event tourism

BPH culture
  • 16 minutes
Rural Sunrise "
  • 9 minutes
Learning German
  • 16 minutes
Adygea mountains
  • 20 minutes
Present past
  • 24 minutes
Venice Carnival
  • 8 minutes
Event tourism
  • 24 minutes
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Essay in English Extreme Sport with translation into Russian

ᐉ Extreme Sports - Extreme Sports Topic - ➔ English via Skype online 【LOW PRICES】 Individual lessons with a tutor Ksenia Malysheva ✅ Free trial lesson

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Extreme fishing: catch goldfish and man-eating pike

On the one hand, what could be more relaxed and less sporty than fishing? You sit yourself, you sit, absolutely calm, meditating on the float. In summer - on the shore of a lake or river, in winter - at a hole. What's sporting here? ...

  • . 20 minutes
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