Pros and cons of India - recreation, attractions, infrastructure

Pros and cons of India - recreation, attractions, infrastructure

India is far from the first place in the list of the most popular countries among our tourists. But recently there has been a tendency to increase the flow of Russian tourists to this country.

India's strengths and key tourism challenges

First of all, the popularity of India can be attributed to the fact that in many regions of this country the tourism business has begun to develop actively, modern infrastructure appears, and rest in India ceases to be something completely exotic and wild. But the local flavor, strange traditions and a completely unique and incomprehensible way of life for a huge number of Indians have not gone anywhere. The most popular resort centers in India are Goa and Kerala. But big cities like Delhi or Mumbai also attract a lot of tourists. What are the advantages of a holiday in India?

  • an abundance of attractions - beautiful and interesting places to visit;
  • alternative medicine courses from local healers;
  • shopping - spices, tea , fabrics, jewelry can be purchased at a tempting price;
  • a good beach holiday;
  • opportunities for extreme tourism, diving, rafting.

Now I'll tell you about the shortcomings. India has a lot of trash and poor people, which leaves its mark on the level of security. Also, you can not drink tap water here to avoid infection. Although most of the hotels in which sightseeing tours stop are located on popular tourist routes, the service and conditions there are not the best. But you should not give up this trip just for reasons of lack of the maximum possible comfort. What you saw on this trip will leave you with a lot of positive impressions and will give you a huge number of memories.

The most beautiful sights of India: TOP-

If people go to the resorts of Goa, first of all, for magnificent beaches and comfortable hotels, where you can find service of the highest level, then inland tourists are attracted by curiosity and a desire to get better acquainted with local cultural and historical sights: <

  • Taj Mahal is the pearl of India and the most recognizable place in the country. The mosque is one of the 7 wonders of the world, it is better to schedule a visit in the morning when there are fewer tourists. Closed on Fridays.
  • Hampi and the ruins of Vijayanagara are a UNESCO heritage site, an ancient complex of temples, including the underground Shiva temple, royal scales and other architectural structures.
  • Red Fort - located above the Yamuna River in Agra, just 2.5 km away from the Taj Mahal, so be sure to combine excursions. It is a massive wall 21 meters high, inside - gardens, mosques, residences.
  • The Gate of India in the city of Mumbai is an arched structure on the coast of the Arabian Sea, shrouded in dozens of legends. Pass under the arch only with good intentions and be sure to make a wish.
  • Mehrangarh is a huge fort in the city of Jodhpur, towering over the entire district. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century and played the role of a protective structure. There is a museum inside.
  • Akshardham is a Hindu temple in Delhi, built of marble with gilding. This is a unique complex with luxurious architecture and an abundance of historical exhibits inside.
  • The Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib is the main shrine of the Sikhs, the walls are really gilded, the building is located on a lake, the waters of which, according to the locals, are not only sacred, but also curative.

The famous Golden Triangle tour will allow you to see many unique monuments in one trip. The tour usually takes several days. This implies that you will need to stay in different hotels. Therefore, you need to be prepared for some discomfort (I have already said that the service in India leaves much to be desired).

India Tourism Infrastructure: What You Need to Know?

The Indian coast is rich in magnificent beaches. Recently, the tourist infrastructure has been developing quite actively there, which attracts more and more guests from all over the world. But even despite the growing popularity of Indian resorts and the large population of this country, you can still find places where you can retire and enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

First of all, this concerns the numerous islands that are located almost along the entire length of the coast. Diving enthusiasts especially appreciate these places. Well, lovers of a comfortable stay can easily find wonderful five-star hotels with excellent service. It should be noted that the cost of living in them is often lower than in most European hotels of this class. However, do not flatter yourself - although the tourist infrastructure in India is developing, it is still far from ideal, be prepared for noise and unsanitary conditions, as well as theft and fraud.

India Tourism

The most beautiful, richest, mysterious and unpredictable India has attracted travelers at all times. The secrets of the noble Himalayas, the raging vegetation of the tropical forests, the contrast and mysticism of the country, make India unlike any other country, and makes it possible to develop India's tourism.

India's Diverse Tourism

Tourists are struck by the close interweaving of poverty and wealth. Ancient temples and magnificent palaces wonderfully coexist next to small markets, smelling of spices and spices, and houses screaming about their poverty. Today tourism in India is a fairly large sector of the economy. India is the fifth fastest growing tourism industry.

Indian Resorts

The capital of Delhi, Hyderabad, Alchi settlement, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Gangtok, Jodhpur are just a few of the republic's resorts. The resorts of India, like the country itself, are diverse, each of them carries its own spiritual load. Often, tourism allows you to rethink the present, plunge into your inner world, get to know yourself and, finally, just relax.

Ski Resorts in India

Sparkling white snow has been falling on the mountain peaks of the Himalayas since November, and the Indian trails welcome their guests. Ski resorts in India are plentiful and varied, so tourists can choose the slopes for beginners as well as the steeper ones for advanced skiers.

Medical Resorts in India

India can heal not only your soul, but also take care of the healing of your body. The strongest medical resorts in India are Ayurvedic. Cleansing the body, treatment of diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, and a number of other diseases, gives hope for a cure for those in need.

India Tours

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