15 main monasteries of Mordovia

Tourism in Mordovia is part of tourism in Russia on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia

Mordovia is one of the centers of settlement of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Despite its small population, the capital of the republic, Saransk, plays the role of a major financial and industrial center. Most of the tourism industries in Mordovia are underdeveloped, but historical and cultural tourism attracts many people. The main religion in Mordovia is Orthodoxy.

There are many monasteries on the territory of the republic, thanks to which Saransk and Mordovia as a whole have become centers of Christian pilgrimage. Among them there are a large number of both ancient Orthodox monuments and modern monasteries built in the XX-XXI centuries. They represent not only historical but also architectural value. Thousands of pilgrims come here every year, visiting several monasteries at once.

Operating monasteries of Mordovia

The most famous Orthodox male and female monasteries in the region.

Sanaksar Monastery

The monastery is one of the oldest in Mordovia. It was founded in 1659, next to the Moksha River. Not far from the monastery there is a small lake Sanaksar, which gave it its name. The status of a monastery was assigned to the Sanaksar monastery in 1765. The XVIII-XIX centuries became the period of the monastery's prosperity. Today, the site houses a sawmill and a candle-making workshop, open to pilgrims.

Kazan-Klyuchevskaya desert

The first monastery on the territory of the modern monastery was founded in the 17th century, around the source where the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God appeared. In 1848, a cholera epidemic began in the nearby town of Alatyr and the districts around it. The icon, previously kept in the monastery, was enclosed around the city during a procession with the cross. After that, the epidemic stopped, and the day of deliverance from the disease is still celebrated in the monastery. Nowadays, next to the monastery cells and the temple there is a hotel that receives pilgrims every year.

Paigarm Paraskevo-Ascension Monastery

The monastery was founded in 1864. On its territory there are 3 miraculous springs, from which water is taken for drinking and bathing. In one of them, in the middle of the 19th century, the icon of the Great Martyr Paraskeva appeared, which later healed a wounded soldier. It was this soldier who became the founder of the wasteland, which later became a large monastery. Today there is a large stone temple, a chapel and women's cells.

Varsonofievsky Monastery

The Church of the Intercession was erected at the beginning of the 20th century, but soon after the October Revolution it was partially destroyed. The new monastery was completely restored and opened to pilgrims only in 1996. Today, a stone church, a chapel and cells have been erected here. The monastery especially reveres the blessed maiden Daria, who was born at the end of the 19th century in a nearby village. It was she who predicted the appearance of a monastery and a temple here.

Address: s. Pokrovskie Selischi, st. Monastyrskaya, 120 B

ⓘ Tourism in Mordovia

Tourism in Mordovia is a part of tourism in Russia on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia.

State management of tourism in the republic was carried out by the Ministry of Sports, Physical Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Mordovia, then the Ministry of Culture, National Policy, Tourism and Archival Affairs of the Republic of Mordovia.

History of tourism development in Mordovia

In 2014, an investment project was developed in Mordovia to create a tourist and recreational cluster "City of Champions" in Saransk. The Federal Agency for Tourism recognized it as promising, the project was included in the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation". In order to develop domestic tourism in the republic, promote the national tourist product and raise awareness of the population in the field of tourism, a tourist information portal of Mordovia was created, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the republic, together with the "Status" magazine, launched a project called "Go to Mordovia" - a series reports on the tourist potential of the regions of Mordovia.

In 2016, Saransk was included in the interregional route "The Great Volga Route", developed taking into account the characteristics of all regions, republics and territories that are part of the Volga Federal District, in order to make it rich from a historical and cultural point vision. As part of this route, during their stay in Saransk, tourists should visit the Cathedral of F. Ushakov, the Museum of Fine Arts. SD Erzya, Makarovsky Monastery and taste dishes of national cuisine in the "Mordovskoye Podvorie". Also in 2016 Saransk was ranked 18th in the rating of the most inexpensive tourist destinations for traveling in Russia in 2015, compiled by the Travel service. u. When compiling this rating, experts were guided by the data of hotel and apartment reservations from February 1 to December 31, 2015 in the one hundred most popular Russian cities and resorts in terms of the number of bookings.

In 2017, within the framework of summing up the results of the competition "Tourist souvenir of the Republic of Mordovia", a new tourist map of Saransk and Mordovia was presented, developed by the Tourist Information Center jointly with the Ministry of Culture, National Policy, Tourism and Archival Affairs of the Republic of Mordovia. The purpose of creating a map is free distribution among residents and guests of the region, accommodation at the main tourist sites - collective accommodation facilities, catering establishments, railway and bus stations, airports, museums, TICs to reveal the tourist potential of the region, simplify the search for interesting sights and increase the attendance of significant objects of the republic.

Saransk was one of the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For the matches, the 45,000-seat Mordovia Arena stadium was built, which after the championship was transformed into a 26,000-seat stadium and a sports and cultural center, which houses shops, supermarkets, restaurants, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts. A five-star hotel was built in the city center on the embankment of the Saranka River. There were 22 tourist information desks in the central streets of the city, where fans could get information about transport, cultural program and the FIFA Fan Fest schedule. On the eve of the FIFA World Cup, the Tourist Information Center of the Republic of Mordovia, together with the Saransk 2018 Directorate, held a competition of tourist routes for fans in the nominations: "The best tourist route for a group of fans of the 2018 FIFA ™ World Cup", "The best individual tourist route for fans 2018 FIFA ™ World Cup ™, “Best Hiking Trail for a Family Group of 2018 FIFA ™ World Cup ™ Fans”, “Best Weekend Tour for 2018 FIFA ™ World Cup Fans”. For fans who had a sufficient amount of time, routes around the city were developed, which could be walked both with a guide, and independently or with an audio guide. The basic route "Saransk - the last mile" allowed to see one of the highest fountains of the Volga region - "Star of Mordovia", to see the city from the observation deck of the N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University, to see the main sights and to be in front of the stadium in less than three hours "Mordovia Arena". A more extended route, but already of an entertainment plan - "Shumbrat, Saransk!" Hello Saransk! - offered to spend a little more time and walk around the city center, learn interesting stories about cultural and historical sites, taste Mordovian dishes, get acquainted with national games. Also, three main outing routes were developed: "Call of the Torama" introducing the sights of the republic, souvenirs, gastronomic and ethnocultural traditions; cultural and educational route "Admiral Ushakov" to the Sanaksar Monastery; the route "Reserved Mordovia" to the Mordovian nature reserve, which includes more than 10 programs, which included a course on survival in the forest. In addition, niche proposals were prepared: the "Beer Mile" route from the Saransk brewery to the best bars and restaurants; route for families with children under 12 years old; a special offer "Evening Saransk" including a gastronomic dinner, walks along the illuminated streets, a light and music show of one of the highest fountains in the Volga region.

Types of tourism in Mordovia Event tourism

The Republic of Mordovia hosts many events of various levels every year, ranging from rural folk holidays to well-known international festivals: the International Festival of Russian Drama Theaters "Compatriots", the festival of folk art "Shumbrat, Mordovia!" holidays "Aksha Kelu" and "Rasken Ozks" and many others.

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