Medical tourism or treatment in North Cyprus

Medical tourism or treatment in North Cyprus

Summer vacation in Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for tours and independent travel. But the island can provide services in winter - skiing, sledging, snowboarding. To choose, you need to study the ski resorts of Cyprus, their location, services.

About Cyprus in winter

The ski season is not very long, from December to April. There is not always snow cover, you need to know in advance about its availability. Temperatures in Troodos Mountains may drop to

-5 ° C at night and about + 4 ° C during the day. Snow cover reaches 2 meters on the lower slopes, rising up to 2.5 meters on the highest peak of the mountain ranges, Mount Olympus.

The current situation can be monitored using webcams. But the snow on the slopes melts faster on the south side. Therefore, the lack of cover at these locations is not a fact that the slopes are unsuitable for skiing. It is necessary to analyze the situation on other slopes.

There are two popular ski resorts in Cyprus. The summit for skiing is just below the highest point of Troodos at an altitude of 1900 meters. Places for recreation and independent travel just below Mount Olympus in Sun Valley, where there is a ski rental shop, you can buy a pass for the whole day or for a certain number of slopes.

Ski holidays in Cyprus are inexpensive. The island is one of the cheapest places for skiers in Europe - it costs 20-25 Euros per day to rent equipment and skis.

Ski slopes in Cyprus

The Cyprus Ski Club on Mount Olympus is the hub of all skiing activities near Troodos with four main slopes. They differ depending on the skiing possibilities. Each has its own lift which should cut down on waiting times. The slopes are designed for skiers and snowboarders with a variety of skiing skills - from amateurs to professionals.

  • Aphrodite (Sun Valley I) for beginners 150 meters long.
  • Hera (North Face II) is the second slope for beginners and is 350 meters long.
  • Hermes (Sun Valley II) also has a length of 150 and for intermediate skiers.
  • Zeus (North Face l) starts very close to the top of the mountain at 1915 meters and has a length of 500 meters for advanced skiers.

From March 1, 2021, tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will be able to fly to Larnaca and Paphos, provided that they have a certificate with a negative PCR test, which must be done within 72 hours before departure. They will also have to take another test at the airport of the Republic of Cyprus. The cost of a PCR test in Cyprus will be approximately 30-40 euros. You do not need to go to the 14-day quarantine.

It should be understood that it is also important for Russians to wait for the Republic of Cyprus to be included in the register of countries with which air traffic is allowed.

In any case, we recommend that you book your accommodation in advance (until we have analyzed the best deals at reduced prices), but with free cancellation (to be on the safe side). To do this, you can use the Booking or Hotellook websites and enable the "free cancellation" option.

An article-guide prepared with soul about holidays in Cyprus in 2021. Here you will get answers to all your questions: self-organization of a trip, tours, visas, attractions, entertainment, excursions, security, cuisine, photos and much more.

Cyprus - at a glance

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Its length is about 230 km, and its width is about 80 km. The closest neighbors by sea are countries such as Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt. In addition to the fact that Cyprus is washed by the sea, the island has two mountain ranges: Troodos (Olympos - 1952 m) and Kyrenia (Kiparisovunon - 1024 m).

Cyprus - an island in the Mediterranean

Cyprus has the only state recognized by the world community - the Republic of Cyprus. But in fact, the island of Cyprus is divided into several zones: the indisputable territory of the Republic of Cyprus ("Greek Cyprus", "southern Cyprus"), the part of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey ("Northern Cyprus", "Turkish Cyprus", TRNC), the British military bases of Dhekelia and Akrotiti (British Overseas Territories) and the UN Buffer Zone (Green Line). Speaking in this article about holidays in Cyprus, we will mean that part of the Republic of Cyprus that no one claims to (light green area in the picture below).

Cyprus is divided into several zones and special territories

Why travel to Cyprus?

Cyprus is, first of all, a seaside vacation. At the same time, the beach pastime can easily be diluted with trips to natural and historical sights. So, according to the authors, Cyprus is:

  • Nice beaches.
  • Clear sea.
  • Beautiful views.
  • Interesting cuisine.
  • Abundance of vegetables and fruits.
  • Developed service.

Where is the best place to relax in Cyprus

Medical tourism or treatment in North Cyprus becomes more popular every year

Modern world technologies have brought medicine to a completely new, higher level of service provision. If in many countries of the post-Soviet space people still have to look for quality specialists by calling their acquaintances, then in Northern Cyprus European standards of treatment have long taken over. Getting good medical care is sometimes cheaper than in Russian private clinics. You won't have to look for real professionals for a long time, since all doctors here love their work and receive decent wages. Being a medical worker in Cyprus is quite prestigious. The plus is that in addition to treatment, you can have plenty of rest under the warm Cypriot rays of the sun.

In recent years, medical tourism in North Cyprus has been gaining momentum, all because not only narrowly focused specialists have begun to be hired, but also doctors who speak several languages, including Russian. Convenient air and sea connections, as well as the climate of the Northern part, are very suitable for the prevention of many diseases. Almost all personnel offering their health services have diplomas from European universities, in particular, training and professional development in the UK is popular. Now many countries offer a similar branch of tourism, however, compared to them, prices in Northern Cyprus are much lower and are not going to rise yet.

Middle East University Hospital North Cyprus

The largest medical center involved in the medical tourism program is the Middle East University Hospital. Its buildings are located in the capital, so on a short trip you can enjoy the beauty of the island. The hospital has a full list of services to match modern realities, thanks to which you do not have to look for other institutions and chase an appointment with a specific doctor. Over the years of development and reorganization, the hospital has also become a training center in many areas of scientific medicine. After graduation and practice, the student can be selected as an employee and left on a permanent basis. All wards and offices are equipped with the latest equipment, corresponding to advanced technologies, which helps doctors more accurately diagnose and prescribe subsequent treatment. In addition to the above, the BUBV has its own hospital with comfortable conditions.

Childbirth in North Cyprus

Many women in labor will be happy to learn about the Birth Abroad program, this center has a large obstetrics department. Experienced gynecologists will monitor the pregnancy and the postpartum period. The expectant mother arrives on the island two months before giving birth and the rest of the time she takes to rest, eating clean air and fresh fruits. The price includes absolutely everything from accommodation to pediatric babysitting.

Geriatrics or elderly care should be mentioned separately. In the center, all the latest knowledge is available about what preventive actions are necessary for such a category of people and how to prolong their years of life. There is also a wonderful Nursing Home, where you can apply for quality care for a seriously ill patient.

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