Work in Bulgaria for foreigners

How Bulgaria prepares to welcome Russians

Bulgaria is already preparing to meet Russian tourists in the 2021 season. What security measures have already been implemented, what events are being prepared, and most importantly, how Russian airlines plan to fly to Bulgarian resorts, read our review.


On November 16, a webinar was held at the ATOR Academy site, organized by the National Tourism Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Russian Federation.

Representatives of these resorts told about the plans of Bulgaria and about the preparations for the return of Russians to the resorts of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Varna and Burgas.

Thus, the Mayor of Varna Ivan Portnykh and the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov addressed the Russian audience with a welcoming speech. As it was emphasized, the Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria pay great attention to all measures that guarantee a safe holiday for Russian guests. All recommended epidemiological measures have been implemented.

“The health and tranquility of our guests from Russia is of utmost importance. Varna is a safe and attractive tourist destination. We are ready to meet Russians and provide them with traditional hospitality, ”said the mayor of Varna, Ivan Portnykh.

“Russian tourists are our traditional guests, and we are looking forward to a new meeting in the new year, we hope to receive even more guests from Russia. We are preparing many interesting events for the next season. Welcome to Burgas in 2021, ”the Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov, emphasized in his speech.

Next year Varna is preparing a large program of events and cultural events. In 2021, the city will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its spa activities. Both traditional and new festivals are planned to be held in Burgas in the summer.

A sand sculpture festival will take place from July to September, an ice cream festival is planned in July, and a fish and wine festival in mid-September. The resort hopes that in August it will be possible to hold once again the SPICE Music festival, which is traditionally attended by world dance music stars of the 90s.

Russians are also welcome at the Albena resort. As the representative of the resort Krasimira Stoyanova said, Albena will continue the course towards sustainable development, therefore, there will still be a lot of local vegetables and fruits in the hotels.

Ms. Stoyanova recalled that over the past 20 years, Albena beach has consistently received the "Blue Flag" for its cleanliness, and the conditions for children's recreation in Albena are considered one of the best on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

In the 2021 season, the resort will maintain the conditions for practicing various sports on the beach. Thus, 50% of the beach area will remain free of sun loungers and umbrellas so that tourists can engage in physical activity on the coast without restrictions.


Permanent work in Bulgaria is available to foreigners who know the language and have received permission from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The requirements for applicants for seasonal work have been simplified. Before deciding on employment in the Republic of Belarus, you must have information on how and where to find a good job.

Why is it worth living and working in Belarus

Bulgaria's membership in the European Union has a positive effect on the country's economy. The country's development is facilitated by the implementation of reforms and the attraction of foreign investment, which affects the decrease in unemployment and an increase in living standards. Despite the obvious changes in the country, an analysis of the labor market shows that working in Bulgaria for Russians in 2021 is not the most profitable way to earn money.

Only holders of a specialty in demand in the country can count on a high income. Other categories of citizens should first compare the level of wages in their home country with the level of the expected income in Bulgaria and only then decide to change their place of residence.

The advantages include a comfortable climate, proximity to cultures and languages. For young people, seasonal work in Bulgaria is an opportunity to gain experience, improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language, make interesting acquaintances, and plunge into the culture of the country.

Due to the favorable investment climate, many international companies operate in Belarus, including Russian firms. Basically, they provide travel services to Russian-speaking citizens: Ukrainians, Belarusians, Moldovans. In such companies, work is most often offered in Bulgaria for drivers, tour guides, travel managers.

Among the main advantages of living and working in Bulgaria are low real estate prices and daily expenses.

The country has relatively low tax rates. The income of a foreign citizen is subject to 10% income tax.

Compulsory social, pension and health insurance contributions are paid by the employee and employer. The rates depend on the year of birth of the insured person, the category of employment and range from 16 to 35.5%:

  • The standard rate is 20.5%, of which to the social (15.5%) and pension (5 %) the employee pays 8.9% of insurance, the employer 11.6%.
  • Health insurance costs are 8%, where 3.2% is paid by the employee, 4.8% by the employer.

What specialties are needed

The Bulgarian labor market is experiencing a shortage of both workers and qualified specialists. The most demanded professions in Bulgaria are in the processing industry, agriculture, construction, IT, trade, restaurant and hotel services.

Many companies need highly qualified employees who have experience and specific skills, experience in the profession: engineers, trade managers, financiers, programmers, power engineers. Social and medical workers, pharmacists are in demand.

During the winter and summer periods it is not a problem to find seasonal work for drivers, confectioners, masseurs.

Russian entrepreneurs are actively expanding their field of activity, entering European markets. Bulgaria deserves special attention. The country is characterized by a small population and an influx of tourists during the warm season. Local businesses work and live mainly on the services provided to visitors. Due to the climatic conditions and the attractiveness of the Balkan Peninsula, business in Bulgaria is of interest to entrepreneurs from Russia. But before opening your own company, you need to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of taxation, the work of the banking system and the mentality of local residents.

