Individual tours to Australia

Individual tours to Australia

Australia is a multinational state in which representatives of various faiths live. Therefore, there is no single national religion in the country. Most of the inhabitants of Australia profess Christianity in its various manifestations: more than 25% of the population are Catholics, over 17% are Anglican adherents, about 23% are atheists, the rest of the inhabitants adhere to Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. There are many religious organizations operating in the country that provide support to the state in the development of education, health care and the social sphere.


Australia's economy is well developed both industrially and agriculturally. Coal, oil and gas are mined in the country. The country belongs to the world leaders in the extraction of diamonds, bauxite, and alumina production. Machine building, textile and clothing industries are well developed. Australia ranks 1st in terms of the number of sheep. Wheat is exported to other countries, sugarcane, rice, tobacco, grapes are also grown.


The country's education system includes secondary school education, vocational college education, and higher education at universities. There are 42 universities and more than 250 colleges in Australia. Young people from more than 80 countries choose to study on this mainland every year. Many universities are engaged in research activities.


Australian art is represented by the work of abstract artists, impressionists, post-impressionists and animators. In many major cities you can see the creations of the hands of sculptors, buildings built by talented Australian architects. In local museums, everyone can see objects and drawings created by the aborigines. Most of the drawings depict the everyday activities of the natives - hunting, dancing and rituals. In museums, you can also see the didgeridoo, the oldest musical instrument.


The country's cuisine has been greatly influenced by British cuisine, which has expanded its boundaries thanks to dishes brought in by immigrants. Australian cuisine has been enriched by European and Asian dishes. In modern Australia, you can find many restaurants with Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese cuisine. Most of the country's residents cultivate a healthy lifestyle, therefore, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits predominate in their diet. At Christmas, as in many countries around the world, Australians prefer roasted turkey and plum pudding. They usually spend the weekend in nature, so they often barbecue. In addition to traditional dishes, in Australia you can taste kangaroo, crocodile, opossum and ostrich meat.

Kangaroos, wildlife, Jules Verne's novels and the Sydney Opera House are not a complete list of what Australia is famous for. It is the only country in the world where many products are labeled “proudly made in Australia”. This is the other end of the planet, and at least once in a lifetime, everyone should see it with their own eyes. It may not be enough life to go around the entire continent, but there are several major must see of the green continent. Of course, all of them, one way or another, are included in the itinerary of individual tours.

Great Barrier Reef

With a light hand from CNN, the Great Barrier Reef today is one of the wonders of the world. There are many coral islands in which sea turtles, rays, sharks and other exotic animals live. Despite the external impressiveness, this incredibly beautiful underwater world is a rather fragile structure, and human intervention can cost him his life. Therefore, the government of the country carefully monitors the safety of the reef and strictly prohibits touching it with your hands, and scuba diving is allowed only in the presence of instructors. The islands near the reef are home to the most luxurious resorts and diving centers.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are located 50 km west of Sydney. They are called blue, because they mainly grow eucalyptus trees, and the evaporation of essential oils creates a bluish smog that looks blue from a distance. On the territory of the mountain range there is a National Park with observation decks offering views of the mountain landscapes. In the village of Katoomba, you can ride a cable car; here, in the park, there is the highest waterfall in Australia and the Jenolan Caves.

Red Rock Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is a huge 348 m high solid rock. Thousands of years ago, this place was considered sacred and was worshiped by the Australian aborigines. You can climb the rock, or you can just walk around - the places are very picturesque, and in some places prehistoric cave paintings have been preserved on the stone. The best way to walk is with a local guide, he will not only show you places with the best views, but also tell a bunch of legends. For example, that the Master lives inside this stone, who, when he meets people, turns into a black monitor lizard. They say there are eyewitnesses who saw this monitor lizard.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the unique buildings of the 20th century. Opinions about it are contradictory: someone considers it the greatest architectural creation, someone is an extremely strange structure. It is called a monument to a frozen melody, compared to inflated sails, giant shells and a whale thrown onto land. The first artist to perform at this theater was Paul Robson - in 1960 he sang "Ol 'Man River" in front of the builders while they were having lunch. In 2007, the Opera House was among the 20 finalists of the Seven New Wonders of the World project.

Kakadu National Park

It's a pity, there are no colorful parrots here. The park got its name in honor of the Aboriginal tribe who lived here many centuries ago. However, there are interesting animals here. Moreover, this park has preserved a unique flora and fauna, which is not found anywhere else on the planet. The Kakadu National Park itself is an extremely picturesque place, surrounded on all sides by rocks, and on its territory there are two caves with ancient rock paintings (about 16 millennium BC).

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a national park with sandy beaches on the ocean. The main symbol of Australia behaves like a business here. Kangaroos walk wherever they please - through farm fields and even on roads, so you should be careful when driving, especially in the American River area. In addition to kangaroos, pelicans and penguins also live here, which can also be observed in their natural habitat.

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