Event tourism in Belarus

Event tourism in Belarus

The Belarusian tour operator, a private research and production unitary enterprise "Automated tourism technologies", is the largest company in the Republic of Belarus that specializes in domestic and inbound tourism. Today, PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" is a successful travel company with many years of experience, a developed partner network and contractual relationships with all recreation facilities, sports and related tourism infrastructure in Belarus. Our company covers all possible types of tourism and today the promotion of event tourism in Belarus is one of the most promising areas for us in the development of the company.

Belarus is an interesting and multifaceted state that is ready to offer its guests not only a rich excursion program, recreation on rivers and lakes, high-quality treatment in sanatoriums, but also a fairly active pastime, visiting forums, festivals, thematic exhibitions, competitions and gatherings. Hundreds of events of various kinds are held annually in the republic.

Activities in Belarus

Music, theater, film and food festivals. Every year the country receives thousands of participants and spectators of music and theater festivals, festivals of folk crafts and national cuisine, and medieval culture. The international festival "Slavianski Bazaar" in Vitebsk has gained worldwide fame, theatergoers are attracted by the festivals "TEART" and "Belaya Vezha", gourmets of the gastrofest "Motalskiya prysmaki".

Regional and global sports competitions. In Belarus, much attention is paid to sports and physical culture. In 2013, the Republic of Belarus successfully held the World Track Cycling Championship, in 2014 - Ice Hockey World Championship, in 2015 - 49th junior biathlon championship and 14th among boys and girls, 31st European rhythmic gymnastics championship. In 2019, the country was honored to host the European Figure Skating Championships, the Summer Biathlon World Championships and the II European Games.

Ritual activities. The uniqueness of Belarusian culture lies in the fact that despite centuries of Christian domination, Belarusians managed to preserve ancient pagan rituals and rituals - Maslenitsa, Gukanne Vesny, Zazhinka, Kupalye, Dozhinka, Kolyada - all these pagan holidays continue to be celebrated today. In many museums, historical parks, estates, colorful theatrical festivities are held, where visitors are invited not only to watch folk amusements, but also to take direct part in them.

Religious holidays. Belarus is a tolerant state, on the territory of the country for many centuries four religions peacefully coexist: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. Dozens of regional and international spiritual events gather in Belarus annually for pilgrims and believers. Thus, thousands of pilgrims from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland go on foot to Budslav to bow to the icon of the Mother of God of Budslav and take part in the procession of the cross. In June, Orthodox believers celebrate the Day of Remembrance of Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the patron saint of the Belarusian lands. The festivals of sacred music "Magutny God" and "Sing to Our God, Sing" are popular.

International exhibitions, fairs, conferences and forums. Exhibitions, conferences and business forums are held at Belarusian business sites every year. The most famous of them are the international exhibitions and fairs for the wholesale of goods of the light and textile industry Beltekslegprom, the specialized forum on telecommunications, information and banking technologies "TIBO", the International specialized exhibition-fair "Furniture" and others.

Top Events in Belarus

International Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar" in Vitebsk

International Festival of Ancient and Contemporary Chamber Music "Zvany Safii"

Mirum Music Festival

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