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Should you go to Egypt

Egypt is one of the countries where tourist flows are not decreasing. People come here at any time of the year and even in summer, when it is very hot. Due to the dry climate, such a high temperature is tolerated much easier than +25 with high humidity. But the point here is not even entirely in the climate of Egypt, but in the fact that many people like the Red Sea rich in coral reefs, here you can not only do snorkeling, but also feel the beauty of diving, in other words, try diving. The main thing is to choose a reliable instructor who speaks good Russian. In Egypt, alas, one in three is a diving instructor, but most often such an instructor does not have any permits for training tourists in this dangerous sport. Egypt, like any other country, has its own number of pros and cons. I will try to tell you about them in more detail.

Why is it worth going to rest in Egypt.

  • Simplified entry into Egypt for citizens of the Russian Federation. It is enough to buy a brand upon arrival and that's it. This makes the task much easier for those who, for some reason, are not ready to collect large packages of documents for obtaining a visa.
  • Red Sea. Today it is still considered one of the cleanest seas with a rich underwater world, as a result, every tourist can see all this beauty with his own eyes.
  • Availability of both sandy and coral beaches. All tourists go to Egypt for a different beach vacation. Someone wants to have a good gentle entry into the sea, while someone is interested in the presence of reefs directly near the coast. In Egypt, in this regard, what is good is that any tourist can satisfy their need for a beach without any problems. As a result, as a rule, everyone is satisfied. Sometimes there are hotels that have a sandy entry into the sea and their own coral reef.
  • There are excellent opportunities for children to relax in Egypt. This is the presence of water slides directly in the hotels themselves, playgrounds, animations, mini clubs and much more. Children will always find something to do. Experienced animators will help them with this. Most of these employees are Russian citizens.
  • No language barrier. Almost all the personnel involved in serving tourists understand and speak Russian perfectly. Therefore, going on vacation to Egypt, there is no need to raise your level of English, fearing that if something happens, no one will be able to understand you.
  • A rich excursion program of world renown. It makes no sense to talk about it for a long time, each of us knows very well such sights: the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, Karnak Temple, Mount Moses and many others.

Karnak Temple in Luxor

  • All inclusive meals. I attribute it to the pluses, although I myself am not a big fan of this concept. However, within the framework of Egypt, most likely this is still a plus.
  • You can rest in Egypt at any time. There are, of course, its own peculiarities in the climate, but the tourist season here lasts a whole year.
  • A wide range of hotels from basic to high-end. This is true, you can fly to Egypt both as economically as possible and for very big money. Of course, there is a huge number of hotels designed for the middle class.
  • Any category of tourists can rest in Egypt, this also applies to noisy active young people who want to have fun at sunset. Almost every hotel has its own disco, by the way, and at the tourist resorts themselves there are nightclubs where dance lovers come every evening, but such establishments are already dominated by a large number of local male residents who want to meet. Often, their attention can be very intrusive.

Cons of rest in Egypt.

  • Food. While vacationing in this country, you need to be as vigilant as possible in terms of food choices. This applies to all places in the hotel buffet and in the restaurant in the city. It is very easy to get poisoned in Egypt.
  • Local water. It is also dangerous for the belly of tourists, especially for children. You should only brush your teeth with bottled water, and also exclude ice. As a rule, it is made from tap water.
  • Obsessive traders. Going outside the hotel, you will encounter the real concept of "intrusive service". Each salesperson will consider it their duty to comment on your presence. If you go somewhere, then without a purchase they will try not to let you go.
  • Product prices are initially overstated. In Egypt, you have to bargain. Each seller initially inflates the price in order to eventually drop to the real one.
  • Local all-inclusive alcoholic drinks of very low quality, be careful.

Benefits of a holiday in Egypt

Turkey and Egypt have been the most attractive resort countries for Russian tourists for a couple of decades. Let's talk about the second one. From the point of view of tourism, the state has undeniable advantages.

First, there are climatic conditions. Egypt is located primarily on the African continent (and partly in Asia). The climate here is tropical and subtropical, and therefore, it is always warm here, and even very hot in summer. That is why Egypt, as a beach destination, attracts travelers all year round. By this, for example, this direction is winning against the same Turkey, where the "finish season" begins at the end of October. In Egypt, you can also swim in January and February.

Third, the cost of the rest. At the moment, a trip to Egypt is perhaps the most budgetary option for those wishing to relax at sea. In the recent past, holidays in Turkey and Egypt were in about the same price range. However, due to political instability in Egypt, accompanied by armed conflicts, some tourists are afraid to visit this country. Therefore, demand decreased slightly, which led to an inevitable decrease in prices for tours. I'll make a reservation right away that many of my friends and acquaintances continue to travel to Egypt, no matter what the circumstances, and rejoice at the drop in prices. According to them, the political life in the country with all its troubles does not affect the tourist life in any way. None of the familiar travelers noticed even a hint of discomfort. That is, in resort areas everything is still quiet and calm.

Where is Egypt? Map

Time difference with Kiev - 1 hour ago.

Egypt: Africa or Asia

Egypt is a country of two continents located at the junction of Asia and Africa. The border runs in the Suez Canal area. A small part of the country belongs to the Middle East, the rest of the territory to Northeast Africa.

Nowadays, the Asian part of Egypt is only the Sinai Peninsula. But it was not always so. In the ancient world, Asia and Africa were divided by the Nile. Herodotus attributed the entire territory of the country to Asia, and in the middle of the 19th century Egypt became completely African.

Sinai belonged to Israel for a short time, and it was only in 1979 that the modern map of Egypt was finally formed. Part of Asia in the form of the Sinai Peninsula is now assigned to Egypt.

Resting in Sharm el-Sheikh, know that this is Asia, and if you are in Hurghada, then Africa is in front of you.

Egypt: which seas wash, which countries it borders on

In the north, Egypt is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east - by the Red Sea. In addition, the Suez Canal, the shortest sea route from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, passes through the country.

One of the longest rivers in the world with a rich history and great economic and natural importance flows through the whole of Egypt. This is the majestic Nile.

Egypt borders with countries such as: Libya, Sudan, Israel, Palestine. The capital is Cairo. The huge territory of 1 million square meters. m. is essentially a lifeless desert. Only 5.9% of the country is inhabited by people. It is home to 77 million people, mostly Arabs (98%).

What is the climate in Egypt, dry or humid?

The climate in Egypt is arid, hot, transitional from tropical to subtropical. Rains are a rare occurrence, most of the precipitation falls in the north of the country, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. In the deserts, there is no rain for years. Only the Nile becomes a source of life-giving moisture in this lifeless territory.

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