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Sevastopol is boiled in juice; Russian world: will the city become a Mecca of Russian patriotic tourism

Sevastopol topped the unofficial Russian rating of cities for patriotic tourism, - this follows from the results of a survey conducted in the social network VKontakte by the Russian service of booking accommodation for vacation tvil. u. In second place was St. Petersburg, in third - Novorossiysk.

At the end of October, specialists from the Federal Agency for Tourism, headed by the head of the department, Zarina Doguzova, paid a visit to Sevastopol. Following the visit, the Russian governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced plans to increase the tourist season and receive tourists from May to October, just at the expense of patriotic tourism and the development of Balaklava. What kind of rest it is was discussed on the air of Radio Crimea. Ealia.

The Crimean travel agency "Sirius Tour" is already organizing historical tours for Russians - one of them is called "Legendary Sevastopol". A spokeswoman for the agency Natalya, who did not want to give her last name, nevertheless told Crimea. ealia, which is included in the program popular among Russian tourists.

- The first step is to visit the Diorama Museum with a large-scale canvas "Storming the Sapun Mountain". This battle was on May 7, 1944, after which Sevastopol was liberated. We also inspect the memorial on Sapun Mountain, then go on a sightseeing tour of the city center: Primorsky Boulevard, Kornilov embankment, Grafskaya pier. Further, a boat trip with an inspection of the bays of Sevastopol - from the sea the city opens in a completely different way. All this causes a lot of positive emotions among our guests, everyone is delighted - you can read the reviews. The tour is very popular with families with small children: they are told about the history of the city and about heroism. You just have to go to these places and look, listen, because otherwise you will not really feel the city. Absolutely everyone buys tickets - for example, we work with the Burdenko Spinal Institute from Moscow.

According to Natalia, the demand for excursions around Sevastopol is especially great in summer, but it remains in the winter months as well. An employee of the travel agency insists that at least three days are required for a full sightseeing of the city.

Anatoly Tumanov, an activist from Sevastopol, a former employee of the Tavrichesky Chersonesos Museum, on the contrary, is convinced that, for various reasons, there are practically no objects of interest for tourists left in the city.

- Sevastopol, of course, is a unique city: there is a huge number of monuments from different eras, cultures, even civilizations. But I can’t say anything good about tourism: the Historical Boulevard is destroyed after an unsuccessful reconstruction, Chersonesos has been disfigured by all sorts of remakes - now it’s even a shame to send guests there. The Kroshitsky Art Museum has also been undergoing renovation for several years - and there is a scandal - so the paintings are exhibited in the cinema. I don't even know how to attract tourists in Sevastopol. Indeed, Bolshaya Morskaya Street was reconstructed - neatly, beautifully, but even the Moscow blogger Ilya Varlamov said that it actually looks like Moscow. That is, Sevastopol has lost its originality - and all because our leadership is completely unreasonable. People who are not familiar with the history of the city are sent here.

Anatoly Tumanov points out that not specialists from the city, but from neighboring Russia, are attracted to Sevastopol for restoration work and reconstruction.

- These are some self-proclaimed restorers: they do not know local materials, architectural features, and so on. On the territory of Chersonesos, many modern structures have been erected, the settlement has already been disfigured. The people are outraged. At the same time, they put up a large banner and wrote on it: "It will be beautiful here soon." But really Chersonesos did not have its own, pristine beauty, thanks to which it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List?

However, the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Yuri Barzykin believes that the development of tourism, including patriotic tourism, is taking its course in Crimea, and any misunderstandings can be resolved.

Along with beach tourism, event tourism in Crimea is gaining momentum: several thousand people come to some festivals. Want to know what interesting events in Crimea you shouldn't miss this year? We have prepared for you a poster of concerts and festivals in Crimea for every month. So that you can find out what events will take place in Crimea in 2021, thereby planning a vacation to visit some of them.

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December


New Years, Christmas and the old New Year are actively celebrated this month. In all cities of the Crimea, folk festivals with competitions, dances and songs are held. And on January 19, at Epiphany, everyone can plunge into the sea.


In the last week of the month, Maslenitsa is celebrated in all regions of Crimea: Maslenitsa entertainment, burning effigies, eating pancakes are waiting for guests.

The Crimea March events poster is focused on the anniversary of the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. Anniversary events take place on March 16-18. A sailing regatta will take place in Sevastopol, as well as concerts with the participation of Russian stars, fairs and exhibitions. In general, this is an excellent reason to come to Crimea for a few days: the temperature usually reaches + 10 + 15 ° С, many trees are blooming, everyone is in a festive and spring mood.


This month Crimea's poster is very rich in various events, concerts and festivals:

  • On May 1, all guests of the island will enjoy concerts, festivities, master classes. All events are held in honor of the opening of the spa season.
  • The rally of classic cars "Nakhimov-2021" will take place on May 1-6. This event is considered the opening of the automobile season in Crimea. Participants compete in figured driving, and also cover more than 1,000 km. The race starts from Nakhimov Square in the very center of Sevastopol.
  • On the first weekend of May, Khidirlez is held - the Crimean Tatar national holiday. At the festivities, everyone is treated to Crimean Tatar dishes and national costumes are demonstrated. Concerts, exhibitions, fairs are held. The holiday is most vividly celebrated in the Bakhchisarai region.

  • May 9 - Victory Day. In honor of the anniversary, this holiday will be even more enchanting. There will be a grandiose naval parade in Sevastopol. A large-scale celebration will also take place in Simferopol, the hero-city of Kerch and in Feodosia. In every city of Crimea there will be festivities, actions "St. George's Ribbon", "Immortal Regiment" and, of course, honoring the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This event for today in Crimea can be safely considered one of the most important and large-scale.

The most interesting thing will be to celebrate Victory Day in Sevastopol: the Black Sea Fleet units traditionally perform at the naval parade, during the day you can visit museums for free and even visit warships, and in the evening a concert and fireworks are organized on Nakhimov Square. In addition, the city is carrying out reconstructions of battles: for example, a few days before May 9, you can watch the recreation of the famous assault on Sapun Mountain.

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