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The entire territory of the country is divided into separate land plots, each of which has its own type of permitted use and possible options for targeted exploitation.

Lands where you can organize tourist sites or places for recreation are always in great demand, since they are potentially profitable real estate objects.

Such territories are called recreational land. It is strictly forbidden to use them for other purposes, for which there are imposing administrative fines.

These territories are regulated by a separate article of the Land Code and are under special protection and control by the state. The provisions of the Land Code clearly define which activities can be carried out on recreational lands and which cannot. We will talk about this further.

Categories of land and VRI

According to Art. 7 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, all the lands of our country are divided into 7 categories in accordance with their intended purpose. For each category of land, only its own types of permitted use can be applied.

For example, it is impossible to build individual housing construction objects on the lands of the forest fund or production areas. You can build a private house only on the territory of the land of the settlement.

So, the following categories of land are distinguished:

  • Settlements.
  • Agricultural purposes.
  • Forest Fund.
  • Water Fund.
  • Specially protected territories and objects.
  • Stock lands.
  • Special-purpose lands: industrial areas, areas for the construction of roads and highways.
  • Recreational land belongs to the category of specially protected areas and objects. Along with them, this category of lands also includes nature conservation, historical and cultural objects, especially valuable and unique massifs.

    The procedure for assigning these lands to specially protected areas and the procedure for their use are established by the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of federal laws. At the local level, the procedure for using land is determined by the orders of the administration of the region or city.

    Recreational lands must have unique ecological and landscape characteristics, no requirements are imposed on soil fertility.

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    The Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow is holding a competition to create a design concept for a city site for the ecological and educational program "Ecological Forum of Students" on the topic "Designing Recreational Recreation Areas at the University". Students and graduates of Moscow universities will present sketches of furniture and small forms for arranging their chosen space on the territory of the university. The terms of the competition stipulate the need to use environmentally friendly materials.

    The Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow considers the competition to be held as training and support for future professionals who will work with the natural spaces of the city.

    The best project, which will be chosen by the Jury, will be finalized with the participation of the authors and implemented by the Experimental Laboratory of Small Forms. The produced set of furniture and small forms will be handed over to the university, which is represented by the winners of the competition.

    Students will have the opportunity to try themselves in the implementation of a complex and completed project - from setting tasks and conducting research to calculating estimates, collaborating with designers and monitoring production. This is a step towards organizing constant interaction between creative educational institutions, which strive to give students not only knowledge, but also practical skills and production sites that want to receive an influx of personnel and interesting ideas.

    Works submitted in the period from July 17 to October 07, 2018, inclusive, are accepted for participation in the Competition.

    The competition works are considered from 07 to 10 October 2018

    Students or recent graduates of higher educational institutions (up to 32 years old) specialists in the field of architecture, design, landscape design are allowed to participate in the competition, groups and creative teams are possible

    Each competitor will have to choose a site located in the building of one of the Moscow universities, preferably but not necessarily the one where he studied or study himself, and develop a line of small forms in order to make this space convenient for communication - benches, tables, awnings and shelters. The site can be located both indoors and outdoors.

    Mandatory conditions for the project participation in the competition:

    • The use of environmentally friendly materials;
    • The presence of a green zone;
    • The budget for the project should not exceed 300 thousand rubles.

    The jury, which will include representatives of the Department, famous architects and designers, will choose the most interesting, applied and demanded project. The Experimental Laboratory of Small Forms will undertake the implementation of the revised concept.

    The winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes:

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