Everything for tourist happiness

Everything for tourist happiness

Cruise, gastronomic, ecological and event tourism are the main trends in the direction of which Primorye increases its attractiveness for foreign guests.

From 17 to 20 May in Vladivostok, on the site of the FEFU campus, the fourth international Pacific Tourism Forum (TTF), as well as the international tourism exhibition PITE and the Traveler's Day festival were held. As part of the business part of the TTF, the development of cruise tourism in the Far East and Primorye was discussed to the greatest extent.

Grand Cruise

Today Vladivostok is one of the leaders in the Far East in terms of the number of guests from cruise liners who have rested in the city, and the absolute leader in the total tourist flow. Due to the implementation of the regional state program "Development of tourism in the Primorsky Territory for 2013 - 2020" in 2017, Primorsky Territory was visited by about 640 thousand foreign tourists, of which 13 thousand arrived on 15 cruise ships. The last one, Costa Serena, with a capacity of 3,700 passengers, was received in Vladivostok in early May 2018, and a little later, in June, the city will have to receive another liner with a capacity of about 4 thousand passengers.

According to Igor GLUKHOV, Director of Intermarine Cruise Ferry Management LLC, organizing the reception of thousands of cruise tourists in terms of labor costs is comparable to holding some kind of forum, and this year in Vladivostok, Costa Serena was handled perfectly. p>

- We can say that we have set a record, - added Glukhov, - so far, liners larger than this have not entered our city. We organized a festive reception for the guests, or “welkam” - a meeting on the shore, tried to make the passage of passport control as fast as possible, and the excursions as convenient and entertaining as possible. However, in Vladivostok, the following problems have not lost their relevance: firstly, the city just needs to make the procedure for passing passport control at the seaport more efficient. Why? The fact is that tourists from liners in our city do not spend the night, their liners "stand" for 8-10 hours in our port, and then go further. The admission procedure can last about three hours, which is a big loss for both the tourists themselves and the host city. Therefore, it is necessary to modernize the seaport, make more windows for passport control - about 20. The industry also needs more qualified guides, translators, parking spaces for tourist buses - about 50.

The need to modernize the Marine Station, as well as dredging at berths No. 1 and No. 2 in Vladivostok, has been discussed for a long time. The completion of the procedure was announced for 2019, because it was then, in September, that the five-thousanders of the Quantum class should enter Vladivostok. As noted in Rosmorport, the dredging procedure is already undergoing a state environmental review. Meanwhile, in 2018, 25 liners with a total number of guests of more than 25 thousand are to enter Vladivostok. After the procedure of dredging and modernization of the seaport, Vladivostok will be able to receive about 950 thousand tourists a year, a significant part of which will come to the city by liners.

The Sea of ​​Japan is already the world leader in cruise tourism, second only to the Caribbean. By 2020, the flow of cruise tourists in Asia will reach 7 million people, experts say.

- A tourist from the liner spends about $ 100 a day on purchases in Vladivostok today, which is a good sum for these 5-7 hours that guests have time to spend in the city, - added Glukhov. - So our investment in port infrastructure will pay off quickly, you just need to have time to do everything on time.

- In the total cruise traffic in Asia, Vladivostok is now only at the initial stage of development: the major ports of Asia receive millions of cruise tourists a year, and in Vladivostok, the count is still in the thousands, - commented General Director of the Vladivostok Sea Terminal Valery UPLAND. - We need to increase our presence in this market. I think we shouldn't act alone. I hear about proposals to create a single cruise tour product within the framework of the common regional brand "Eastern Ring of Russia" and I very much support this idea.

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