Days of the Far East

Days of the Far East

The exposition was examined by the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev. As he noted, the event has two goals: to tell residents and guests of the capital about the Far East, to show that it is interesting to live there, and also to demonstrate that this is a distinctive land with many investment projects. The second goal is an invitation to work at the enterprises of the Far Eastern Federal District. “These are very specific proposals for enterprises and specialties. Moreover, this is presented at a fairly high technological level, "- said Yuri Trutnev.

The Deputy Prime Minister walked around the pavilions of the main zones of the festival, talked with representatives of the regions. “It seems to me that this exposition has reached a different level. Last year I was unhappy, my colleagues heard a lot of not very pleasant words from me. This year, it seems to me, not even a step has been taken, but three steps forward. I see that people are also interested, ”said Yuri Trutnev. The plenipotentiary paused at the stand of the Amur Region, where he tried to control the Soyuz spacecraft simulator. According to Yuri Trutnev, as a child he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, so he could not pass by.

Discussions and discussions

At the plenary discussion "Youth #profitDV", Minister for Development of the Far East Alexander Kozlov, addressing the audience, said: "The Far East is the border of the Asia-Pacific region. And the opportunities that this border opens up, among other things, will allow you to make money and become successful. Do not be ashamed of this and be afraid of being rich and successful. Come, be realized, try. If you understand that you have little chance of getting a job at the head office of Gazprom, then in the Far East this company is ready to fight for young people. "

“Some of you will be doing startups in small or large businesses, it doesn't matter. The Far East allows you to do this because there is less competition. If here, to brew coffee, you need to compete with many chains, then in the Far East - open a coffee shop, create a business, ”said Alexander Kozlov.

Quality of life

One of the key points of the session "Urban Environment of Life and Creativity: Projects and Trends of Tomorrow" was the issue of improving the quality of life in the Far Eastern cities. After all, it is this parameter that is one of the main criteria for a modern person. A comfortable urban environment provides additional opportunities for creativity and intellectual development. Modern infrastructure, public spaces, comfortable housing make cities comfortable for life and attractive to people.

“So that we can attract investments so that people do not leave us, we need to withstand very serious competition and make investments in the human environment so that people in our cities like it,” said the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ) Aisen Nikolaev.

Business issues were also involved. Lectures were held by leading businessmen, cultural figures, sports, politicians, topical discussions for young people on topics such as education, career, science, digital economy, urban studies, volunteering, media, culture, sports, as well as practical exercises and master classes aimed at the development of creative abilities, acquaintance with the basics of doing business, the acquisition of skills for effective job search.

On the last day of the festival, the participants discussed the cultural aspect of development. Following the development of the economy, branches of museums and theaters come to the Far East, art galleries and centers of contemporary art are opening. The proximity of the macroregion to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region helps to establish cross-cultural cooperation, exchange experience in the field of digitalization of culture and art. The holding of international festivals, the development of event tourism, the embodiment of new cultural trends in the digital world - all this is vividly presented here. In addition, the Far East is a treasure trove of talents that are becoming known throughout the country and beyond. The session discussed the prospects for the development of the Far East as a cultural outpost and state support for creative initiatives.

A special role at the festival is assigned to the second All-Russian metasubject Olympiad "Closer to the Far East", which was organized by the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East (ARCHK) in partnership with FEFU and the educational online platform "Teach. y ". 1200 students of Russian schools from grades 6 to 11 took part in the qualifying round of the Olympiad. FEFU and partner universities offer additional points upon admission to the winners of the "Closer to the Far" Olympiad. The partner universities are North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Pacific State University, Priamur State University named after Sholem Aleichem, Far Eastern State University of Railways, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Amur State University.

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