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Planning a trip to Münster - an ancient city in Germany

Travel The World experts give several answers to the question of where is the best place to relax in Germany throughout the year.

Travel The World experts give several answers to the question of where is the best place to relax in Germany throughout the year.

The exemplary and punctual Germans are legendary. With their characteristic precision and responsibility, they approach the issue of recreation and entertainment for guests of their country. Germany lacks only a truly warm sea, and good places for treatment, excursion routes and reserved mountains are presented here in abundance. In Germany, it will appeal to people of venerable age, youth and children.

Sea Resorts

Beach holidays on the German shores do not last very long. The "window" of the bathing season is open for a little more than a month, from early July to mid-August. The most famous seaside resort is the island of Rügen, where you can go alone, as a couple or with children. Most tourists on the island stop at the Binz resort. Representatives of the German imperial family once rested here. On Rügen you can visit the following excursions:

  • Cape and Arkona Fortress;
  • Yasmund National Park;
  • a hunting castle located in the town of Sellin.

As elsewhere on the coast of Germany, there are sanatoriums and other health centers on Rügen. Other places for tourism and treatment are the islands of Borkhum, Usedom, Sylt, Amrum, Yust and Hiddensee. The beaches are sandy everywhere, and the sea is shallow. The island of Sylt is a truly respectable resort where people with means love to spend their holidays. Huge oysters are grown in its waters. The sights of Sylt include: a monument to the wind, the Church of St. Severin, the city of Westerland, the village of Kaitum.

Where is the best place to relax in Germany with children

Sea resorts have already been mentioned above, now we are talking about where else you can take your children. The best place for this in Germany is Europa-Park, located in the town of Rust near Frankfurt. Here are presented attractions and entertainment, collected in 11 separate zones, each of which carries the flavor of one of the countries of Europe. In terms of its scale and number of entertainment, Europa-Park is in second place after Disneyland Paris. In addition to entertainment, in the park you can go sightseeing of the Balthazara fortress, which is five and a half centuries old.

In addition, you can go to the Chiemsee and Tegernsee lakes on your own or with your children. They are both located close to Munich and are a good alternative to the sea in summer, as the water warms up quickly and the swimming season lasts longer. On the banks of the Chiemsee, there are several resort villages, including Prien, where spa treatment is developed. In the same Prine there is a water park for children. The most attractive sights of these places are:

  • the island of Herrenchiemsee (translated as "male"), where the palace of the same name is located;
  • the island of Frauenchiemsee (translated as "female"), where the Benedictine monastery is located more than a thousand years old;
  • Amerang Castle;
  • Hohenaschau Castle;
  • Berchtesgaden Nature Reserve, which houses the former lair of Hitler - "Eagle's Nest".

Germany attracts thousands of tourists every year, at any time of the year. Bavarian ancient culture, the picturesque Rhine valley, huge fascinating monasteries and mysterious castles. All this, combined with a rich historical background, makes Germany a majestic country. The southern part of this country is famous for its purest deep lakes and excellent modern mountain resorts at the foothills of the Alps.

To describe at least some of the beauties and all the advantages of this rich country, we need to compile not a single guidebook.

All tourists are divided into two main groups: those who like quiet and one might say "lazy rest", and those who prefer active pastime. Someone will be delighted with walking tours of ancient castles, squares, an insane number of monasteries and various other attractions. It is to such tourists that this article is intended. Read also the sights of Moscow. So, what to see in Germany, where to go, what are the most memorable places worthy of our attention?

Attractions in Germany

Of course, we cannot list all the interesting places and sights, but we will tell you about the most famous and best of them.

Berlin Wall

As you know, Berlin is the capital of Germany, it is the pride of Germans and cultural and historical heritage with an architecture of extraordinary styles and beauty. However, many guests of Germany still associate it directly with sad events and the world-famous Berlin Wall.

Part of the Berlin Wall at the entrance to the city metro

The concrete fence was more than three meters high. This building was erected back in 1961, and it was then that Germany was divided into two parts - East Germany and West. Attempts by the population to somehow cross the borders were brutally suppressed. According to official figures, almost 1000 people died trying to cross the wall.

In 1990, the decision was finally made to demolish the wall, and this event became good news and spread all over the world at once. It was a historic reunification of an entire vast and majestic country. For a short period, almost not a stone remained from the wall itself, only a fragment of about 1 km was left, which reminds of the Cold War.

Munster, Germany is one of the oldest cities not only in Westphalia, but throughout Germany. This place on the map of the country cannot be called promoted in terms of tourism, but the city, despite its modern appearance, has retained its medieval aristocracy in its historical part. Given the large number of young people and students in Münster, the nightlife here is on par with the German metropolitan areas.

General information

The city of Münster is one of the administrative centers of Westphalia with a rich history, cultural and architectural heritage. Located almost on the border with the Netherlands. The official year of foundation is 793 BC. ., The Münster Catholic bishopric is considered the oldest in Germany - the first mention of it appeared in documents 1200 years ago. The streets of the small town have preserved many buildings and attractions dating back to the 15-16 centuries.

Interesting to know! Münster is called the city of youth and cyclists. A fifth of the population is students, and the number of two-wheeled vehicles is about half a million.

The city of Münster in Germany is on the 16th place in terms of area in the country, most of the territory is allocated for agricultural land. In accordance with the charter of the city, the territory is divided into six districts.

  • population - 280 thousand;
  • the tourist center is located at Heinrich-Brüning-Strasse 9, working hours: weekdays from 9-30 to 18- 00, Saturday from 9-30 to 13-00.

Note! In 2004, according to the LivCom-Award, Munster became the best place to live in the country.


Münster is one of the oldest cities in Germany, with a history of over 1200 years. By order of Charlemagne, a monastery was built here, by the way, the name Munster has a similar root to the Latin "monasterium". The settlement received the official status of the city in the 9th century.

Already in the 12th century, Munster became the main settlement of Westphalia, by this time city fortifications were actively being erected, their length was 4 km. In the middle of the 17th century, an important historical event took place in the city - an agreement was signed proclaiming the Peace of Westphalia - the end of a war that lasted three decades.

For a short period of time Münster was ruled by France (the first half of the 19th century), then the city returned to Germany and received the status of the capital of Westphalia.

Good to know

Sightseeing in Munster in Germany

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