Mystery of Belovodye: why on; Altai are looking for a lost country

Altai places worth visiting for every tourist

Tourists from all over the world rush to Altai to enjoy beautiful views of high mountains, mountain rivers, mysterious caves and deserted steppes. And we, as often happens, sometimes do not suspect that we live near such amazing places that no overseas space can compare with. Correspondents found out how interesting it is to spend summer vacation without leaving the Altai Territory.

Rafting on mountain rivers

Altai Territory with its abundance of rivers is a real paradise for water tourism. A trip along the Charysh and its tributaries - obstinate rivers flowing through the mountainous terrain - will help to replenish the adrenaline supply in the body.

The route "Inya-Charysh" has III category of difficulty. You can start rafting from the mouth of the Shumishka, the left tributary of the Ini. At the beginning of the route there is a narrow steeply dipping watercourse 8-15 m wide. The river has an uninterrupted chain of rapids and rifts, for which an abundance of stones and a steep fall are typical. Along the way, Inya breaks up into channels, and beyond with. The Tigirek river gathers in one channel and enters the mountains. Below the mouth of Gromotukha, rifts begin with a shaft up to a meter, which end 4 km before the village. Chineta. The end point of the route is Krasnoshchekovo.

The Kumir-Charysh route begins at the mouth of the right tributary of the Kumir, the Krasnoyarka River. The idol flows for 40 km in a deep gorge. There are 17 rapids and about 20 shivers on this section. There are waterfall drains, clamps, powerful rapids with intense flow turbulence. The steepest obstacles are of the IV category of difficulty: the Devichiy reach rapids, located in a rocky canyon, the Bolshoi waterfall rapids, the Maly rapids with a powerful "barrel" and shaft. The further part of the route goes along Charysh and ends in Krasnoshchekovo.

Rafting on the Korgon-Charysh route should be started at the confluence of the Gorely Korgon and Pryamy Korgon rivers. Korgon, all the way to its mouth, is a chain of continuous waterfall overflows, clamps, rapids with "barrels" and ramparts, long complex rifts. Obstacles of IV category of difficulty are concentrated on two sections: on the first 8 km, where there is a very beautiful 3.5-meter waterfall Spartak, and 3 km below the mouth of the Antonov Korgon.

Cycling along the Salair Spurs

Cycling enthusiasts are usually cramped in the capital of our region. But in the north-east of the region, in the foothills of the Salair Ridge, there is more than enough space. From Biysk, the starting point of the route, to the village. The Karabinka road runs along the right bank of Biya, in the Biysko-Chumysh forest-steppe. Near the village. Bolsheugrenevo road enters the pine forest. The path runs along the Neni River, where you can see how beavers are bred. The road leads to Salton, which lies among the wooded spurs of the Salair. From there it is better to go to the northwest, to Berezovo, and then through the southern part of the Salair Ridge to Ovsyannikovo. On this site you will have to walk about 5-7 km.

In Berezovo, you can visit Mount Kivda (621 m), from where you can see a beautiful view of the Biysko-Chumysh forest-steppe. The further way to the village. Tselinnoye passes through a low watershed of the left tributaries of the Chumysh. On the descent from the pass, you need to be careful - the road winds heavily, the slope is large. The journey to the next regional center Togul takes 5-6 hours, and from Togul to Kytmanovo you can drive in 3-3.5 hours. It is better to arrange an overnight stay on the bank of a clean, transparent river near the village. New Taraba. Further it is better to move west to the sources of the Bolshaya Losikha River. From here to the village. Kosikha, the birthplace of the poet R. Rozhdestvensky, the journey takes half a day. From Kosikha to Barnaul - just a one-day trip.

Treasure Hunt

For those who wish to touch the history of mining and ore development in Altai, there are tours of famous mineral deposits. A busy journey can be made over the weekend, or you can go on a multi-day mineralogical tour with elements of speleotourism, visiting adits and mines. In Gornaya Kolyvan you can visit the Revnevskoe and Goltsovskoe jasper deposits, the Beloretskoe quartzite deposit, and the Lazurskoe polymetallic ore deposit.

In the 19th century, a legend appeared among the Old Believers about the mysterious Belovodye - the country of the righteous, in which ancient Orthodox traditions were preserved. Hundreds of people moved to Altai from other regions in search of a lost country. Altapress. u figured out how the legend originated and where exactly the mysterious Belovodye should be.

Mystery of Belovodye: what is this mysterious country?

In the Old Believer manuscript "Traveler" (or "Guide"), circulated in the first quarter of the 19th century, the mysterious country of Belovodye is described. The author of the text says that this country is inhabited by the descendants of Orthodox Christians and Russians who fled from persecution.

In Belovodye there is no theft and other crimes, there is no secular court, but the people and the spiritual authorities rule everything. Those who come to a mysterious country from Russia and promise to stay forever are accepted and baptized anew.

And the climate in this country is harsh: there are frosts, severe thunderstorms, and earthquakes. Despite this, cereals, as well as fruit trees and shrubs, grow well on the land of Belovodye, the ancient scripture said.

According to legend, the country has “innumerable” precious stones and expensive beads, the study says *.

Where did the legend about the lost country of Belovodye come from?

Researchers believe that the origin of the legend of Belovodye is associated with the Russian colonization of Gorny and Rudny Altai. The route in the "Traveler" coincides with one of the traditional directions of the migration movement of the 19th century. From the northern and central parts of European Russia, people moved to Altai. Old Believers actively spread rumors about Belovodye.

The fact is that in the 17th century a reform was carried out in the Orthodox Church: changes were made to the liturgical books and rituals in order to unify them with the Greek ones. Those who did not accept these innovations were called Old Believers. They were persecuted by the ecclesiastical and secular authorities of the Russian Empire.

People from other regions fled to Altai in search of a mysterious country. In 1830, an investigation was carried out in Biysk of the frequent escapes of Old Believers to China: in the Altai cities, immigrants from the Perm and Orenburg provinces were found, who had routes with the names of Altai guides who could help with the escape.

During 1820-1880, hundreds of Old Believers came to Altai, to the Bukhtarma and Uimon valleys, and with the help of local peasants-Old Believers set off in search of the legendary country.

In the late XIX - early XX century, the legend of Belovodye gradually became folklore, writes "Orthodox Encyclopedia".

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