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I was passing through Azerbaijan and always believed that this is a country in which oil is extracted and it is located somewhere on the coast of the Caspian Sea, while there is no beach or any other rest there, and only business travelers go there, or those who visits relatives.

No! this is the richest country with a cultural, gastronomic and medical base, in addition to the above - a beach holiday, Yes, yes.

But first things first

Azerbaijan, along with everyone's beloved Georgia and Armenia, is a country of the Transcaucasus, where an atmosphere of hospitality reigns, the most beautiful natural landscapes are combined with city skyscrapers. The cozy streets of the old town, known to us from the movie "The Diamond Arm" and delicious cuisine, for example dolma, included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Azerbaijan is called the land of fire - why?

1. Due to natural gas that breaks out to the surface in the form of fire, this place is located on the Absheron peninsula

2. At night, Baku all shines with millions of lights, I was passing through Baku at night, and this is something, the whole city sparkles and shines.

The holiday season is almost year-round, the absence of snow in December - January will not be an obstacle to the New Year's mood, the New Year tree, fairs, will create the right mood and help to meet the New Year in an amazing mood. From February to May, spring is coming - spring is the road, time for walks, sightseeing, the city is preparing for spring and the celebration of the spring holiday of Novruz. From June to August, hot summers, beautiful sunsets and warm sea, with a good choice of beaches and a good hotel base. September - November, the time for recreation, walks in the mountains. Again, if we talk about wellness rest and treatment, almost at any time of the year, medical resorts will welcome you in a warm embrace and help you get the most out of your trip and just enjoy your time in this amazing place.


As I wrote above, Dolma is stuffed cabbage in our opinion, that is, meat with rice and vegetables, but wrapped in grape leaves.

(continued, started here)

We have already talked about three areas of health tourism in Azerbaijan - Naftalan, with its wonderful oil; Massalah, with a sulfuric hot spring Istisu; salt caves of Duzdag, in Nakhichevan.

It's time to move on, because we have explored only a small part of the places for improving the body.

Three more areas of health and wellness rest

Having considered the most famous health resorts in the southern, south-western and western directions from Baku, let us turn our attention to the area to the north of the capital.


The place is 120 km. from Baku, famous for its healing mineral water and one of the world's best diagnostic centers.

Water is similar in composition to the waters of Baden-Baden and the well-known Naftusya from Truskovets springs, but due to the higher concentration of organic substances, it has the strongest effect in removing small stones from the kidneys and gallbladder (and their excretory tracts ).

Near the spring there is a luxurious hotel and a modern medical center - the main part of the Galaalti resort medical and rehabilitation diagnostic complex.

More than 350 types of diagnostics are carried out in the medical center, the main directions are: cardiology, urology, gynecology, proctology and neurology.


The ancient village of Ilisu (first mentioned in the 15th century) is located 350 km. from Baku. This amazingly beautiful place is known for its many hot and cold springs. According to rumors, there are more than fifty of them.

However, Ilisu and its surroundings are famous not only, and not even so much, for their sources, but for the most beautiful natural landscapes and crystal clear air. It is noteworthy that literally within walking distance there are three natural zones, each of which has its own health-improving effect - a forest zone, a zone of subalpine woodlands and a belt of alpine meadows.

Azerbaijan is amazing. It is characterized by beauty, romance and contrast. The contrast between the capital and the regions. Azerbaijanis love their country very much and are proud of its history. The education of taxi drivers is surprising - almost everyone knows Baku at the level of a good guide. In the summer, Baku surprises with the lack of people - many move to live in the summer to nearby dachas. Baku people are so fond of beauty and architecture that they literally move entire buildings for the sake of visual aesthetics. Traveling around the country will give you a lot of emotions and impressions. What is worth seeing? We flew and tell you about 10 interesting places in Azerbaijan.

Night Baku

As soon as the sun goes down the horizon, no less bright golden lights light up before your eyes. The Baku bay of the Absheron peninsula resembles a chic necklace of gold and precious stones. Baku is especially luxurious at night. In summer, even late at night, you can meet families strolling along Primorsky Boulevard, mothers with children enjoy the light night coolness, lovers walk along the embankment. Baku is a very romantic city, there is even a little Venice in it.

As soon as the sun goes down the horizon, no less bright golden lights light up before your eyes. The Baku bay of the Absheron peninsula resembles a chic necklace of gold and precious stones. Baku is especially luxurious at night. In summer, even late at night, you can meet families strolling along Primorsky Boulevard, mothers with children enjoy the light night coolness, lovers walk along the embankment. Baku is a very romantic city, there is even a little Venice in it.

Flame Towers and Modern Baku

Flame Towers are a new decoration of Baku. It is worth noting that the people of Baku are very fond of architecture. The city is steeped in aesthetics. Flame Towers are visible from almost anywhere in the city. The highest tower has 39 floors. The complex of buildings includes hotels, offices, apartments, apartments.

