All bike paths lead to Pyatigorsk

All bike paths lead to Pyatigorsk

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Mountains from which breathtaking - excursion to Elbrus from Kislovodsk

On a fine, clear day, take an exciting excursion from Kislovodsk to the foot of the highest mountain in Europe and Russia, Elbrus. A trip to the Elbrus region is a unique opportunity to enjoy the mountain air, see with your own eyes the breathtaking landscapes, admire their unique beauty.

Most of the way passes through the famous Baksan gorge among magnificent mountain landscapes. The excursion involves a visit to the Narzanov Glade - an amazing place where the narzan springs coming out to the surface are striking in their power. On Cheget, the exuberant flowering of alpine meadows and thickets of rhododendron is impressive. From the Azau glade, the ascent to Elbrus begins. The cable car takes everyone to the Mir station at an altitude of about 3500 m, from where a stunning view of the Main Caucasian ridge opens up.

Pyatigorsk - the city of healing waters and picturesque nature

A sightseeing tour of the Lermontov sites and sights of the resort town of Pyatigorsk is an obligatory element of the program for visiting the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Pyatigorsk is a world-famous health resort and "natural museum of mineral waters", a city-museum because of its unique variety of monuments. There are many memorable places in Pyatigorsk associated with the name of the great Russian poet M. Lermontov, who created his immortal works here.

The excursion program includes climbing Mount Mashuk by cable car, visiting the house-museum of M. Lermontov and the place of his duel, as well as the famous "Failure". You will hear the sounds of the Aeolian Harp, see Diana's grotto, visit the Flower Garden and the Lermontov Gallery.

The atmosphere of Lermontov times and the beauty of the legendary resort town leave tourists in constant admiration for Pyatigorsk.

Honey Falls and the Ring Mountain: a fairy-tale world in the vicinity of Kislovodsk

A wonderful excursion to the Ring Mountain and Honey Falls. Kislovodsk is famous not only for its city attractions, but also became famous thanks to these unique natural monuments in its vicinity. This is a great opportunity to have a good time, get to know amazing places and become the keepers of many secrets that envelop them, hear the Ring of legends and beliefs associated with the Honey Falls and the Ring of Mountain.

In the North Caucasus, tourists are "caught" in the mountains and mineral waters. For extreme lovers and outdoor enthusiasts - ski slopes in Arkhyz, Elbrus region, Dombay. For those wishing to improve their health - sanatoriums in Kavminvody. There is now a trend in the world for event tourism, and there are festivals in the Caucasus too: the Ayran holiday in Karachay-Cherkessia, the Ossetian Oktoberfest, the aeronautics festival in the Kavminvody, ethnic holidays in Dagestan. But they are little promoted, and they are often visited only by local residents and guests from nearby cities.

Photo: provided by the KMV Bicycle Community

Three years ago, a cycling festival came to the empty niche of youth events on the Kavminvody. It all started with a city evening bike ride, but every year the event grew in scale, and in July of this year, the Pyatigorsk “VeloFest-2016” is waiting for three thousand tourists from all Russian regions. The story of Yulia Govorova and her festival may well become a guide for startups. Julia willingly shares the secrets of launching and promoting her project and is not ashamed of mistakes - there were some.

Boring work isn't always useless

That's how it happens. You are invited to the capital (in this case - to the North), you go, everything develops rapidly, you are there among politicians, journalists, PR people. And an interesting life begins when you return to your native Pyatigorsk.

- In 2012, friends invited me to work in a PR agency in St. Petersburg. More precisely, the firm was located in a small town near St. Petersburg. They published a newspaper and accompanied the election campaigns. I wrote texts, organized business meetings, communicated with politicians ... I worked for half a year, I felt it was not mine, - says Yulia.

I missed, she says, for the beautiful views of the Caucasus, delicious food, friends. I realized that she draws inspiration from nature: she grew up in the outback of Stavropol, in a house by the lake, studied in Pyatigorsk - she got used to walking around the city and seeing the mountains there. But nevertheless, it was Petersburg that suggested the idea: there are so many youth events here, why is there no such thing in Pyatigorsk?

- There are almost no mass youth festivals here, because young talented people leave for Moscow and St. Petersburg to take away their creative ideas. There is no event industry in the KMV and the Caucasus, which means there are no employers who will take on a salary and will raise a cool pro out of you. If you want to do something - do it yourself, look for a team and money, get ready to work first at zero, at a loss.

How it all starts: enthusiasts, sponsors, officials

Julia returned to Pyatigorsk, worked there as a freelance PR specialist - and also bought a good bike and met local bike lovers. And once she suggested: "Let's make a massive bike ride, hold contests - in general, it will be interesting!" Julia was supported, and it was decided to make "Velonoch-KMV 2013". "Cycle nights" were held in many cities, it was the turn of Pyatigorsk.

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