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10 Moscow places where the best bread is baked

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Rostourism has invited tour operators and hoteliers to participate in the third stage of the cashback program for tours around Russia; Russian tourists are expected to be able to travel with a refund until June 20, 2021.

Russian Railways is introducing a system for automatically entering passport data into ticket forms at long-distance ticket offices, Russian Railways reported.

Kaluga handed over the symbol of the all-Russian project "Kaluga - the New Year's capital of Russia in 2021", a cosmic snowflake, to Nizhny Novgorod, thereby closing the celebrations in the city.

A hotel for "space tourists" plans to open NASA in 2024. The cost of staying in it will be from $ 55 million.

Crimea and Krasnodar Territory, and then, by a large margin, Kavminvody are leading in the preferences of Russians participating in the second stage of the sale of tours in Russia with cashback, according to the data of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

We invite you to Marx for the feast of delicious bread baked from the first harvest!

Tour program:

  • 08:00 - Departure for the Khlebnaya Pristan 2020 festival from Saratov.
  • Arrival at Marks. As you know, the city of Marx was founded as a German colony in 1767 by the Dutch baron Frederic Beauregard de Cano and was built by the efforts of German colonists invited by the baron. By the decree of Emperor Nicholas II, Baronsk was officially renamed Yekaterinenstadt, was one of the few cities of the Volga Germans with an Orthodox Church. In 1942 the city received its modern name Marx.
  • A small sightseeing tour of the city. An interesting fact is that in the city a lively well-groomed center with a large number of monuments and monuments harmoniously coexists with quiet old streets, which largely retained the spirit and atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Yekaterinenstadt.
  • The ceremonial opening of the Khlebnaya Wharf 2020 festival on the embankment of the town of Marx.
  • The Marxovsky District of the Saratov Region has long been famous for its delicious and high-quality bread. The center of events, as the name suggests, will be the marina in the town of Marx. There they will equip national farmsteads, organize an exhibition of paintings and handicrafts, hold a competition "The Best Loaf", then the Parade of grain growers and agricultural enterprises, a bright concert program will start.
  • Throughout the festival day "Khlebnaya Pristan 2020", entertainment areas for children and adults, attractions and much more will be open.
  • It will be possible to have a bite to eat in one of the cafes or in the national courtyards.
  • Free time at the festival.
  • Around 17.0 - departure to Saratov.
  • Around 19.0 - arrival in Saratov.

The price includes: Transport service (bus or tourist class minibus), excursion service, entrance tickets (to museums, etc.), accompanying from the travel agency along the entire route.

  • The time in the program is approximate, it depends on the traffic situation, the number of stops on the way, the time for collecting tourists on the bus and other possible factors.
  • The trip organizer reserves the right to change the order of the tour without changing the total volume of the program.

What could be simpler than delicious, fresh bread, the smell of which makes you hungry - and what could be more difficult. After trying many options, we recommend the 10 most worthy ones.

Bread Shop "Professor Poof"

Despite the slightly eccentric name, the bread here is real, and it is prepared according to their own recipes. They use the leavens, over which the founders of the project conjured, and for the preparation of some types they use wheat flour of the "Shugurovskaya" variety - it, as the project team assures, is distinguished by environmental friendliness and quality.

Take rye bread in any variation for tasting, there are about five or six types of it here. According to GOST, Borodinsky and Borodinsky rye are great for bakers, as well as the signature dish "lyapun" - rye flatbread with different fillings, for example, cheese and porcini mushrooms. The average price for bread is 200-250 rubles. There are already plenty of outlets in the city, the headquarters is still opposite the Pushkin Museum.


A small bakery and pastry shop on the Danilovsky market, they sell buns, loaves of bread, loaves (there are about 16 varieties on the menu), as well as classic desserts from our childhood - a honey cake, for example.

We recommend artesian buckwheat, which is made on buckwheat flour and sourdough with the addition of walnuts and buckwheat honey, with a dense and aromatic crust and no less aromatic crumb. Like any quality bread, it will be just as good the next day. The standard price for a loaf is 150-240 rubles.

Baton Bakery

In the vicinity of Valiko, there is another nice shop - "Baton", where you can stock up not only bread, but also cookies. There are a couple of points around the city, except for Danilovsky, you can find bakers' products on Povarskaya Street, or order with delivery in the Sokol area.

In addition to the classic white sourdough, baguettes, ciabatta and almost dessert bread called "Fitness" are baked here - it would take a long time to argue about fitness and bread, but you won't have to argue about the taste. And also order a makeweight of cottage cheese cookies, like from a Soviet cookbook, or snails with cinnamon. The average cost of production is 130-200 rubles per piece.


Not a bakery, but a trendy restaurant, which does not interfere with having your own flour mill, proofing and oven right in the hall. It may not be the most ingenious bread in your life, but what fun is it! In addition, real experts in handicraft baking were invited to bake it.

You can see how flour is ground, kneaded dough and round breads are baked here almost all day, along the way to grab a bite and take with you a freshly baked whole grain, which will cost you 350 rubles. So a bread adventure has emerged - be sure to try it.

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