Event tourism: New Year's tours to Europe

Event tourism: New Year's tours to Europe

Rest in the resorts of Egypt is becoming more affordable. Following TEZ Tour and PAKS, tour operators PAC Group and PEGAS Touristik opened sales of tours to the Red Sea resorts, and Russian Express is also preparing packages. Sorted out the prices for tours to Egypt with different connections.

Let us remind you that air traffic between Russia and Egypt was resumed on September 3. The market then received this long-awaited news with great enthusiasm. Experts believed and hoped that soon after the restoration of flights from Cairo, direct flights to the country's resorts, and then charter flights, interrupted almost five years ago, will be restored.

But today the situation has not changed yet. Egypt is open, but you can only get to the Red Sea resorts with connections or with a long transfer from Cairo (just as it was before the pandemic).


Since the resumption of flights with Egypt, the TEZ Tour tour operator immediately began to offer its clients tours to the country's resorts on the basis of regular flights with an arrival in Cairo. In addition, representatives of the tourist retail have the opportunity to book other flight options for their customers using the TEZ Plus system.

Later, offers for rest on the Red Sea began to appear from more and more domestic tour operators.

The tour operator PAX entered a new direction for itself about a month ago - and did not regret its decision. PAX tourists now travel to Egyptian resorts by Aeroflot flights via Cairo, as well as Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights via Istanbul.

Russian Express tourists also have an opportunity to relax in the resorts of Egypt. According to the holding, tours to Egypt with convenient connections, both through Cairo and through Istanbul, can always be booked on the Online Express dynamic tours platform. The flights are operated by Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and Aeroflot.

"Soon, ready-made package offers will appear on the Russian Express website," the company said.


Today, October 21, announced the launch of sales of tours to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh and the tour operator PEGAS Touristik. We will remind that last year the company has already taken tourists to the resorts of Egypt through Istanbul.

Event tourism: New Year's tours to Europe

The festive eve is always exciting: the expectation of a miracle fills the entire mental space and you want at least a little change for the better. That is why event tourism is interesting. The well-known proverb “As you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it” gives more and more chances to become happier in the coming year. A change of place will entail changes in everything, and New Year's tours to Europe will help with this.

Event tourism: New Year's tours to Europe

Old New or Event Tourism

Alpine mix in Budapest, Salzburg, Munich and Vienna for 6 days will send your thoughts and feelings skyward and bring the long-awaited combination of active and romantic relaxation. The radiance of the capitals of Vienna and Paris will show the possibilities of chic relaxation - from day trips to sightseeing places, addictive shopping with discounts in branded stores to an evening trip to spa salons and night entertainment programs in clubs and youth discos.

Snowy and joyful, sparkling and sparkling, alluring and iridescent lights will kindle in your heart the desire to discover European places not only in terms of winter entertainment and walks along beautiful streets. Participation in national festivals of cinema, flowers, drinks, food, circus and dance shows, carnivals, masquerades, auctions, jazz and classical competitions, auto-motorcycle races and sports competitions, car exhibitions will become a bright event in your life.

These and other interesting large-scale events in the life of cities and countries, related to such a developing tourist form as event tourism, are timed to a specific event. Therefore, such a trip (New Year's tour) should be planned in advance, the opportunity to purchase its "hot" option, unfortunately, is not high. However, you need to know that you can always make online booking of air tickets, which, in general, is quick and convenient.


To some extent, a wedding tour or honeymoon trip can also be attributed to an event type of tourism. After all, connecting hearts is a global step in the big inner world of every person. In winter, honeymoon can also be varied. If you want to combine real frost with hot feelings, then you can go on a ski vacation to luxurious Switzerland, snowy Germany, sophisticated France. Sunny Turkey will help you to feel the winter summer.

Winter holidays or New Year tours

Still, a real winter extravaganza will help create New Year or Christmas tours to Europe. In absolutely all countries the spirit of Christmas lives in every heart, home, wide celebration creates a particularly solemn atmosphere. Dolls dazzling with national costumes, bright Christmas tree decorations with symbols of states, pastries with ginger taste, aromatic and relaxing mulled wine, live music, festive garlands accompany tourists not only in large shopping centers, fairs or souvenir markets, but also on every street of small towns and majestic capitals.

Relax in a winter fairytale in a new European manner - replace the usual Olivier salad with a new dish of foreign cuisine, the traditional film "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath" with picturesque landscapes outside the window of a Euroclass hotel. Wave your magic wand, purchase New Year's tours in Europe and feel like the main founder of the new company "Yourself a Magician".

In a previous article, the author wrote about: How to get to Evpatoria

Hello dear readers! Egypt has always been a sought-after destination. There is nothing surprising in this - residents of northern countries come here primarily in order to profitably change one or two weeks of slush, mud or freezing temperatures, for the hot sun and carefree pastime in the company of the same vacationers on the shore of the warm sea.

After the tragic events of 2015, Egypt has ceased to be a mass destination for Russians. Tour operators do not sell package tours to this country. However, some tourists continue to visit the resorts of Egypt, organizing holidays on their own, because the charm of this place is difficult to replace with something else. Many believe that the political environment will soon change and that it will be possible to safely visit the country again. I believe in this too, so I am opening a new heading "Egypt", before you is the first article: Resorts in Egypt description and features of rest.

Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh? Maybe Dahab or El Gouna? In the article I will tell you about the main resorts of Egypt: Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, Dahab, El Gouna, Nuweiba, Taba, Safaga, Makadi Bay and Soma Bay. Read the description of the resorts, remember and rediscover this mysterious Arab country!

Hurghada: Egypt's oldest resort

This city is one of the main tourist centers of Egypt on the Red Sea coast. Almost 161 thousand inhabitants live in Hurghada. It is cooler here than in the same Sharm el-Sheikh due to the fact that the resort is not surrounded by a mountain range.

Hurghada is perhaps the most famous resort in Egypt for Russians. This is due to the fact that mass tourism in Egypt began here. And it was here that the conveyor construction of hotels for the rest of foreigners began along the entire coast. Here are the oldest hotels. What positively affects the prices in them.

The tourist center of Hurghada - Sakkah - is full of entertainment, here you will find oriental-style cafes, shops, bars and discos. And supporters of a relaxing holiday can enjoy their time on the beach, so everyone can find something for themselves here. The resort has beautiful beaches and an impressive hotel infrastructure.

In terms of sightseeing trips, Hurghada significantly outperforms Sharm el-Sheikh in Luxor, but is inferior in terms of the pyramids located within the boundaries of Cairo. This should be taken into account, since eight hours on a bus in the desert is not easy to overcome.

In the quick access area there is the Red Sea Museum and the Marine Aquarium, active tourists can choose camel or ATV safari. From here, trips to the Sindbad Water Park are also organized.

Hurghada is suitable for tourists with any requests. If you wish, you can find here both noisy hotels with a vibrant nightlife, and family hotels with a large selection of entertainment for children.

Sharm El Sheikh: King's Bay

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