Customs and traditions of the Jewish people

Customs and traditions of the Jewish people

Judaism has never been a single religion, except for the initial period. For 3 thousand years, Judaism has undergone numerous changes and divided into many currents. One of the trends later became the world's largest religion - Christianity.

Judaism is usually called the religion of the Jewish people, which originated in the 10th century BC. ... Then the early period of the religion of Moses - Yahvism - was formed. Then the religion of the Jews underwent many transformations. In fact, Judaism 3000, 2000 and even 1000 years ago are different versions of Judaism.

The diversity of Judaism has been shaped by theological differences and historical and geographical factors.

Even in the time of Jesus Christ, there were several trends in Judaism. But the largest trend that became the most widespread came from the Pharisees. But even they were divided into many directions. Here I want to talk about the current trends of Judaism.

Rabbinic Judaism

This denomination is the most numerous. But even she has several directions within herself. This is the same as Protestantism, which is divided into many independent denominations.

Rabbinic Judaism was formed in the 6th century AD. ., when the Talmud was codified, it recorded the religious tradition of Judaism. The Talmud is essential for the correct interpretation of the Torah. During the Age of Enlightenment, rabbinic Judaism began to divide.

1. Orthodox Judaism. Orthodox Jews believe that God gave the Oral and Written Torah to Moses. For them, the codification of Jewish law, the Shulchan Aruch, is exemplary and final. They also honor the Jewish creed, formed by Rabbi Maimonides in the 12-13th century.

Orthodox Judaism is divided into two areas: Modern Orthodox Judaism and Haredi.

Haredim is ultra-Orthodox Judaism, most widespread in Israel. It differs from modern orthodox believers in stricter rules. Haredim is divided into many directions, the largest of which are Hasidism and Sephardic Judaism.

There is probably not a single people on earth who endured so much suffering, and at the same time would be so loved by God. He knew the severity of wandering, oppression, but was able to preserve his faith and traditions. It's about the Jewish people.

It is difficult to start a story about this nation, because there have been times in history when Jews had to play the main role. They are mentioned both in the Holy Scriptures and in the Second World War. Someone feels compassion for this people, someone admiration, there are those who do not like the representatives of this nation, considering them too adventurous and resourceful. I adhere to the point of view that nations cannot be divided into good or bad, but what is needed is to know more about the traditions and customs of the peoples who inhabit our globe.

Jews strictly observe their traditions, and this is largely due to the fact that Israel is inhabited by other nationalities and you have to adhere to such rules so as not to mix and forget your own roots.

Here are some of the festivals and ceremonies that highlight the uniqueness of the Jewish world.

Time for rest and prayer

If for Russian people Sunday is considered a day of rest, then for this people it is Saturday. Moreover, everyone is prohibited from working. Not only people, but even animals. Electricity is not used, but everything happens in the same way as it happened in the old days. Candles are lit at the table and wine is poured.

Before the meal, a prayer sounds, and then a cholent is served. It is a national dish made from meat and beans, with a lot of spices. Of course, only Jewish women know the real recipe.

New Year's traditions

This holiday is different in that it does not come as we are used to, in winter, I am in September-October. For the Jewish people, this is a reason to repent of their bad deeds, to tune in to good deeds. And what is remarkable, the dishes are also prepared not taking into account tastes and wishes, but depending on how a person wants to spend the next year.

For example, if you eat a honey apple, then life will be sweet for 12 months, if you have a fish's head, then you will be guided by common sense in all matters, and pomegranate seeds guarantee a lot of good intentions.

Bride Dedication

Weddings are celebrated in the open air, apparently in order to be closer to God. Keep a special canopy over the young, which symbolizes their common home. The celebration lasts 7 days.

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