Caucasian Mineral Waters

Caucasian Mineral Waters

In the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation, there is a group of resorts united by the common name Caucasian Mineral Waters (abbr. KMV, Kavminvody). Today it is a state-protected resort region, where hundreds of thousands of people come annually for rest and treatment, not only from Russia, but also from countries of near and far abroad. This region includes cities such as Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk, Lermontov, Zheleznovodsk, Mineralnye Vody and Georgievsk - here you will find many attractions.

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The Caucasian Mineral Waters are located in the southern part of the Stavropol Territory, on the northern slopes of the Main Caucasian Mountain Range, in the valleys of the Malka and Khasaut rivers. The places here are amazing in their beauty, due to high mountains, forests and, of course, healing mineral springs, for the sake of which many people come here every year for resort and sanatorium treatment. For the first time, Russian scientists discovered the benefits of using the mineral waters of the Caucasus back in the middle of the 19th, after which sanatoriums and boarding houses began to be actively built here.

Places in the KMV region were very fond of Russian poets and writers, the most famous of whom is M. Yu. Lermontov, whose heroes often live in these places. In addition to mineral waters, there are many sources of curative mud, so it is not surprising why today KMV is well known precisely as a balneological resort. The climate of this area is very favorable, and all tourists who come here in the spring-summer period of time celebrate bright and warm salty days.

Surely many tourists and travelers wishing to visit these places would like to know about the peculiarities of these cities. Despite the fact that they are all united into one region, each of the resort cities has its own characteristics, due to the location. Since the end of the 90s of the last century, this region has been actively financed, thanks to which the quality of roads has improved, new resort and sanatorium complexes have begun to be built, and the territory of cities has been largely ennobled. So today, arriving for treatment and rest in KMV, you can count on an excellent pastime, and at quite reasonable prices.

To appreciate all the sights of the region, as well as find out where and how you can relax, you should make an overview of the most interesting and attractive cities that are part of the general resort region Caucasian Mineral Waters.


This is the most famous city of the Stavropol Territory, from which the history of the region as a balneological resort begins. It was in Pyatigorsk in 1863 that the first balneological society was founded, which included famous scientists and doctors of that time. In the area of ​​the city, there are about 40 healing springs with mineral water, which differs in chemical composition and richness of mineral components. Most of them are concentrated in the area of ​​Mount Mashuk. Thanks to this, the city of Pyatigorsk received the status of a natural museum of mineral waters.

There is no own airport in the city, and the nearest airport is located in Mineralnye Vody, which is 25 km away. For this reason, everyone who travels by air takes a ticket to Mineralnye Vody, after which they travel to Pyatigorsk by route taxi No. 11, the ticket price of which is only 15 rubles. It should be noted that an electric train runs between both cities, which can take you to your destination in just 45-50 minutes.

Bus No. 223 also runs from the station square of Mineralnye Vody to Pyatigorsk, the price of which is 45 rubles. The most expensive way to get there is by taxi, the price of which is 700 rubles or more. From Moscow, you can come to Pyatigorsk by train "Moscow-Kislovodsk", which departs daily from the Kazan railway station. The price of a compartment ticket is about 4 thousand rubles. You can also go by bus, which will be cheaper (2 thousand rubles), but the travel time will be 25 hours.

The city is very green as trees, shrubs and flower gardens are abundant here. The most important place for festivities for the townspeople is the Central Park "Flower Garden", which is over 200 years old.

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