Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Despite the absence of guests from China staying at home due to the coronavirus, booking a camp site on Olkhon for the "long" weekend in March is still a challenge. Even simple rooms, in which there is nothing but a pair of crooked beds, “fly away” for thousands of rubles.

The inhabitants complain: they say, all the hotels on the island were closed due to violations, so there was a shortage. Employees of the Baikal Interregional Prosecutor's Office say that this is not the case. In the Olkhonsky district, only two camp sites were demolished, and 11 more are next in turn. For the south of Baikal, this is, one might say, a drop in the lake.

Correcting bugs

Nobody knows exactly how many hotels receive tourists on the shores of Lake Baikal. Svetlana Ermachenko, the head of the department for supervision over the implementation of the laws on the protection of the nature of the Baikal prosecutor's office, notes that if you "cheat" the Irkutsk region and Buryatia, you will get about fifteen hundred hotels. Prosecutors counted so many, having studied information from coastal municipalities and the tourism agency of Priangarye, as well as monitoring sites with ads - it turned out that some businessmen were registered only there.

Some of these hotels are called latent by inspectors: businessmen pretend that they do not accept tourists for money, but relatives. every weekend ... 40 people.

Approximately 200 of those tourist centers, where violations were found, have already been eliminated, they received a "green light" from the prosecutor's office and are working on. According to Natalia Ryaguzova, Senior Assistant to the Environmental Prosecutor for Interaction with the Media, only 5% of all checked hotels are being demolished, where violations cannot be eliminated.

The most striking example is "Baikalov Ostrog", a huge camp site, which the court ordered to remove from the coast in March 2019. True, the houses are as they stood by the lake, and are still there. Natalia Ryaguzova explains that the owner was given exactly a year to dismantle the buildings, but he is in no hurry to break what he built. After March 27, 2020, the bailiffs will take care of this. True, the process will be long: it is impossible to drive a bulldozer onto the object, it can harm rare red-book plants, you will have to carefully disassemble the "prison".

To Olkhon - through the checkpoint

The rules of tourism on Lake Baikal should help the tourism business get out of the shadows, in Buryatia they were adopted in August, in Priangarye - in September 2019. Svetlana Ermachenko calls this a historical event, which will finally explain to entrepreneurs "what is allowed and what is not." Now all camp sites will have to have an ecological passport. Now the authorities are developing by-laws that will regulate the very procedure for the adoption of these passports and the maintenance of registers.

Another innovation that will help "regulate" tourist flows is the project of an electronic queue to Olkhon. It will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. It will be possible to get to the island, and even to the Olkhonsky District, only through checkpoints.

The queue will help to clarify the data on the level of anthropogenic pressure that falls on Olkhon. Surprisingly, the "Zapovednoe Pribaikalye", which manages, among other things, the Pribaikalsky National Park and issues permits for tourists to visit it, did not keep any records of travelers. Employees began this work only last year, when such a demand was put forward by the prosecutor's office.

By the way

There are much more violations at the tourist centers of the Irkutsk region than at those located on the Buryat side of Lake Baikal. According to Svetlana Ermachenko, this may be due, among other things, to the fact that in our region the borders of the Pribaikalsky National Park have not yet been included in the unified state register. This creates legal uncertainty and allows officials to abuse their authority in the management of land. The borders of the national park were "outlined" in 1986, but they have not yet been legalized, this problem can be solved in March 2020. Now the federal Rosreestr is considering the relevant documents sent by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

Lake Baikal is of tectonic origin and is located in Eastern Siberia. It is the deepest lake on Earth and is the largest natural reservoir of fresh water.

Baikal is distinguished by a unique variety of flora and fauna. Local residents call Lake Baikal the sea because of its enormous size.

In this article we will consider the unique features of Lake Baikal. Lovers of nature in general and Russia in particular will be interested in learning about this unique property of Russia.

Depth of Lake Baikal

The greatest depth of Lake Baikal is 1642 meters, and the average depth is 744.4. The area of ​​Baikal is 31,722 km², and the coastline is 2000 km².

Features of Lake Baikal

Baikal is located in a seismological zone, as a result of which hundreds of weak earthquakes shake it every year. An interesting fact is that the transformation of the lake continues today.

The so-called Baikal winds prevail here, which have a serious impact on the local climate.

A huge volume of water affects the atmosphere of coastal areas, which is reflected in the weather:

  • spring comes a couple of weeks later than in neighboring regions;
  • summer is cool;
  • autumn is long;
  • winter is not very cold.

Two large lakes and many small streams form the main stream flowing into Lake Baikal. The Barguzin and Selenga rivers provide the largest part of the inflow into the lake, apart from other smaller rivers. An interesting fact is that the Angara is the only river flowing from Lake Baikal.

The water in the lake is saturated with oxygen. In the cold season, it acquires a sky-blue color and is highly transparent. In the warm season, the water has a greenish tint, as a result of which its transparency decreases somewhat.

In winter, Lake Baikal is covered with a layer of ice, on the surface of which many many kilometers of cracks form. The splits are accompanied by a deafening noise, reminiscent of the explosions of artillery pieces.

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