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Island of Non-Freedom

Recreational resources are an important component in human life, especially in our dynamic time, because they help meet the needs of people in rest and restoration of vitality. Therefore, previously unknown objects are being discovered, more and more territories of natural landscapes are being mastered. And in the future, in order to increase the level of development of recreation in various territories, various recreation places are equipped, health resorts, sanatoriums, and boarding houses are being built. In cities, there is an increase in the number and area of ​​parks and squares, artificial lakes are being created, and water parks are being built. But for all this, you need to know how favorable this or that territory is for the development of recreational activities. And in this regard, specialists in various fields of activity are developing their own methods for assessing recreational resources.

The purpose of this work is to analyze various methods for assessing recreational resources. At the same time, the following tasks were solved:

Definition of the concept of recreational resources and indicators that characterize them;

Identification of the main approaches to the assessment of recreational resources;

Assessment of cultural and historical recreational resources;

Assessment of natural recreational resources;

Consideration of different approaches to economic valuation.

Recreational resources are all kinds of resources that can be used to restore and develop the physical and spiritual strength of a person, his ability to work and health in recreation and tourism.

Recreational resources include:

· natural complexes and their components (relief, climate, water bodies, vegetation, fauna, national parks);

· cultural and historical (cultural, archaeological sites, historical sites, monuments, ethnographic diversity)

Instead of the ocean and white beaches - a positive test for covid and a strict conclusion. Why is the coronavirus detected at the airport in Cuba in many more tourists than the statistics say?

AiF. u collected the opinions of experts and tourists who have been in the conclusion.

“Cuba is far, Cuba is far, Cuba is near”

Now Russian tourists are accepted in a limited number of countries, but the opportunity to visit Freedom Island remains. But for many, expectations from the trip and reality did not coincide.

The problem appeared already on the first flights after the quarantine: on November 4, 429 tourists flew to Cuba from Moscow. They were getting ready to bask in the hot sun and swim in the warm ocean. Instead, 12 of them ended up imprisoned in poor Cuban hotels and hospitals.

Some people still managed to relax, but many Russians spent the long-awaited and, importantly, expensive vacation in covid-imprisonment.

Tatyana Konkova from Rybinsk was the first to tell her story. She and her husband paid 180 thousand rubles for the trip. Tests at the airport showed a positive result, the husband went to the hospital, and Tatyana, as a contact, went to a special hotel with a beggarly content.

Watch your hands

There are more such stories every day. Tourists note that many people get a positive result when they pass the COVID-19 test. At the end of January, Anna Voskresenskaya shared her unsuccessful vacation on her page. Anna said that there is an economic crisis in Cuba now, the population is in poverty, food ration cards, there is no work. Tourism, the only industry at the expense of which the state kept itself, is also failing: now only Russians are resting there, the United States and other countries are recalling their tourists. “And now, the need for invention is cunning, a wonderful shenanigans have formed,” Anna reflects in the post. - Upon arrival, all tourists take PCR. And a couple of tourists arrive, say, for a week. One of them is drawn PCR + at the airport, he is taken to the observatory, the second test is delayed as much as possible (the husband was given exactly the day of the return flight, and then after the men began to riot and demand). According to Cuban law, the result must be within 24 hours, but there is no result, then the laboratory is broken, then something else. Up to 7 days. All this is at the expense of the insurance company, and they even write in procedures that are not even there: the husband showed the nurse how to measure the pressure correctly. Then, as soon as - oh, really - the PCR comes, the tourist is again moved to his hotel, where he lives until the moment when they can find him a free seat for the return flight. And this can take up to 2 weeks, because there is already a collapse of such detainees. All this is again at the expense of the insurance company. "

This, according to the tourist, explains such a large number of coronavirus patients allegedly discovered upon arrival. According to Voskresenskaya, she and her husband have recently suffered from COVID-19. Stocked up with negative tests in English, as required by the tourist regulations. But it didn't help.

The scheme that Anna describes works like this. A “prisoner” with a covid turns out to be not only the person who allegedly has a “+”. The second of the pair is also a prisoner. As a contact person, he is closed in the hotel room.

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