Buddhist temples and monasteries

The most famous Buddhist temples in the world

Buddhism has gradually spread throughout the planet for several millennia. Today, Buddhist temples can be found in different countries, and the roots of this religion are concentrated in India. In the article we will get acquainted with what a Buddhist temple is and what are the features of their architecture, we will learn about the most famous temples and monasteries.

Temple-monastery cave complex Ajanta

What is the name of the Buddhist temple

The Buddha Temple can have different names: datsan, or, directly the name of the temple itself, combined with the words dzi, dera, tera, garan.

In the event that the temple is named after the locality or in honor of the founders, then the name contains tera or dera. For example, Asuka-dera is so called due to the fact that the temple is located on the Asuka plain. And Tachibana-dera is the temple of the Tachibana clan.

If the name of the building uses the magnificence of the teacher or the name of a revered deity, then dZi is used. For example: Yakushiji is a temple of Bhaishajyaguru or Yakushi Buddha-healer.

The additional name garan is used to refer to ancient temples. From Sanskrit "sangharama" - "community dwelling".

If the building for the ceremonies does not have everything that is necessary for such a room, then such a building is called a prayer house.

Buddhist Temple of Maharashtra

Architecture of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries

What does it mean to be a Buddhist? Explained in terms of this religious teaching, being a Buddhist is taking refuge in the Three Treasures. The "Three Treasures" are Buddha, his teachings and the community formed around this teaching. The structure is designed in such a way as to embody all the "Three Treasures". They are all presented in one place, but at the same time they are divided into parts, each of which carries its own semantic and religious significance.

Mahabodhi Temple

A Buddhist temple is a sacred complex building of religious value, a place of pilgrimage, worship and habitation for Buddhist monks. He must be protected from external influences that disturb this holy place - extraneous sounds, sights, smells and other influences. The territory is closed on all sides, and at the entrance there is a powerful gate.

located in Asia in: Bhutan, Hong Kong (PRC), India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan.

Buddhism is understood as a religion and philosophy of life, which strive for the spiritual development of a person, deliverance from suffering.

In this virtual trip I will show you the most impressive Buddhist temples, on the top of high mountains, next to waterfalls, and in other equally picturesque places. Perhaps, if you are in one of these places, you can visit them, and admire the magnificent ancient art.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, located five kilometers from the Cambodian seaside resort of Siem Reap, is considered the largest Buddhist religious structure ever built in the world, and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world, built approximately in the 12th century.

The temple consists of 3 concentric rectangular structures surrounded by a lake, about four kilometers long and 200 meters wide. The temple is dominated by five lotus-shaped towers reaching a central tower 42 meters high above the sanctuary.

Since 1992, the Angkor Wat temple has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you travel to Cambodia, be sure to visit this temple, you will not regret it.

Wat Arun (Morning Dawn) Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple located in Bangkok, clearly visible from the Chao Phraya River during a river excursion, but I would recommend visiting it specifically. This beautiful temple was built in 1768 and its main tower was completed in 1824 and 1851.

This temple is known for its impressive 86 meter central staircase with four towers. The interior of the temple is decorated with seashells and porcelain items that belong to old ships sailing from Bangkok to China.

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