What to write on a business card

What to write on a business card

A business card is a small sheet of thin cardboard (or thick paper of high quality), on which basic information about its owner is printed.

Business cards first appeared in France in the 17th century, although something similar existed in ancient China. In pre-revolutionary Russia, business cards were very common. First of all, they were a kind of evidence of the visit.

So, for example, announcing his return, bringing gratitude, etc., it was necessary to pay a visit in person, and in the absence of the owners, a visiting card was left. Business cards were practical and convenient, with initial letters on the four corners indicating various occasions that could be the reason for the visit.

For example, "p" meant congratulations, "o" - departure and, therefore, a farewell visit, "w" - a desire to inquire about the state of health, "v" - return from a long trip. The corner was bent where there was a letter indicating the purpose of the visit.

In developed market economies (both in the West and in the East), business cards play an important role in modern business etiquette and in most cases replace any document, including an identity card. Gradually, business cards have become part of everyday business practice in our country.

In the process of developing business cards as elements of business communication, two of their most important functions have been identified: representational and use as a written message.

The following types of business cards are known that perform representative functions.

1. A card for special and representative purposes, on which the surname, name, patronymic, full name of the company, position are indicated, but coordinates are not put down - address and telephone number. Such a business card is given upon meeting. The absence of an address and telephone number indicates that the cardholder does not intend to continue contact with the interlocutor.

2. A standard business card, on which the surname, name, patronymic, place of work, position, office telephone, telefax (telex) are indicated. The presentation of such a card indicates the intention of its owner to establish close relationships with the person presented to him. The home phone number on a standard business card is usually indicated only by representatives of the creative profession, who work most of the time in the home office. This type of business cards is used exclusively in the business area.

3. The card of the organization (firm), which indicates the address, telephone, telefax (telex). With such a card, congratulations, gifts, flowers, souvenirs are sent on the occasion of significant dates. The presence of several telephones, intercom numbers on the card indicates the large number of its personnel, and, therefore, indicates its solidity.

4. Business cards for informal communication, which indicate the last name, first name, patronymic, sometimes - profession, honorary and academic titles, but do not put down the details that emphasize the official status. A variety of business cards for informal communication are joint cards of spouses or "family" cards, which indicate the surname, first name and patronymic of the spouses (the wife's name is usually written first), as well as the home address and telephone number. Such cards are applied to gifts; which are presented on behalf of the husband and wife, are left on joint unofficial visits.

A business card is your assistant not only in self-presentation, but also in sales. If you are connected with a business, you should not have a question: "Do you need a business card?" You should be interested in what it should be like to help in creating an inbound stream of contacts and increasing sales.

What is indicated on the business card determines how much more services and goods you sell, how many partners and investors you find. Name, surname, contacts, company name, logo, slogans, photo ... - it is not so important what you indicate. It is important how to write it.

Here are some recommendations for a business card that will help you sell


If your card is good only for a new acquaintance to remember your name and which number to call, then it’s worthless. The business card should sell! Goods, services, and even yourself. To do this, the business card must indicate your value for the person to whom you are handing it, or for his company. Looking at the business card, the interlocutor should immediately understand what you are doing. And it's better if you do it better than others.

And the person (boss or subordinate) who, possibly, will get a business card in the future, should also understand this, even if he does not know you personally. If you write LLC "Vodoley", but do not indicate what exactly the company is doing: delivering drinking water, selling summer cottages or drilling wells, they will lose the business card, throw it away, or bury it in a pile of other useless cards. Increase the viability of your business card - write a USP.


Even if your official position sounds like a manager, then don't write it on your business card. For many people, it will not be clear what the responsibilities are: to manage, sell, present, or maybe in the company they call all employees a buzzword to give weight and significance. Specify: "sales manager", "recruiting manager", "equipment setup manager". And it is better to write in understandable language, what you do and what issues are competent to solve.


Connecting Walls are installed at many business events. Participants attach their business cards to it and can familiarize themselves with the cards of other guests. If your business card does not differ in color or shape, then it will simply not be noticed. It will get lost in hundreds of other pieces of cardboard. And if it is not clear from the text what you are doing and what value you carry, you will not get a single incoming contact. People just won't understand why they need to get to know you.

The original form of the business card attracts attention, you are remembered, But if the card is inconvenient to store because of the non-standard size, then soon it will be transferred to the table and forgotten about it. And about you. So be careful with creativity.

She still won't be worn in a business card holder, but she has a chance to be on the fridge. Then, with attacks of office or home hunger, she will catch the eye. And they will remember you. If you are selling food or ... refrigerators - this is your option!

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