When will the borders with China open in 2021

Trip to China

Chinese people who come as part of organized groups do not always become a blessing of local business. Sometimes they create a tangible additional burden on the infrastructure and nerves of local residents. The trip of a low-budget group is usually organized as a closed cycle so that the maximum money spent in the country goes to the Chinese operator one way or another.

Organized mass low-budget tours are considered in China itself as a less prestigious form of travel, more suitable for novice travelers or for people with incomes in the middle-low consumer segment. It is no coincidence that Thailand, the favorite tourist destination of the Chinese over the past few years, has banned entry of tourist groups from the PRC on cheap tours (up to $ 300) since 2016. Apparently, the cost limitation did not lead to a noticeable decrease in tourist flow: in 2017, more than 10 million tourists from China visited Thailand, many of them later became investors in Thai real estate.

Obviously, Chinese tourists worth fighting for - independent travelers - avoid massive cheap tours and go on self-organized trips for new experiences. According to Chinese statistics in 2017, 56% of tourists leaving the country organized the trip themselves or with the help of a travel agency as an individual tour for a small group of friends, colleagues, family. An increasing number of countries are opening up for Chinese tourism, and the role of this segment will increase.

Tank training ground as a business idea

Business tourists are a separate segment of independent Chinese travelers. These are experienced travelers who are usually met abroad by their local partners. For such meetings, companies traditionally spend significant budgets trying to repay the Chinese for their hospitality in China.

In Russia, in addition to traditional restaurants and field trips, tours to tank ranges and hunting have recently become popular: in China, similar fun is very difficult to access. This category of guests from the Middle Kingdom has everything in order with money, but there is not enough time: the availability of information in Chinese and the ability to make purchases without leaving the hotel often determines their choice when looking for gifts and souvenirs for home.

By the way, the question of what to give to a visiting Chinese partner from time to time arises sharply in the offices of Moscow firms - today it can be an interesting niche for the development of a small business.

Experienced travelers often speak good English, are young, travel to new places, enjoy local cuisine, visit cultural and historical sites. For many, the uniqueness of the experience is far more important than the price.

Unique experiences and study tours

Participants in the Chinese tourism industry argue that there are two trends of greatest interest among individual travelers.

The first is new and unique experiences, and they are little different from those chosen by wealthy travelers around the world. For example, travel to sights included in the UNESCO list of cultural values, to places with unusual culinary experiences, immersion in local life and traditions, to hard-to-reach places - Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, villages lost in the mountains, etc.

Second - study tours/children's summer camps. Summer boot camps at renowned universities are especially popular with Chinese parents. The price for a stay in a similar camp in the United States ranges from $ 5000 to $ 8000 for a 10-day shift. In 2016, more than 800,000 Chinese went on overseas study tours during their vacations, spending over $ 3 billion.

Tour from China

In 2019, the share of goods from China in Russia's imports amounted to 22.2%. Many Russians are worried about whether there will be a deficit if the border with China is closed.

Until when will the border with China be closed

When the borders with China and Russia will be opened in 2020, it is still unknown. China has begun issuing business visas, but tourism is not yet discussed. Entry rules change frequently, so they need to be clarified immediately before a business trip.

In October, Aeroflot flights from Moscow to Shanghai and Air China from Moscow to Shijiazhuang were canceled for a month due to the identification of infected passengers.

When will the border with China be opened in a year

In 2020, the epidemiological situation changes daily. Whether the borders will be open in 2021 for tourists, goods and parcels is difficult to predict. But based on the latest news, some predictions can be made.

For tourists

It is not yet known when the border with China will be opened in 2020 for the entry of tourists. On October 21, an official message from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China was published, on the basis of which it can be concluded that in 2020 the border will not be open for tourists.

According to the Ministry, this is due to the winter increase in the number of viral diseases. The borders with Russia and China are expected to open no earlier than spring 2021.

Due to the instability of the epidemiological situation, tourist trips of foreign citizens to China will resume approximately in March-April 2021.

For goods

Despite the fact that the border is closed for tourists, the exchange of goods between Russia and China has not been stopped. For cargo, the border with China is still open and Russia has not introduced any import restrictions.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, imports from China to Russia decreased by 29.3% at the beginning of the year. This was due to the reduction in production and the temporary suspension of the work of enterprises. As a result, residents of the Far East experienced a shortage of fresh vegetables, which caused an increase in prices for these products.

The tourist flow from China is noticeable not only in Russia, but all over the world. In 2017, Chinese tourists left their homeland 129 million times, many for the first time

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Organization of business trips to China at the highest level

Currently, business travel abroad is an integral part of running a successful business. Commercial travel is gaining more and more popularity among Russian entrepreneurs, both large and medium-sized businesses and small firms. One of the most demanded services today are tours to China, Korea and other countries of Southeast Asia.

China Travel Company offers an excellent opportunity for the development and growth of your business. We provide a full range of services for organizing business trips to China for representatives of large companies, private entrepreneurs and small firms.

The range of services includes assistance with all the necessary documents for issuing a commercial visa, ordering air tickets, including for domestic flights, if necessary, booking rooms in a hotel or several hotels, depending on the size of the delegation. Our experts will provide full information support at all stages of the trip, as well as during it.

We also organize shopping tours to China for individuals and trips to exhibitions in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Qualified specialists of our company will select the best flight option for you, arrange air tickets to China, book the most convenient hotel in terms of location and degree of comfort, and provide visa support. In addition, if you want to combine a business tour with leisure, our tour operator will help you organize sightseeing tours to China, beach vacations, promotional tours, offering options that best suit your requirements.

