Where to go and what to see in Vladivostok

The best excursions in Vladivostok

A guide to "Far Eastern Nice", "the second San Francisco", and now - a city with the status of the capital of the Far East.

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Where to stay

The most convenient option would be to stay in the center of Vladivostok, in close proximity to the railway station. Life is always in full swing here, there are many cafes and restaurants - there will be where to go in the evening after sightseeing. They themselves, however, are dispersed throughout the city, so you should not get attached to them when choosing a home. But car traffic, which is always busy throughout Vladivostok, is especially inconvenient in the city center: there are many one-way streets, car flows are looped, so you can only walk without problems.

Within walking distance from the railway station, you can stay at the Azimut hotel in a double room for 7,000 rubles a day or in a five-star Lotte for 16,250 rubles, or you can choose a less luxurious option and spend the night at the Teplo hotel, paying for night in a standard double room 3,700 rubles. There are even cheaper options here, however, without a window.

Daily payment for a bed in the Luna Hostel will cost 800 rubles, here you can also take a double room for 2,000 rubles. A night in a double room at the Gosti hostel on Orlina Sopka, the highest point in the historical part of Vladivostok, costs from 3,000 rubles, a bed in a common room - 900 rubles.

If you are planning to travel to Vladivostok with a large company and/or want to cook for yourself, you should stay in an apartment. Depending on your preferences in terms of location and available amenities, you can choose a place ranging from 1,928 ("In the center of the VVO") to 18,000 rubles per night (Tigrovaya Apartments). The cost decreases as the area of ​​the apartments decreases and their distance from the center. On Airbnb, you can grab a room in the center for 1,500 rubles per day, or you can rent an apartment overlooking the Golden Bridge for 5,805 rubles per night.

What sights of Vladivostok to see

Golden Horn Bay

Vladivostok stretches on both sides of the bay, which the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Nikolai Muravyov-Amursky in 1859 chose to establish a military post. She reminded him of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, and the count suggested to America through the Crimea to call this place the same. The coasts of the bay were in hills and cliffs, so the land had to be artificially leveled and expanded to accommodate commercial ports.

The cable-stayed Golden Bridge, built for the APEC summit in 2012, has been laid across the bay and has become the main visual symbol of Vladivostok. A photograph in front of it will immediately let your friends know where you are.

Where to go and what to see in Vladivostok

Excursions in Vladivostok: prices, reviews and descriptions

Vladivostok is one of the largest seaports in Russia, the heart of the Pacific Fleet, a major economic center, a place with many unique structures and natural attractions, great history and many architectural monuments. During a tour of Vladivostok, tourists get acquainted with this beautiful city, and its "business cards" - the Golden Bridge, Vladivostok Fortress, Egersheld lighthouse, observation platforms, Nikolaev Triumphal Gates and numerous museums.

With such an impressive set of attractions, Vladivostok simply could not help but become a popular tourist destination, as evidenced by the statistics. Over the past year, Vladivostok was visited by more than three million tourists, both from Russia and from other countries, mainly from China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. And due to the convenient location of the city, excursions from Vladivostok around its environs, the entire region and even to countries such as China, Korea, Japan are popular.

Where to book excursions in Vladivostok

When tourists come to Vladivostok and try to find an excursion to their liking, many of them are faced with the problem of lack of worthy offers. And the guests of the city have to spend time to find good excursions in Vladivostok. But experienced travelers know well where to buy excursions in Vladivostok, and where there is an excellent selection of excursion offers for 2021. Of course, on a specialized portal for tourists - Tripster!

Tripster Travel Bureau offers the best excursions around Vladivostok, you are guaranteed to be able to choose a program to your liking at any time convenient for you right from home. Thus, you can plan in advance your entertainment program in the city, and upon arrival, see all the sights that interest you on an excursion in Vladivostok. Each Vladivostok excursion presented on the portal is accompanied by a detailed description that will help you make the right choice!

You can find out more about what the Tripster service is here.

Prices for excursions in Vladivostok for a year

When planning a trip to Vladivostok and selecting excursions, an important aspect is their cost. On the Tripster website, you can always find out how much excursions in Vladivostok cost, and accordingly prepare the required amount in advance. The cost of the offers may vary, and it usually depends on the length of the walk or trip, the offered entertainment and the size of the group.

The lowest prices will be for the excursion program "Vladivostok and its first settlers: life" at the end of the world "" - only 2000 rubles for 1-3 tourists. The highest prices will be for the tour "Mount Pidan - climbing to the place of power" - 12 thousand rubles for 1-3 people, or 4 thousand rubles for each tourist, if there are more than 3 of them. Promotional excursion offers regularly appear in the "With a discount" section of the Tripster, the prices for which have been significantly reduced.

Individual excursions in Vladivostok

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