11 facts about tourism that will convince you to urgently pack your bags for a trip

Travels; Interesting Facts

Traveling around the world is one of the favorite pastimes of many. Traveling is not only about new experiences and beautiful photos. For many years, the memories of the trips will delight and bring you back to those interesting days.

Interesting facts about tourism

They will help you make the right choice: is such a waste of time and money worth it, or is it easier to watch everything on TV.

  • Scientific research is uncontested:
  • And they show that money spent on travel makes you much happier than money spent on all kinds of material goods. Be happy!
  • Travel helps to save yourself from depression. Cheers!
  • Couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of closeness and togetherness. Many go on long trips to improve the family climate. Live together!
  • Vacations can reduce your risk of heart disease. Don't get sick!

The First Space Tourist

Entertainment exclusively for tourists!

Who's in the air?

Are you still in doubt where to spend your free savings? Go explore the world and don't forget to share your photos!

You might think that youth is the time for permanent work, career, travel is sometimes postponed for the future. But as a rule, the future never comes. If you want to travel, start today. You don't need a lot of money to travel - moving around the world on a small budget is sometimes much more interesting than relaxing in five-star hotels. After all, people who do not have the opportunity to isolate themselves from the world with luxury communicate a lot, visit hard-to-reach corners of nature a lot, to which railways and highways are not laid. Here are some interesting facts about travel.


The lowest country above sea level is the Maldives, the highest point of this island state is 2.4 meters. If the sea level rises slightly, the Maldives could be submerged. This country is considered an expensive resort, but if you get here not by a tourist ticket, but by regular transport (preferably by sea), you can find several inexpensive hotels. On these islands, the rights of Christians are infringed, so think carefully about whether it is worth visiting this country at all.

The largest island is Greenland. This island belongs to America, it was inhabited by the Vikings at the end of the 10th century. The Scandinavians founded three colonies on the island, which existed until the 14th century, after which the colonies disappeared. The colonists maintained ties with settlements in Newfoundland (North America), as evidenced by the bison skin found in the ruins of a house in Greenland, and bison are found only in North America. Now the island belongs to Denmark, so this country has a large colony on the island, which geographically belongs to America.

The largest Russian island Sakhalin, its area is more than 76 thousand square kilometers. This is more than twice as large as the area of ​​Moldova (almost 34 thousand square kilometers).

The three most remote islands from the land - Easter (to the nearest inhabited place - 2075 kilometers), Tristan da Cunha (2161 kilometers from St. Helena), Bouvet (to the nearest island - 1600 kilometers).

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of 5 large islands and 30 archipelagos with over 13,000 islands. The most populous island is Java, with 126 million inhabitants. Java has 30 active volcanoes.

There are 200 thousand islands off the coast of Sweden, 170 thousand islands off the coast of Finland, and in Canada there are 53 thousand islands.

The smallest inhabited island, Bishop, is located in the southwest of Great Britain. The dimensions of the island are 46 by 16 meters, a lighthouse with a height of 45 meters was built on it, if you count from the water's edge, and not from the foundation, the height of the lighthouse is 50 meters. There is a helipad at the top of the lighthouse.

The largest uninhabited island is in Canada. Devon Island has an area of ​​55 thousand square kilometers, about the same area has Croatia. There are about 500 thousand islands in the world, many of them are uninhabited.

The leadership of Udmurtia intends to make tourism one of the most developed and profitable sectors of the republic's economy.

Ski and kitchen

The organizers of the presentation tried to present the most interesting projects in Udmurtia. Nature, cuisine, business, sports and culture. In each of these five areas there is something unusual that could "hook" tourists from different regions of Russia.

More than 100 major events have been included in the Calendar of Event Tourism: the Red Festival, the Music Festival “In the Homeland of Tchaikovsky”, the traditional competition “Izhevsk Rifle”, the “Gerber” holiday, the World Day of Dumplings, the International Festival of Finno-Ugric Cuisine "Byg-Byg". New events have also appeared - for example, at the beginning of March 2018, the first Olympics for amateur athletes will be held in Udmurtia. In addition, guests are expected at the Rus Druzhinnaya festival and the Eurasia Cup in open water swimming. On December 24, the Galina Kulakova International Ski Marathon will take place in Izhevsk.

In addition, the new calendar contains dozens of ready-made tourist routes.

Amateur Olympics

According to the Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov, the purpose of the event is to demonstrate to partners the cultural and event potential of the region and, as a result, increase the tourist flow. In 2017, more than 500 thousand people visited Udmurtia. Now the task is to double this figure so that next year the number of tourists will reach 1 million.

As you know, Alexander Brechalov himself is actively involved in sports, so he supported the idea of ​​holding the All-Russian Amateur Sports Games in 2018 in Udmurtia.

“A group of enterprising entrepreneurs, including those from Moscow, offered to hold such a championship among amateurs. For almost half a year, we had negotiations with the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, with all federations and public associations. As a result, we came to an agreement that Udmurtia will become the first region to host these competitions. Amateur athletes in various sports will take part in them. Now in the world it is an active growing trend. For example, 26,000 athletes attended the Amateur Olympics in New Zealand last year. In Russia, this is just beginning, and I am glad that it starts with Udmurtia, ”said the head of the region.

It is expected that several thousand amateur athletes from all over the country will come to the All-Russian Amateur Sports Games. In winter, the participants of the amateur games will enjoy cross-country skiing, snowboarding, curling and ice skating competitions. And in the summer there will be competitions in track and field athletics, triathlon, swimming, cycling, and bullet shooting.

Come to the factory!

According to the permanent representative of the head of the UR under the President of the Russian Federation and Deputy Prime Minister of the regional government, Mikhail Khomich, it is necessary to actively develop industrial tourism in Udmurtia, that is, to invite tourists to advanced factories.

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