Event tourism: what the Far East is rich in

Event tourism: what is the richness of the Far East

The final of the Regional stage of the National Award in the field of event tourism, the Russian Event Awards, took place here, at which projects from the Far East and Siberia were evaluated, the magazine "Far Eastern Capital" writes.

The winners were selected in 15 nominations, including "The best event in the field of culture", "The best event for the popularization of folk traditions and crafts", "The best idea for the development of event tourism", etc. There is even nomination for not yet implemented, but very promising projects - "The best idea for the development of event tourism." There are no restrictions to participate in the competition - these can be state and commercial structures, individuals initiating bright projects in their territories. The format of events can also be different: festivals, tourist routes, ceremonial events, gastronomic and sports shows ...

Market cheered up

For the second year in a row, the Regional Stage of the Prize has been organized by the Fund for Assistance to Integrated Development and Branding of Territories (Vladivostok). This year, twice as many applications were submitted for participation in the competition compared to last year - 290, almost 250 projects were admitted. The number of regional entities that took part in the competition also increased from 13 to 19. The first stage was assessed by three dozen experts from various cities of the country in absentia; as a result, 157 projects fought for the right to reach the regional final.

“We, the organizers, want to cheer up the regional market of event tourism, encourage its participants to actively enter the all-Russian level and share their experience, especially since the Russian Event Awards is one of the most effective events for promoting territories,” says Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Assistance to Integrated Development and Branding of Territories, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Regional Stage of the Prize Alexandra MAKSIMETS. - This platform brings together the best creative forces from different regions of Russia, united by the desire to make life and travel around the country brighter and more meaningful. And with the right approach, this very segment of the tourism industry can provide a flow of guests to the regions of Siberia and the Far East. "

The program of the Regional Stage was intense. Thus, the round table "The role of the event industry in the development of territories" gathered more than 250 participants. Among the issues raised at it were the lack of support, and sometimes even elementary attention from the local authorities, ways to find investors for the further development of the project, to attract the population of the territory where it is organized to create events, because in practice it turns out that people perceive the event as a holiday for they do not really want to be involved in its creation, including because they do not believe in their own strength.

The participants were also interested in how competitive local projects from the hinterland are, which are in the same nomination with large-scale regional or regional events. But practice shows that eminent and seemingly obvious contenders for victory are often inferior to the creativity and enthusiasm of younger and less well-known competitors in the nomination, and the Regional stage has confirmed this once again.

From ethnic and gingerbread to gold mining

The Far East has a high ethnic potential, and the national ceremonial holidays, of which all subjects of the Far East, without exception, can boast, are becoming a spectacular and rich in impressions segment of event tourism in the region. So, one of the brightest, large-scale and revered holidays among the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, which is celebrated in Magadan for about 20 years, is the Even holiday of Khebdenek presented at the Regional stage (meeting the New Year according to the Even calendar). Kamchatka presented the regional nomadic festival of traditional crafts of indigenous small peoples "Masters of the land Uykoal", Primorye - an art show "Decorative and applied arts of the peoples of the North and the Far East - carving and engraving on bones." According to the results of the regional selection in the nomination "The best event for the popularization of folk traditions and crafts", the Grand Prix was awarded to the national Yakut holiday Ysyakh, and the holiday-ritual "Feeding the spirit - the master of the sea" (Sakhalin) and the National folklore and ritual project of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North " Feast of the First Pink Salmon "(Khabarovsk Territory) took 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

The first All-Russian festival of artisanal craftsmanship ("Golden Festival") this year was held for the first time in the capital of Kolyma, but it was already highly appreciated by the experts of the Prize, taking first place in the nomination "The best event for the popularization of event tourism", overtaking such serious competitors as the "Yakutia Diamond Week" and the traditional Kamchatka dog sled race "Elizovsky sprint" Beringia ".

In the nomination "The best event in the field of gastronomic tourism" the Far East won the 2nd and 3rd places with the projects of the annual regional competition of field chefs "Golden Bowl" (Kamchatka) and the festival "Vavilovsky Gingerbread Week" (Primorsky edge).

All awards in the category "Best Event in the Field of Sports" went to Primorye projects. The drift battle "Russia - Japan D1 Primring Grand Prix" won the grand prix, the International Tricking and Freerunning Festival "Pacific Jam 2015" took 1st place, the Cultural and Sports Festival "Summer in Russian" and the Annual race "Falaza Challenge multisport race" - 2nd and 3rd. A special diploma of the expert council for high social significance was awarded to the Sports Marathon "Flight of the Dragon" - a uniting cycle of sports events that involves participants and spectators in a very distinctive race on "dragons". This project is democratic and available for different age and social groups, it includes the spectacular Bridges regatta, a hike along the coast of the Khasansky district “Khasansky Quest”, as well as the “Train the Dragon” children's project, where children from orphanages are actively involved. get the basics of rowing on "dragons", but also learn to listen to themselves, to work in a team.

The village creates events

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