BPH culture

BPH culture

Event calendar as a means of tourism development, drawing attention to the culture and history of the region

For several years now, the Department of Culture of the Voronezh Region has been compiling an Event Calendar. It includes all significant festivals, gatherings, awards, folklore celebrations, exhibitions, premieres, etc. Taken together, these events add up to a large mosaic panel of the cultural life of the region.

Of course, not only to admire the variety of blossoming "one hundred flowers", this great work is being done. The practical, if you will, strategic importance of the Calendar is to attract the attention of Voronezh residents and guests of the region to our cultural and historical riches, to increase the tourist, cultural and investment attractiveness of the Voronezh region on a national scale.

In 2016, 120 events were included in the Event Calendar, potentially attractive to guests of the area. About 2 million people attended these actions! Events in the calendar are divided into several sections: theater, literary, musical, folk holidays, museum and exhibition events, historical festivals and others.

There are chamber events, like, for example, the birthday of our outstanding singer Maria Mordasova or the opening of a literary and museum exhibition dedicated to one of our great compatriots. There are also such large-scale events as the Platonov Arts Festival.

The Marshak Children's Theater Festival is a vibrant cultural event named after a wonderful children's writer, poet and translator, a native of Voronezh. For two years of its existence, "Marshak" has enjoyed constant popularity among residents and guests of the city - in 2016 it was visited by over 17 thousand people.

The Platonov Festival, attracting more and more attention from both Voronezh residents and residents of other cities and countries every year, deserves a separate discussion. As well as the performances of our theaters, which become attractive not only for Voronezh residents, but also Muscovites, residents of neighboring regions. Recall that in the state report "On the state of culture in the Russian Federation" Voronezh is classified as one of the recognized theater centers, whose activities are full of "laboratory and festival life and creative activity in the formation of a modern, non-standard repertoire that attracts a new viewer."

It is no coincidence that this year such an original project as “To the Opera in Voronezh!” was born. The first guests from Moscow attended the performance of the Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theater "The Queen of Spades" with the participation of the famous tenor Dmitry Galikhin.

An unshakable position in promoting our region on the all-Russian arena is occupied by folklore festivals, which often become large-scale and brand projects of the region, allowing the Voronezh region to declare itself as a developing, ideological and innovative land with age-old folklore traditions. <

Such events as the folklore festivals “On Trinity”, “On Ivan Kupala”, the All-Russian festival of folk song, music and dance “At the homeland of M.Ye. Pyatnitsky ", gastronomic holidays" Blooming Apple Tree "," Ertilskaya Ukha "," Potato Walk ", All-Russian Festival of Russian Literature and Culture" To the Glory of Boris and Gleb ", music festivals" Manor Jazz "and" Jazz Province ", II International Competition for Children brass bands "Voronezh Spiritual Assemblies", international plein air "In the homeland of I.I. Kramskoy ", the anniversary event" Night in Divnogorye ".

Folklore festivals are also held in municipal districts: an open festival of folklore and crafts "On Kazanskaya in Khokhla", regional folk and craft festivals "We have a white day," a festival-competition of rural cultural institutions "Living thread of traditions ", The festival of folk art" Living Spring ", the festival of children's folklore and folk singers" In the Luzhochka "...

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