Business specifics in Bulgaria

The country is part of the European Union, so the rules of doing business differ from Russian realities. Initially, it should be understood that Bulgarian citizens, as well as people with a residence permit, can apply for entrepreneurial activity in the country. In other cases, they use such a form of ownership as a sole proprietorship limited liability company (UNU) or the UN, which includes several individuals.

Bulgaria deserves special attention for starting a business

Before starting a business in Bulgaria, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specifics of doing business:

  • Low level of taxation when compared with Russian taxes.
  • Receiving additional benefits from the government by hiring Bulgarian citizens.
  • The minimum amount of bureaucracy and a transparent procedure for opening and running a business.
  • Possibility to receive a subsidy from the European Union for a certain type of activity, including farming, beekeeping.
  • Every year the EU government allocates funds to finance businesses in areas such as health, agriculture, education, humanitarian aid and environmental protection.

Benefits of doing business in Bulgaria

Every year the number of those wishing to find their own niche or buy a business in the country is increasing. This can be explained by simple logic, because millions of tourists come to Bulgaria every year, who purposefully relax, enjoy their time and spend money. In recent years, the number of travelers has crossed the 12 million mark per year.

Emigration to Bulgaria for business of Russian-speaking citizens is explained by a number of advantages:

  • Territorial proximity to Russia.
  • Support for small and medium-sized businesses, provision of government grants and small amounts of tax collections.
  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, which opens up the possibility of exporting goods to other EU countries in accordance with the free trade agreement.
  • Rapid development of the economy and assistance to business in its activities.
  • A large flow of tourists who come to rest and are ready to spend money.

The mentality of local and Russian residents is similar to each other. Also, people are united by a common language environment. If desired, entrepreneurs can create a business focused on compatriots.

Local authorities do not interfere with starting a business in Bulgaria

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Services of travel companies are becoming less popular, and this is natural. Earlier, when the Internet was an unthinkable luxury on cards, it still made sense to buy ready-made tours. Today it is much easier to organize your trip yourself. How to do this, if your choice fell on Bulgaria, we will tell you in this article.

It is not difficult to book a hotel room or rent an apartment on your own.In fact, tourists who have not acquired their own real estate in Bulgaria and who are ready to provide their accommodation do not have, there are only two options - to stay at a hotel or to rent an apartment. With hotels, everything is simple: you book a room for a convenient period, and that's all. You can book on Booking. om or using the banner on the right side of the page (the second tab, the first - for those who want to buy a ticket). But many people prefer to live in apartments, that is, in apartments that have everything they need. For example, this option will be convenient for those who do not trust restaurants and prefer to cook on their own (for example, for parents of small children). In addition, living in an apartment can be an interesting experience, as it will allow you to plunge into the life of your chosen country (in this case Bulgaria) much deeper than living in a hotel.

Step one Choosing a location

If you want to relax by the sea, you have to choose a seaside resort, right? There are options here. In particular, you can settle in a large city (Varna or Burgas), where not only standard entertainment will be at your service, but also a bunch of shops, for example. Prices in large cities are usually lower than in resorts, but there are more people and dirtier beaches. In addition, the beach may not be very close. The second option is a small resort town. There are many such cities in Bulgaria, it makes no sense to list them all. For example, Byala, Obzor, Sveti Vlas, Balchik, Pomorie and others. Prices are slightly higher than in major cities, but slightly lower than in the resort. We advise you to pay attention to the distance to the sea - sometimes it can be rather big. It is best to check the distance to the beach on your own map. The third option is the resorts as such. Let's say Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. As a rule, there are no ordinary apartments in such resorts, but there are apartment complexes. We will talk about them below. The disadvantage of the resort is high prices (not only for rent, but for everything, say, for meals in a cafe or for groceries in a shop). Advantages - an abundance of entertainment, proximity to the sea. By the way, it is useful to check the distance to the sea on the map. So it may be small, but if you have to cross the road or go down a hundred or two steps ... More than once we have seen sad companies of vacationers trying to cross the busy E87 highway, because otherwise it is impossible to get from the apartment to the sea. So, an apartment can be in an ordinary house or in a complex. What is the difference? In the complex, you can use the entire infrastructure of this complex - large or not. These can be swimming pools, playgrounds, cafes, gyms and playgrounds, barbecue areas. If you rent an apartment, then you are guaranteed to have only an apartment. The rest will have to be found on your own. But apartments are usually a little cheaper.

