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In December, a new player appeared on the tourist market of Yekaterinburg - Oleg Axelrod's company "Java Tour" Times were difficult, but his business took off

Building a business in the dashing 90s was both simple and difficult at the same time. Simple - because entering certain types of entrepreneurial activity did not require large investments. It is difficult - because the country was disintegrating, money was depreciating, and a "reliable roof" was the key to the survival of the business.

Oleg Axelrod, director of the Java Tour travel agency, was lucky at least three times in the 90s. Firstly, well-known persons - politician Anton Bakov and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Korea in Yekaterinburg Stanislav Tkhai - studied together with him at the metallurgical faculty of the UPI (now the UrFU named after the First President of Russia B. Yeltsin).

Anton Bakov and Stanislav Tkhai created the Malachite travel agency, which later became known as East Line. I went to work for them almost immediately after graduation, in 1990. Before that, I worked for a year at the department as a research assistant, but I quickly realized that the prospects for science, to put it mildly, are modest. And here is a working travel agency, and even with friends. So, one might say, the entrance to tourist activity was very easy for me, ”says Oleg Axelrod.

The second time, luck turned to face Mr. Axelrod when he set about creating his own business. In those days, in order to rent an office, you had to have on hand about $ 100 and several enterprising employees, ready to experiment. Both that, and another at the disposal of the hero was.

The third happy accident happened in 1993, when Oleg Axelrod came up with a name for his company. The first letters of the names of his team formed the word "Java". And so that clients have an association with tourism, "Tour" was added to "Java".

“Actually, I have been lucky a number of times because of the title. Approximately at the same time in Yekaterinburg we appeared - "Java Tour" - and the corporation "Java" Valery Yazev. Apparently, the bandits, who, perhaps, would like to attack me, believed that I was part of Yazev's corporation (laughs). In general, they did not touch me. Well, Mr. Yazev did not mind that we have similar names with him. His company even used our services, ”continues Oleg Axelrod.

"Every new destination that appeared at the disposal of tourists had the effect of a bomb exploding"

Many markets in the 90s were either just beginning to emerge, or seriously transformed. Tourism is no exception. The travel organization market at that time was not very similar to its modern version (the quarantine-coronavirus 2020 does not count). The demand for overseas travel was low. Oleg Axelrod recalls: in the first full year of operation (1994) "Java Tour" sent about 300 tourists from Yekaterinburg abroad. In general, only a few thousand travelers flew out of the city during the year.

Each new destination - be it Cyprus, Turkey or Greece - was met with great enthusiasm. Now they fly to Turkey with the words: "Well, let's at least fly to Antalya for a week." At the same time, each new country, allowing to expand its own understanding of geography, had a "bombshell effect."

“In the mid-90s, I flew to Cyprus for the first time - the first charters appeared. I had little experience in organizing commercial transportation, but it was imperceptible, we worked like real professionals. Just imagine: all hotels in Cyprus have already been sold to German and English tourists. And only one hotel in Paphos received our tourists, gave us places. The whole group flew to one city and one hotel, and everyone was happy and contented. It is, of course, difficult to imagine such a thing now, ”says Oleg Axelrod.

"The more tourists we had, the more losses we suffered"

Delovoy Kvartal announces the names of the first finalists of the Man of the Year business award, which will be presented on October 10. Today - the names and achievements of the first twelve nominees in four nominations.

Four days left before the Man of the Year award, and DK. U begins to voice the names of the finalists.

Let us remind you that in 2019 the award will be 10 years old. This time we have a record number of nominations - ten were selected with the help of the Expert Council, one appeared a little later, and another - the main one - will be awarded by the editorial staff of Delovoy Kvartal.

Today we will reveal the intrigue of four nominations. All nominees here do not belong to the category of big business, these are companies that were created from scratch and developed despite all the difficulties that our economy is rich in.

The first nomination: "Small business", in which the experts assessed the uniqueness of the idea, the result of activities in the reporting period, reputation in the professional environment. Similar criteria were applied to the Small Business of Small Towns nomination, but here the determining factor was that the nominated companies are located in regional centers and villages, which means they help to make the environment for Sverdlovsk residents better and more comfortable.

In the “Small Industry” nomination, data on turnover have been added to the traditional criteria - no more than 1 billion rubles. in year. Well, the nomination dedicated to the tourism industry speaks for itself - the entrepreneurs participating in it make our city attractive not only for those who live in it, but also for those who come to us for tourist or business purposes.


Sergey Glyadkov, founder of Intekhno

1 thousand floating suits are produced by Intekhno every month

Intekhno was founded in 2010 in the city of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region. It is engaged in the production of equipment for fishermen, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts under the Raftlayer trademark. The suits can withstand temperatures up to -60 degrees and have an unsinkable effect: they keep them on the water indefinitely. The product is certified and the production technology is patented.

The company's capacities allow to sew up to 1,000 suits per month, production sites are located in Asbestos, Rare and Zarechny. Today the enterprise produces more than 20 models of suits. The company has its own cutting and sewing workshop. Today they employ 17 seamstresses and three cutters. Raftlayer suits are sold in 48 regions of the country: from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk.

Intekhno also produces specialized costumes for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. At the moment, the company, together with institutes from St. Petersburg, is developing a rehabilitation suit "Exo-support".

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Rating of travel companies in Nizhny Novgorod

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