Crimea prepares to lift restrictions from March 1

Crimea prepares to lift restrictions from March 1

The Crimean authorities announced the removal from March 1 of a number of restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tour operators told how these concessions will affect demand.


While maintaining the current dynamics towards a decrease in the number of people infected in Crimea, some restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic will be canceled since March. According to TASS, the head of the republic, Sergei Aksenov, announced this at the regional headquarters for countering coronavirus. According to him, entrepreneurs will be allowed to work in the field of leisure activities.

According to the headquarters, since the beginning of February, no more than 200 infections have been registered in Crimea every day. Less than 150 cases are detected on the peninsula for the fourth day. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic in Crimea, about 34 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been detected.

Restrictions on mass and entertainment events in Crimea were introduced for the New Year. The announced measures were in effect until February 1, but then they were prolonged until March 1. Now there is a ban on corporate events, entertainment events, banquets and other celebrations, including on the territory of hotels, sanatoriums, SPA centers. Also, the occupancy of halls in cinemas and theaters, the number of participants in excursion groups is limited.

In February, food courts and nightclubs were again allowed to operate in the region. From March 1, in Crimea, it will again be possible to hold banquets, corporate parties, weddings, event events, concerts and parties and corporate parties.

Requirements for the arrangement of tables with respect to the distance and disinfection of premises will remain from the restrictions. The mask regime on the peninsula is not yet going to be canceled: according to Aksenov, residents and guests of the peninsula will have to wear masks in public places at least until the end of the year.


According to tour operators, the permission of leisure activities in Crimea will not have a noticeable impact on the demand for the destination. According to the general director of the tour operator "Dolphin" Sergei Romashkin, the lifting of restrictions will not be noticed by the tourists themselves, since most of them are convinced that there are no bans as such.

According to his estimates, corporate tourists will not react to indulgences in Crimea either. “They are unlikely to go to Crimea en masse for a corporate party or a MICE event, for example, in honor of the 8 March holiday. Firstly, such trips are planned in advance, and secondly, in Crimea there are few hotels and conference halls corresponding to these goals, ”explains Sergey Romashkin.

In his opinion, Crimea will not experience problems with tourists during the long holiday weekend in March. According to Dolphin, sales of tours to Crimea for these peak dates are already 1.5 times higher than last year.

Representatives of the National Tour Operator ALEAN also say that people travel to Crimea in the off-season not for the sake of corporate events and business tourism.

Crimea is a place that many associate with rest, pleasant pastime, new acquaintances. This tourist region is known not only for its unique climate, beautiful nature, but also for the events that take place here all year round.

Event tourism is gaining momentum every year, so Crimea has decided to keep up with the rest of the countries and regions of Russia, so the events of Crimea in 2021 include holidays, festivals, and other annual events.


Like all over the country, Crimea celebrates the New Year on a grand scale. This holiday is followed by Christmas and ends with the Old New Year and Epiphany on January 19. Let's take a closer look at what holidays and events take place in Crimea in January 2021.

Each city of Crimea develops its own New Year celebration program, which includes a New Year's concert with performances by local ensembles and dance groups, as well as congratulations from Father Frost. The holiday ends with bright fireworks.

Christmas markets are tripled in Crimean cities at Christmas. Children and adults lead merry round dances.

On Epiphany, the bravest plunge into the ice hole (if there is frost and the lake is covered with ice!), but since it is often warm in Crimea, believers plunge into the sea.


In February 2021, lovers of skiing and sledging go to Ai-Petri, where there are ski slopes. Usually at this time the mountain is covered with snow.

14 February "Zolotaya Balka" - a winery in Balaklava - turns into a place where the festival of winegrowers is like - "Trifon Zarezan". The February Wine Festival in Crimea follows the Bulgarian tradition. In the distant past, the Bulgarian people who were engaged in winemaking lived on the Crimean peninsula. This is followed by the ceremony of pruning the vine. And to make the year fruitful, last year's wine and holy water are poured under the root of the grapes, after which the Trifon Zarezan holiday itself begins with its master classes from professionals and the election of the King of Grapes 2021. This is followed by tasting of Zolotaya Balka wine and dancing.

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