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Rest in Karelia in the summer: features of rest and what to prepare for

Over time, our ideas about good rest change, if not radically, then very significantly. Ten years ago, many of our compatriots went on vacation to the warm exotic seas, and today these same people confidently choose the cool and rather close to us Karelia. Its modern recreation centers, lost in the midst of forests and lakes, attract with a combination of incredibly beautiful and wild nature, familiar comfort and affordable cost. Rest in Karelia is one of the best options that you can afford.

Peculiarities of the Karelian summer

Going on vacation to Karelia in the summer, do not forget about the instability of the local weather. The warmest and sunniest period is considered to be from mid-June to mid-August. At this time, during the day, the air warms up to a comfortable 25-28 degrees, and sometimes more, but the heat is not felt at all due to the abundance of greenery and water. But even at this time, short-term rains and cold snaps are not excluded, and in the evening the temperature drops to 18-20 degrees. This means that in addition to light summer clothes, you need to take with you tight jeans, a waterproof wind jacket and comfortable boots. This equipment will definitely come in handy for morning or evening fishing, hiking along forest trails or while boating on Karelian reservoirs.

Water activities

Karelia is called the country of a thousand lakes for a reason. In fact, there are much more of them here - about 67 thousand large and small lakes and about 30 thousand rivers. Whether you are going to live in a tent or would prefer to rent a cottage in Karelia - your rest in any case will be associated with water bodies. The purity of the water in them is simply amazing, and almost none of the vacationers deny themselves the pleasure of splashing around in a relatively shallow, well-heated place, and many risk diving into much cooler depths. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on bathing accessories - they obviously will not be superfluous.

If you are fond of fishing, the Karelian lakes and rivers will seem like a truly heavenly place. Many tourists come here from year to year just for the pleasure of sitting with a spinning rod or a donkey over a quiet lake surface or a fast river roll. The reward is weighty whitefish, toothed spotted pikes, bright perch, and sometimes iridescent trout.

But even if the joys of fishing are completely alien to you, they will be successfully replaced by boating. The oar boat is suitable for leisurely walks around the surroundings of the recreation center. A fast motor boat will allow you to admire the stunning beauty of the Karelian landscapes, which are best opened when you look at them from the water surface.

Mushrooms and berries

Holidays in Karelia will appeal to adventure lovers! Already in July in the Karelian forests the “quiet hunting” season opens. Many enterprising, homely tourists take home as a souvenir of a successful vacation, batteries of rolled up jars of berry preserves and armfuls of threads with dried mushrooms. If you don’t know mushroom and berry places, it’s not a problem: a local guide will gladly take you to the cherished meadow for a small fee, and then will return you back with a lot of “booty”.

Don't forget that berry ripening is a seasonal process:

  • fragrant wild strawberries ripen in mid-July;
  • healing blueberries are harvested from late July to mid-August;
  • ready in mid-August blueberry harvest;
  • by the end of August it is time to prepare lingonberry tuesa;
  • in September it is time to stock up on wild cranberries.

Mushrooms depend more on temperature and humidity than on the season. The first mushrooms emerge from under the foliage by the end of June, and throughout the summer they can be constantly found in small quantities in meadows and along paths. However, the real mushroom bacchanalia begins in late August - early September. Avid mushroom pickers even take a vacation in September for the pleasure of wandering through the rapidly yellowing forest and picking up full baskets of mushrooms, boletus and boletus.

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