Paradise Cyprus and its attractions

Holidays in Cyprus

In Cyprus, amazing natural conditions are harmoniously combined with a high level of service. Beautiful hotels, delicious food, favorable climate, pristine beaches - these are the main advantages that persuade tourists to choose a vacation in Cyprus.

General information

Cyprus is both an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a separate island state. Tourists from all over the world come to this paradise to truly enjoy their vacation. And guests from Russia are no exception. After all, there is everything here: warm sea, gentle sun, clear sky and rich vegetation.

It is best to plan your trip to Cyprus in April, May, September or October. At this time, you can fully enjoy all the delights of a vacation in Cyprus.

Geography and Climate

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It makes up most of the state of Cyprus. The area of ​​the island is approximately 9.3 thousand square kilometers.

In this relatively small area, the landscape is represented by mountains, vast fields, fertile valleys and forests. The northern coast is protected by rocks, but on the southern one there are beautiful sandy bays.

Tourism in Cyprus is accompanied by features of a subtropical climate. The winters are warm and mild here. The temperature of the coldest month is +12 degrees (+4 - in mountainous areas). It is at this time of the year that the maximum amount of precipitation falls.

Spring and autumn can be considered intermediate periods, as they pass almost unnoticed. In summer, the sun heats the air to 28-30 degrees above zero, and sometimes the thermometer reaches +35 degrees. But due to the proximity of the sea, even such weather is tolerated quite easily.

The swimming season starts in April, but by August the water temperature reaches the air temperature (i.e. +28 degrees).

Cyprus is an island country with a warm climate and many interesting places to stay. Therefore, tourists from different countries tend here, but the journey requires organization and determination of the route. To do this, it is worth knowing the location of tourist areas, climate features in different seasons, entertainment options and much more, which will ensure a comfortable trip.

Briefly about Cyprus

Cyprus is an island state located in the eastern Mediterranean. It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, and the hot sun, rich vegetation and interesting history of the country attract tourists. Therefore, one of the important items of national income is tourism. The developed infrastructure for recreation is well organized and provides the comfort of the guests of the island.

Cyprus is considered an ideal beach destination

There are two international airports in Cyprus: Larnaca and Paphos. It's easy to get here from anywhere in the world. And there are also several operating seaports. There is a railway on the territory of the island, there are well-equipped highways. This state is considered optimal for comfortable tourism.

Full official name

Tourists, information sources, advertising agencies call this island simply - Cyprus. In political documents, official directories and other similar situations, the country is referred to as the Republic of Cyprus. This combination is formal and complete, but is rarely used in everyday communication.

State capital and geography

1,142,575 people live in the country, and the total area of ​​the territory is 9250 km 2. The capital and largest city is Nicosia. The site is located in the central part of the island and has a population of about 276,000. The capital of Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with features of a semi-desert. The city is landlocked, but located next to the Akaki River.

The Republic of Cyprus does not occupy the entire territory of the island

Officially, the Republic of Cyprus occupies 98% of the island's territory. The remaining 2% is occupied by the British military bases at Dhekelia and Akrotiri. The country also owns the nearby islands of Geronissos, Kila, Cordilia, Mazaki, Agios Georgios and Glukiotissa. Since 1974, about 38% of the island's area is occupied and controlled by the authorities of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, a separate state in the northern part of the island is recognized only by Turkey. The Greek part of the island has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

Cyprus has a lot of beaches, vegetation, and mountainous areas. The fauna here is also diverse and is represented by inhabitants who live in warm climates.

What language is spoken on the island of Cyprus

Antiphonitis. About thirty kilometers from the city center, in the direction of the eastern mountain side of the area, the shrine of Antiphonitis is hidden. The easiest way to get here is to use a car, after reaching the village of Kalogria, and with the help of the local residents' tips, after eight kilometers of the way, you can run right into the ruins of the temple. In addition to its official name, the church has a second name - the Answering Christ.

Antiphonitis is not a simple sanctuary, but a whole religious complex, including monastic buildings located in a large pit surrounded by mountains. This is the origin of the name given by the Greeks, which in translation means - "Echo". Now, of all the buildings, only one temple has survived in more or less decent form, which was built by monks, along with a monastery who arrived from Asia Minor in the seventh century.

The architectural style of the church is a bit unusual for the island, as the bulky temple dome rests on eight marble columns.

See ancient 12th century frescoes in Cyprus

Later, in the fifteenth century, the temple was equipped with an open veranda with a colonnade, and a vaulted arcade was added. As a result, Gothic, antique and Byzantine styles were mixed in the church. At the same time, the temple walls were painted with frescoes, which, unfortunately, are now severely damaged. Vandalism did not pass by this secret place - the face of the Archangel Michael was cut off. But a beautiful image of Christ, covered with a blue mantle, still shines on the dome.

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There is no way to see the ancient frescoes of the twelfth century, since there is practically nothing left of them, and those that were painted later were spoiled, plundered or erased by the Turkish military after 1974. But on the other hand, right opposite the entrance to the monastery, you can find an antique amber tree, from which the novices made incense.

Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos of Achiropiitos

Not far from the above church is another of the oldest Cypriot monasteries. It can be found on the road two kilometers from the settlement of Lapitos. The word Achiropiitos in translation means - not made by hands and the legend says that his appearance was associated with the command of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The monastery was built around a small church that appeared out of the blue. She seemed to have been saved from the Ottoman persecution of Orthodox Christians in Asia Minor. Earlier in this area there was already a Christian basilica dating from the thirteenth century. This monastery has also absorbed a variety of styles due to frequent reconstructions and restorations.

After the events of the 70s of the last century, when Turkish troops were brought into this territory, the monastery was closed to visitors. But there is an opportunity to look from the outside - it is necessary to reach the Lambros peninsula.

There are a lot of abandoned Orthodox shrines in the northern part. Of course, they have already been damaged by weather conditions and time, but even such ruins do not lose their attractiveness. Therefore, in comfortable shoes, you can reach another fantastic place built in the fourteenth century - the Monastery of Penagia Melandrina.

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