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BPH culture
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Rural Sunrise "
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Learning German
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Adygea mountains
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Present past
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Venice Carnival
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Event tourism
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Hungary: description of popular ski resorts, equipment rental cost

In Hungary, there is such a joke: if you stick a staff in the ground anywhere in the country, then a spring with healing water will certainly clog from there. And it is much closer to reality than it might seem.

  • . 21 minutes
Walks in Vienna with a Russian crown - unusual excursions in Vienna

Austria is one of the safest, most beautiful, forest, mountainous, eco-friendly, musical, "European" countries in Europe, a country with ideal villages and vibrant tourist cities - Vienna and Innsbruck. It is home to some of the world's best ski resorts, organic farming and a rich gastronomic tradition. Nature, climate and weather Austria is situated in a temperate

  • . 12 minutes
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