Article 52.

Article 52.

Once upon a time, recreation was called a vacation, a school break or a place where you could relax. Later, recreation began to be called various activities that are designed to help tired people restore their health. The term "recreational" expanded even more when it became one of the definitions of the Land Code of our country.

Concept and purpose

Articles of "land" laws clearly classify all territories according to their existing and/or potential purpose, use. Some territories are classified as specially protected. The 18th chapter is devoted to this.

The lands under consideration are discussed in article 98. Recreational lands are intended and used to create an opportunity to engage in tourism, sports, as well as rest and improve their health for everyone (those in need). Also, the 98th article stipulates the composition of recreational lands, as well as everything that can be built there.

Who is provided with and what can be built on recreational land

If we talk about the development of such areas, then it must correspond to their purpose. Any building should be oriented towards recreation, sports and tourism activities. If such an appointment is not traced, the ban will be imposed at the stage of preliminary approvals.

On recreational areas, it is possible to build (expand) utility, industrial and warehouse facilities only if they directly correspond to the permitted use of land. Any construction on recreational land should be carried out only in agreement with the local state environmental authorities.

The procedure for the use of such lands practically everywhere, in any region is determined by the local administration independently. Many recreational areas have unique characteristics and special measures are envisaged to protect them.

The term "easement" is closely related to the concept of recreational land. It means a limited right to use.

In any case, the use of such land must comply with all the rules and regulations adopted for this recreational site. In addition to the RF LC, other codes are important here (Water, Forest) plus local governing documents (they are different in each region).

Territory types

Another special category is land for historical and cultural purposes and nature conservation and recreational. They, like recreational ones, belong to specially protected areas. This category includes:

  • all kinds of historical buildings, including those found through archaeological research;
  • various attractions, whose significance has been confirmed (the most expensive nightclub in the city to attractions in this regard is not refers);
  • settlements where various crafts, production, trades (national handicrafts, etc.) have been preserved in their original form;
  • burials (military and civil).

The industry of recreation and tourism occupies a separate place in the economy of the state, as well as travel companies and individual entrepreneurs. Therefore, there is always a demand for land where such a business can be organized.

The article gives comprehensive information about the rules of their operation and the possibilities of registration for rent.

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Basic concept

Refers to specially protected areas. Lands are allocated for intended use in accordance with the established procedure. The placement of objects in such territories, the rules and norms for their operation are governed by Articles 94 and 98 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts.

May act as scenic, eco-friendly recreation areas that attract local people and visiting tourists on weekends. And also - to become the location of various complexes and buildings, where visiting tourists can stay on a long vacation, receiving additional services related to the direct purpose of arriving at a designated place.

Permitted land use

In addition to the main types of permitted use, there are also conditionally permitted and auxiliary ones.

The conditionally permitted type of storage device use performs the function of supplementing the types and categories of use. The need for it is due to the fact that it is impossible to compile a classifier for all cases.

The ability to specify an additional type of use must be consistent with local town planning codes.

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