Step two Reservation

There are several options here. The easiest one is to use the www. irbnb. u. Pros: large selection, feedback system and low prices. Cons: commission. When you book a property, your money is blocked on your card. At the rate on the day of booking. And when you arrive at a rented apartment, this money is sent to the account of the landlord. Already on the course that will be at this moment. Therefore, early booking is not very profitable for landlords, but you can save on it. We ourselves rent an apartment through this resource and are quite satisfied with it. Another option is to contact the complex you like directly. Many apartment owners rent out their apartments, and many do it directly through the reception of the complex. The apartment complexes usually have everything you need, including a jacuzzi, restaurants, fitness rooms. The third option is to simply enter into the search engine "I rent an apartment in Bulgaria" or "Rent an apartment in Bulgaria". And you will see a bunch of message boards with suggestions. Sometimes you can find suggestions in social networks. There are many of them on the forums dedicated to life in Bulgaria. Finally, you can contact us, and for a symbolic amount we will look for suitable options for you on Bulgarian sites. Depending on the option you choose, you reserve an apartment. If you do this through a trusted service like www. irbnb. u, then you can safely pay the full amount. Usually there is no risk when contacting directly with the reception of the complex. But with ads, you should be careful - fraud is possible. Probably, for a start, you should look for information about the landlord on the network or try to somehow protect yourself. In any case, you will need some simple guidelines that many people forget about:

  • • If you have any questions regarding the property, ask them before payment;
  • • If you have any specific requests, please voice them at once. The owner is not a telepathic, he will not guess that you cannot live without a crush for mashed potatoes and think that one should be included in the basic set of dishes. But if you tell about it, he will certainly meet you halfway;
  • • Many owners have problems with determining the distances (especially if the distances are in steps and minutes). Google Maps will help you;
  • • Read reviews, if any, but be moderately critical of them. If in the reviews they write that a child fell ill in the specified apartment, the point is probably not that the apartment is a breeding ground for infection. And if they write that there was a storm at sea, then this does not say anything about the apartment, but only about the weather at a certain period of time;
  • • If for some reason you change your mind about renting a property, inform the owner about it. Don't disappear in English! Especially if you have already puzzled the landlord with some specific requests! This is an elementary rule of decency.

Step three Travel arrangements

So, the apartment is booked. What remains? You need to buy air tickets or take care of transit visas and insurance for traveling by car; You need to get a visa. If you have a multishengen account open, feel free to skip this item. If you plan to leave Bulgaria, for example, to Turkey on an excursion, then the visa must be at least double. You can get a visa at the Visa Application Center or at any travel company. In the first case, confirmation from the owner of the apartment may be required - keep in mind that the owner of the apartment may not be enthusiastic about this idea and will not provide anything. Simply for the reason that it requires a bunch of additional gestures from him. Such issues need to be discussed separately. Need travel insurance. You can buy it at a travel agency, or you can arrange it yourself via the Internet in a few minutes. The Visa Application Center will suit any option. When traveling with a child, you need to prepare and notarize permission for his departure. In any case, you should take a copy of your birth certificate with you. You need to think about how you will get to the apartment from the airport. Taking a taxi directly from the airport is not a very good option, because such a trip will cost a lot. It is much better to book a transfer to your apartment in advance.

Step four What to take with you

Feel free to ask the landlord questions about what is in his apartment. But keep in mind that some themselves have a rather poor idea of ​​how many spoons and forks they have, for example. This is especially true for those who constantly rents out an apartment remotely, without visiting it on their own. But, as a rule, guests are offered bed linen, dishes for eating and cooking, cutlery. "Advanced" landlords will also offer towels, shower gels and household chemicals.

Well, that's all. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

There is more to this country than cheap drinks and touristy beaches. If you want to make the most of your stay, follow the tips below.

general tips for those planning to visit Bulgaria

DO NOT go to Sunny Beach

Every year too many tourists hungry for the Bulgarian coast go to Sunny Beach and return disappointed.

The destination is incredibly overpriced and very expensive (by Bulgarian standards). It was a great vacation spot over 10 years ago, but now expect nothing but hundreds of beach chairs that leave no room for your towel.

The only reason you might want to go there is because of the nightlife: the parties go on until the early hours of the morning, the drinks are flowing, and the music is loud.

Learn the basics of the Bulgarian language

No matter where you go, it is good to learn a few words of the local language. Show that you are trying to adapt, the locals really appreciate it, which helps to integrate more easily.

If you only visit the main tourist destinations (and this is NOT correct), you will quickly realize that in general few people speak English. The younger generation usually understands enough to understand and help you. But you shouldn't rely on people over 40 years old. You will have the best chances if you speak Russian with them!

Another reason is that the Cyrillic alphabet used in Bulgaria was not born in Russia, as is commonly believed. It was invented by Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century AD in Bulgaria. And the country is very proud of this, they even celebrate May 24.

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