately 50% of the shares of the Chuvashia sanatorium - which has already caused fears of the residents of the Volga region and so far not commented on by the management of the health resort.

And new competitors are already knocking on the door - for example, the Ladoga Tourist Cluster of Karelia plans to declare claims for federal grants on February 28. By the way, there were no representatives of Ethnic Chuvashia at the round table on February 21 at all - which may indicate both the attitude of the presidium to the project and the assessment of the importance of the event by the team of the most significant tourism project of the republic. All the same, everything will be decided in Moscow, and Motorin will be the head of the delegation of Chuvashia.

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