Resorts of Singapore: a small and innovative state

For tourists who have seen it all: 17 most exciting excursions in Malaysia

Singapore is a unique country that will delight tourists with exoticism. The modern city and republic annually receives millions of travelers to admire the amazing skyscrapers, cultural, architectural monuments, visit Formula 1, wander through the national parks and soak up the beaches of the Sentosa resort.

Country overview

Singapore is a tiny state, consisting of the metropolis of the same name and a group of islands. Modern technologies are harmoniously combined with ancient traditions. The Garden City is known for its cleanest streets. The state is considered one of the most economically developed. The republic's neighbors are Malaysia and Indonesia.

The weather is shaped by an equatorial maritime climate with year-round heat and high humidity. Tropical showers happen all the time; it is better to visit the country from March to October. Recreation features include first-class hotels, well-developed cuisine and annual festivals.

How to get from different CIS countries

Changi local airport is considered one of the largest on the planet. Moscow is connected with Singapore by direct flights. The average flight duration is about 11 hours. To save money, you should get to the republics with transfers in Doha, Beijing, Istanbul or Helsinki.

Residents of other CIS countries will get to Singapore only with docking in Finland, Russia, Qatar or Vietnam. High-speed trains, shuttles, buses and taxis run from the international airport to the city.

Singapore Beach Resorts

Sentosa resort is considered the center of sea recreation in Singapore. The tropical corner will delight you with snow-white beaches, entertainment, nightclubs, chic hotels and historical sights. Tourists love canoeing and windsurfing.

The three-kilometer coastline consists of three large recreational areas. Palawan Beach is great for family fun. The eponymous Amphitheater was built here, where parrots, monkeys, and reptiles are found. Siloso is more suitable for connoisseurs of sports, spending leisure time in restaurants and bars. Young couples are relaxing on romantic Tanjong.

In addition to the beach areas, Sentosa will delight you with an oceanarium, Orchid Garden, Flower Terrace, Historical Wax Museum and Butterfly Park. Travelers also enjoy the local fauna, the laser performance of the Musical Fountains, golfing, and pony riding.

Health & Ecology Tourism in Singapore

National Tourism Office of Malaysia and host company Sunflower Holidays told where to go in Malaysia for new experiences.

How Malaysia will promote its tourism product in the year

By 2020, the National Tourism Office of Malaysia has presented a new tourism development program Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020. The main goal of the campaign is to attract more than 30 million tourists from all over the world to the country. And also to unite all the players in the tourism industry in Malaysia. Within its framework, the logo was updated, as well as a number of festivals and celebrations were prepared.

The most iconic events of 2020 in Malaysia:

  • Chinese New Year;
  • Muslim Aidilfitri;
  • Indian Deepavali Lights Festival;
  • Christmas; <
  • Taipusam Hindu Purification Festival;
  • Tadau Kaamatan and Gawai Festival;
  • George Town Festival;
  • Rainforest Music Festival World Music Festival;
  • Lepa Regatta;
  • Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival.

And of course, tourists will find the adventures offered by this incredible, variegated and many-sided country, fascinating with an unusual combination of the ancient and the modern.

Traveling in natural beauty: coral islands, jungle safari, caves

One of the original excursions on the island of Borneo - to the cultural village of Marie-Marie. Tourists enter it via a suspension bridge. Here they will visit the traditional dwellings of the tribe, participate in the domestic rituals of the inhabitants of Borneo, get acquainted with local customs and relax in the demonstration huts. A colorful welcoming ceremony awaits guests in one of the huts.

There is another place in Borneo not to be missed - the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sepilok. This is a world famous center, whose employees feed and care for little orangutans every day.

Pom Pom Coral Island with Pom Pom Island Resort is a 45-minute speedboat ride off the coast of Borneo. It is covered with lush tropical vegetation, has stunning white beaches, and is surrounded by the azure waters of the Celebes Sea. It is a small atoll home to green and hump-nosed turtles. At night, they go ashore and lay their eggs in the sand.

In the city of Sandakan in the eastern part of Malaysia in the state of Sabah, tourists travel to see Gomantong - the largest caves in the country. They are located in a nature reserve and are known for being home to thousands of swifts (swifts family). Their edible nests are a Chinese delicacy. It is from here that they are delivered to restaurants around the world. The caves consist of two halls: Simud Hitam (black cave) and Simud Putih (white cave). The most expensive delicacies are the nests from the “white cave”. In the caves, you can also find many bats, and outside there are crested snake eater, kingfisher and Asiatic bluefish.

Recreational resources

Recreational resources are all kinds of resources that can be used to restore and develop the physical and spiritual strength of a person, his ability to work and health in recreation and tourism.

Recreational resources include:

1) natural complexes and their components (relief, climate, water bodies, vegetation, fauna, national parks);

2) cultural and historical (cultural, archaeological sites, historical sites, monuments, ethnographic diversity)

3) socio-economic (economic potential of the territory, including infrastructure, labor resources)

Climatic recreational resources

Climatic recreational resources mean a set of weather conditions suitable for various types of recreation. The types of weather are divided into comfortable, allowing certain types of rest without restrictions, subcomfortable, in which certain types of rest are possible with restrictions, and uncomfortable - a certain type of rest is not allowed. For example, for relaxing on the beach, the weather is comfortable with an average daily air temperature of +20 +25, a clear cloudless sky, a wind speed of no more than 5 m/s, and a relative humidity of 30 to 90%. When the listed characteristics go beyond the specified limits, for example, when the wind speed increases, the weather becomes subcomfortable - vacationers experience some inconvenience. In some weather conditions, such as heavy rain, a beach holiday is not possible.

Forest recreational resources

Forest recreational resources include all forests suitable for recreation. Only impenetrable forests (growing in impenetrable swamps) are unsuitable. Forest recreational resources are characterized by the following indicators.

Forest cover - percentage of forested area of ​​the total area of ​​the territory. Characteristics of the forest plant community: prevailing tree species, their age, the presence and density of undergrowth (young trees), undergrowth (shrubs), species composition of the herbaceous-dwarf shrub layer, mosses and lichens. The latter are indicators of soil moisture and fertility conditions.

Landscape recreational resources

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