It is noteworthy that the buildings are completely covered with LED displays and in the evening, when the backlight is turned on, you can observe the movement of fire, from a distance resembling a flickering flame in the night.

Old town of Icheri-Sheher

The old city of Icheri-Sheher is located in the center of modern Baku. The place is unique, steeped in history, unusual architecture, and also replete with souvenirs, small restaurants and traces of the Silk Road trade.

Baku people call the Old City a fortress among themselves, and the people who live in it - serfs. Surprisingly, ordinary people live in Icheri Sheher, about 1300 families. The Old Town even has its own mayor's office.

The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Entry into the city by car is paid, it costs 2 manats (the rate of manat is approximately equal to the dollar).

Walking along the narrow streets, you can find many shops with souvenir products, carpets, carpet handbags, national clothes. Pricing is arbitrary and you can, and even need to bargain. Also in the fortress there are museums, galleries, restaurants and hotels.

Azerbaijan is a bright, colorful, multinational, multicultural state at the crossroads of the historical roads of Asia and Europe. Here ancient architectural masterpieces, the spicy flavor of the East, the hospitality and temperament of the Caucasus meet with European sophistication and Western progress, forming a unique symbiosis. Such a mixture of styles, tastes, cultural heritage of the past and silhouettes of the future cannot be found anywhere else.

Unique nature, interesting thousand-year history, with its own traditions and customs, vibrant culture, exquisite gastronomy, friendliness and hospitality of local residents - Azerbaijan is rightfully considered the pearl of the South Caucasus. This country is becoming more and more attractive for tourists from all over the world day by day, and the main point of attraction for guests of the republic is, of course, the capital. Bright, noisy, brilliant, fashionable Baku.

To the melody of old mugam and brisk Caucasian rhythms, Baku is confidently looking into the future. Antiquity here at every step is intertwined with modern technologies, innovative design ideas - with the luxury of ancient palaces, oriental carpet shops - with trendy cafes and nightclubs.

“City of Winds”, as the Baku people themselves call their magnificent capital, has attracted attention at all times.

One of the iconic points of the Great Silk Road, Baku boasts a thousand-year history, infused with unique traditions.

The fact that people have chosen these lands for a long time can be seen by traveling around the Absheron Peninsula.

And in the capital itself, the main interest of travelers is Icheri-Sheher.

The most ancient part of Baku, these historical quarters will take you to an oriental fairy tale even today, singing the melody "1000 and 1 nights".

The magnificent Maiden Tower, which has no equal in the Caucasus, the palace of legendary rulers - Shirvanshahs, mosques, madrasahs and hammams, the entire old part of Baku is protected by UNESCO. Its value has been confirmed as a World Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Another winner from the same list is the Gobustan National Park. Located just 40 km south of the capital, this open-air museum is attractive for three reasons. Firstly, here you can observe a completely unique natural landscape - majestic boulders of rocks seem to be scattered here and there by an ancient giant, they pass into the plain and steppe and meet the sea waters.

The second reason is petroglyphs, primitive rock paintings. Thousands of drawings can be found in the vastness of Gobustan, and many of them impressed even such an experienced traveler as Thor Heyerdahl. The third reason to see Gobustan is mud volcanoes. It's not too easy to visit them, but the view is worth it!

There are over 7,500 thousand archaeological, natural, architectural and historical monuments in Azerbaijan. It will take more than one vacation to see them all.

However, if you are only interested in the very things - do not miss the ancient and beautiful Shemakha.

Today religion is an integral part of human life, regardless of race, language and country. In many countries of the world, one religious movement officially dominates, but there are states in which religious diversity reigns.

The religion of Azerbaijan has many different religious movements and confessions. A large number of Azerbaijanis live in the country: Muslims and Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews and people with non-traditional religious movements for the Azerbaijani environment (Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and others).

Secular State of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus with a population of over 9 million. An important place in the state is occupied by religious canons and principles, laws are in force that determine the position of religions in society and the position of citizens in relation to religions.

The state is one of the tolerant countries in interreligious relations. According to the Law, the country adheres to the freedom and choice of faith. The constitution states that no one has the right to promote this or that religion. The Constitution also states that a citizen has the right not to profess any religion, as well as to express his views on faith. The greatest diversity of religion is in Baku.

Historically, the religion of Azerbaijan includes:

  • Islam;
  • Christianity;
  • Judaism;
  • Zoroastrianism;
  • Paganism ;
  • Manichaeism;
  • sects and non-traditional communities.

All 3 directions of Christianity have spread throughout the country:

  • Catholicism ;
  • Orthodoxy;
  • Protestantism.

In the city of Alban (present-day Baku), not far from the Maiden's Tower, according to legend, the Apostle Bartholomew died for Christ. Today many Christians of the country and foreign pilgrims come to worship this memorable and holy place.

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