I converted to Islam to visit Mecca

I converted to Islam to visit Mecca

Every year millions of Muslims make a great pilgrimage - Hajj to Mecca with a visit to Medina. This is not just a ritual, but a sacred duty, the fulfillment of which increases the mercy of Allah on earth and leads to the forgiveness of sins. A significant event in the life of any believer requires compliance with a number of conditions. How to prepare for the Hajj, as well as about the features of a small pilgrimage.

What is Hajj?

The Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, binding on all believers. A minor pilgrimage, Umrah, is considered a sunnah - a desirable act. It is performed at any time, in the month of Ramadan it is equated in holiness with Hajj, but does not negate its necessity.

The great pilgrimage is carried out at a strictly defined time - from 8 to 12 days of the holy month of Zul Hijd according to the lunar Islamic calendar of Hijri. This is the last 12th month of the year. Its name, zul-hijja, translates from Arabic as "possessing the Hajj".

Conditions for Hajj

Not every Muslim can perform the Hajj. There are a number of conditions, without which no small or large pilgrimage is impossible.

Also, a person should be able to perform Hajj. Allah said that duty exists only for those who are able to do it.

General opportunities for men and women:

  • good health;
  • travel safety;
  • no debt or other obligations;
  • money for travel and the rite of sacrifice;
  • material support of the family during the absence.

A woman under 45 can make a pilgrimage only when accompanied by a mahram, a male relative who is forbidden to marry her according to Sharia law.

How to organize your trip to Mecca

Pilgrims go to another country and are required to comply with its laws, as well as provide a package of documents for crossing the border and staying in Saudi Arabia. The company "UmmaTur" undertakes the organization of the Hajj, offers comfortable programs with varying duration and cost of services, religious educational literature.

Mecca is an ancient Arab city, where no non-Muslim can go. Well, almost none. Andrei Markelov converted to Islam for the sake of Mecca and went on a pilgrimage tour. We publish his photographs and a short version of the story about a trip to a closed city, where we are unlikely to ever get. The full text can be read on Andrey's website.

Mecca is an ancient city in Saudi Arabia, closed to all non-Muslims. Nobody knows exactly when it appeared and by whom it was built. In the middle of Mecca is the Forbidden Mosque, and in the middle of the mosque is the Kaaba, a black cube with the words of the Koran around the perimeter. This is the very place to which Muslims around the world turn their faces during prayer.

The Kaaba has been a place of pilgrimage since the days of Arab paganism. Then Mecca was captured by the Muslims, led by the Prophet Muhammad. The Forbidden Mosque was built around the Kaaba, and the entrance to Mecca was eventually closed to all non-Muslims.

How can a non-Muslim get to Mecca

There are two ways for a Muslim to get to Mecca. You need to either get a Saudi Arabia business visa or go on a pilgrimage.

If the reader is Tatar, Chechen or Uzbek, then he will have no problems. It is enough to enter the word “Islam” in the column “religion”. The embassy will see the Muslim surname and issue a visa.

If the reader has a Russian, European, American, Chinese surname, he will be asked to confirm that he is indeed a Muslim. To do this, you need to go to a mosque and get an absurd document - a certificate of acceptance of Islam.

To convert to Islam, you just need to come to the mosque and ask the imam on duty. The imam will not ask anything. He will give you a weary look and ask you to say shahadah - a famous phrase, evidence of the Muslim faith.

After pronouncing the last letter of the shahada, you will immediately, instantly become a Muslim and all your sins will be forgiven. Even if you ran over an old woman in a truck an hour ago.

That's all. You can buy a pilgrimage tour and go to Mecca. On the pilgrimage, you will walk for 10 days, dine, sleep and live in the same room with three Muslims and a guide, dress in strange clothes without panties and pray five times a day, falling with your forehead on the floor.

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