Canton Fair

China is undoubtedly the world leader in the number of annual international exhibitions held today.

The growth of the world economy has been slowing down for several years, and the IMF's forecasts for the next decade do not promise a dramatic improvement in the situation. But even against the backdrop of disappointing analytics in China, the rate of GDP growth continues to be in the top ten, although it dropped to 6.6% in 2021. All this gives investors reason to believe that doing business in China can be promising and profitable, especially if the specifics of the country are properly taken into account.

Normative base

The PRC still does not have a full-fledged code uniting the entire spectrum of civil legislation. Therefore, the issues of doing business by Chinese firms and representative offices with foreign capital are regulated by several separate regulations:

  • Companies Law - 中华人民共和国 公司法;
  • Business Registration Rules - 中华人民共和国企业 法人 登记 管理 条例;
  • Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Act - 中华人民共和国 中外合资 经营 企业 法;
  • General part of civil law - 中华人民共和国 民法 通则 全文.

Enterprises with overseas "roots" in March 2021 received a new law - 中华人民共和国 外ր 投资 法, which will enter into force on January 1, 2021. For companies created before this date, the previous law - 中华人民共和国 外资企业 法 of 1986 will remain in force for another 5 years.

The procedure for registering representative offices of foreign companies is described in the Regulation 外国 企业 常驻 代表 机构 登记 管理 条例.

Current organizational and legal forms

In the Law of the People's Republic of China "On Companies", two forms of registration of a legal entity are suitable for foreigners: a limited liability company and a joint stock company. A company created by one person stands out as a separate subspecies.

Legal form Characteristics Normative base of LLC (有限 责任 公司) The number of founders should not exceed 50 persons. Dividends are distributed in proportion to the paid contribution to the authorized capital (the size of the share is indicated in a special register) Chapter II of the Companies Law Company with one founder (一 人 有限公司) The minimum charter size is 100,000 yuan. By law, is responsible for obligations within the property of the company. In cases where the founder cannot unequivocally prove the ownership of the property, debt recovery can be carried out at the expense of personal assets. Section III of Chapter II of the Companies Law Joint-Stock Company (股份有限公司) The founders must be more than two persons (individuals or legal entities). Moreover, each of the shareholders can consist of no more than 200 participants. At least half of the co-founders are required to have Chinese citizenship or the status of a resident of the PRC. Chapter IV of the Companies Law

Since 2021, the Chinese government has canceled the mandatory requirement for declaring and verifying the deposit of the minimum share capital for national companies, leaving it only in relation to certain types of activities and foreign economic entities.

Those who are thinking about how to start a business in China in 2021 need to know that the work of investors from abroad is regulated in accordance with the Sino-Foreign Enterprise Law, which expires on December 31, 2021 of the year.

NameChinese name/Sounding in pinyin Brief description Company with 100% foreign capital (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, WFOE) 外ր 独资 企业/Wàishāng dúzī qǐyè Unlike a foreign representative office, it has the right to conduct full-fledged commercial activities in the form of an LLC with one or more founders. The company must declare and within 2 years form an impressive authorized capital (at least 100,000 yuan). Has no right to engage in certain types of business, such as opening a media outlet or mining. Joint Venture (JV) 合资/Hézī Parity partnership with Chinese co-founders opens up business sectors that are inaccessible to WFOEs. Joint work can be organized in the form of a joint-stock company or in the form of a business and profit sharing contract with partners. The procedure and procedure for opening a Chinese business, registration and payment of shares are described in the Regulation on the joint venture Representative Office 代表处/Dàibiǎo chùThis form of presence in the Chinese market allows a foreign company to conduct exclusively marketing and advertising campaigns, participate in product promotion. can't.

Popular and demanded areas of business

The dynamic growth rates of the PRC economy should not deceive a potential investor, since the country's market is still developing unevenly. Against the backdrop of a large number of successful companies, there are many examples of failure and ruin.

Business or Leisure Travel to China: Tips for Pioneers

Are you flying to China for the first time? You will meet with an amazing country, which is probably strikingly different from all the places you have been before. The original culture, unique history and no less amazing "today" of the hardworking people inhabiting this country will be remembered for a long time. True, it is possible that you will return here pretty soon. Because the first trip to China is rarely the last. Tourists who come to China very often leave here with plans to start a trade business and supply goods to Russia. And entrepreneurs who have come to the Celestial Empire on a business visit try to allocate at least a few days for rest and a more detailed acquaintance with the country, which they still know from a purely commercial side.

Tourism and recreation - making a route

For those who are so determined and curious that they decided to visit China on their own, contacting travel companies, our advice can be useful at the stage of planning and drawing up the optimal travel itinerary. Every corner of China is interesting in its own way, but for the first acquaintance, it is advisable to choose places where you can learn more about the country in a few days, or, if the purpose of the trip is to have a rest, to spend these days in one of the most "heavenly" corners of the Celestial Empire. Without sorting by importance, we just list the cities, resorts and historical, as well as just interesting places to visit in the first place:

Rest on the Chinese "Hawaii" - the tropical island of Hainan in the South China Sea.

Beijing - Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and a must-see bus ride to the Great Wall of China.

Shanghai Tower, Temple of the Jade Buddha, Yu Yuan Garden and other attractions of the largest city in China.

Hong Kong is a unique "state within a state", an international financial center and a "city of skyscrapers".

Stone Park on Henqin Island near Zhuhai Seaside Urban District.

Islands of the WanShan archipelago, in particular Donggao Island.

Balneological resorts and hot springs of Zhuhai.

The gambling capital of China is the Macau Special Autonomous Region.

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