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Holidays in Munich are very popular among tourists, because Munich attracts with its picturesque views, rich history and cultural heritage. Spread in the south of Germany, on the banks of the Isar River at the foot of the Alps, the city is a real pearl of the whole country. It was officially founded in 1158 and today is the capital of beautiful Bavaria. Its name comes from the old German word Munichen (translated as “at the monks”), as it is believed that it was the Benedictine monks who laid the foundation for the city. A trip in 2021 to this landscape region will give a wonderful experience, because the city is famous for its cordiality and cheerful disposition.

Things to do in Munich

The locals treat the visiting guests well and welcome them very warmly. For example, such a famous festival as Oktoberfest attracts almost 6 million people every year, which is four times more than the local population. And such interesting events are arranged here quite often.

Besides the holidays, the city boasts numerous cultural and artistic monuments. And it is here, not far from Munich, that the most beautiful castle in the world is located - Neuschwanstein. So, vacation in 2021 in Munich promises to be exciting and eventful.


Most of the sights are located in the historic center of the city, called Altstadt. Fashionable boutiques, shopping centers, many hotels and restaurants are also concentrated here.

Most tourists start their acquaintance with the city from the Marienplatz square, which, in fact, is the heart of Munich. Here, almost every corner reflects antiquity and dazzles with baroque luxury. The square is decorated with a refined column of the Virgin Mary. But, perhaps, the main architectural monuments are the New and Old Town Halls, built in the Gothic style. There is a toy museum in the Old Town Hall, so if you are vacationing with children, be sure to visit it. Next to the building is a sculpture of Juliet, donated by Verona. To fully enjoy the historical corners of the square and have time to visit a cozy pub, you will need at least two hours of time.

The Frauenkirche Cathedral is definitely worth a visit. Approximately in the XII-XV centuries there was another church on this site, but in 1468 the very first stone of the future cathedral was laid here, which was supposed to serve as the family tomb of the Wittelsbach royal dynasty. Work on the one-hundred-meter towers of the brick structure was completed by 1525.

Another building that attracts attention with its beauty is the Church of St. Michael. It is known that the remains of Ludwig II are buried here. The Jesuits began building it in 1583 with the permission of William V the Pious. It is noteworthy that the costs of its construction almost led to the financial ruin of the state.

One of the most attractive palace complexes is Nymphenburg. The castle was built in the Baroque style for the ruling family of the Bavarian dukes of Wittelsbach. The inner rooms are striking in their splendor and splendor. An attentive tourist will easily notice Rococo elements in the architecture of the building.

Business tourism Munich

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Holidays in Munich are versatile. Here you will find a lot of sights, architectural monuments and other places. And, of course, Munich is delicious real beer!

Features of the rest in Munich

According to many visiting tourists, Munich is the most attractive of all German cities. Its extraordinary beauty and rich history allows the residents of the city to call it the second capital of the country. This is a large industrial and financial center of the country, as well as a cultural center, because the city contains about fifty exhibitions, museums, theaters and galleries, which will provide a lot of positive emotions for visitors.

A slight difference between Munich and other cities in Germany is the ethnic composition of the population, since more than a quarter, the city is inhabited by citizens of neighboring countries, which cannot be said about other cities, whose inhabitants are mainly Germans.

The city has a temperate continental climate, so winters are very mild and last from December to March. Although, at this time, a fairly large amount of precipitation falls, and the snow lasts only a few weeks. But the summer in Munich is not too hot, and is characterized by heavy downpours.

The winds blowing from the Alps can change the air temperature in the city quite dramatically, therefore, when going for a walk, it is worth bringing an extra jacket with you. Citizens quite often dress warmly, even in the summer.

When is the best time to relax in Munich?

The capital of Bavaria, Munich is beautiful at any time of the year. If we compare it with Kiev, about which they say that this is a city - a park, then about Munich we can say that this is a city that is located in a park. Each district of the city must have its own large, simply huge park and many small squares.

On weekends and holidays, many people meet in campaigns on its green lawns, even grilling meat and vegetables. It is allowed to cook shalyki in the park if a special grill device is used on a high trine so that there are no traces of the fire on the ground. read in full

Where to stay in Munich?

Among tourists, the city of Munich in Germany is one of the first in popularity. Traveling people come here not only for the famous beer festival - Oktoberfest, but throughout the year. And everyone naturally thinks about which hotel is better to stay here. Each visitor has his own goals and the length of his stay in the city - accordingly, different travelers will benefit from different offers.

Julia - tour guide in Munich and Bavaria

I, Julia Noder, historian and art critic, guide to Munich and Bavaria, have a university education in my specialty. She began her career as a history and social science teacher at a lyceum for gifted children. She continued her education in Germany as an art guide.

I love my job, it's my hobby, and I also love children, travel, painting and theater.

An interesting case from a trip to Berlin. in the company of our children, friends and their children, we go on 2-3 excursions every day. the grown-up son asks: “Mom, how are you doing? You either conduct excursions, or listen to them, or discuss them. life is different, you also need to look back at it sometimes ”.

To choose your excursion correctly in any city of any country. you need to present a picture of your travels with a Large Panel of Puzzles. And then you will see that in your own travel picture there are already established plots, and there are also missing puzzles and parts, but there are whole empty fields. And, if such a field is called Bavaria, then my excursions will help you see, comprehend, remember and fill it in. Starting with exploring the diverse, non-standard, unforgettable Munich and ending with the Bavarian mountain gorge with waterfalls and castles of King Ludwig II. You will gradually be imbued with delight and desire to return again and continue our journey with you.

Pleasant pauses with stories from everyday life, traditions. Bavarian cuisine will make your trip not only exciting, but also comfortable.

I have a wide circle of tourists constantly, over the years, coming - this is my reward and my job satisfaction.

In my thematic and art excursions, I set a goal. so that my tourists also unexpectedly find and supplement the missing knowledge and links of their previous travels in Europe and put together a plan for future travels. excursions, visits to museums, galleries and theaters.

It's so great to live a full, exciting spiritual life at any age!

Thierry Mugler: Couturissime Munich

Between fashion, art, theater and photography, exhibition by couturier Thierry Mugler. (The exhibition will run until February 28, 2021)

Popular excursions in Munich and Bavaria

The capital of Bavaria can offer travelers a variety of attractions and attractions that won't take a day to see. But in 2 days Munich can be learned from completely different sides, visit the central and outskirts, as well as the suburbs, and there is time to visit the museums.

First day

The traditional Munich sightseeing route includes a walking tour of the historic Altstadt city. The main attractions are located at a short distance from each other.


What to see in Munich in 2 days? It is best to start your walk at the central city square - Marienplatz. Over its long history, many different events have happened here: it was a market, a place for knightly fights, a center for making political decisions. Today the square remains the "heart" and the busiest part of the city, where various holidays and festivals are held. Around - pubs, restaurants, shops, architectural monuments, here will appeal to lovers of history, shopping and delicious food.

In 1638, a column with a gilded figure of the Virgin Mary was installed on the square, after which residents began to call this place Marienplatz - that is, the square of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At the pedestal, you can see angels fighting with figures symbolizing various troubles. They personify the misfortunes from which the city was saved - famine, plague, war, heresy.

City Halls

The main buildings on Marienplatz are the Old and New Town Halls. It is interesting that Staraya looks younger than Novaya: it is much smaller, has a white facade and small spiers-towers. While the New Town Hall is made in darker colors and looks like a real medieval castle. Stained glass windows, an abundance of sculptures and details decorating the facade, arches and spiers soaring upward - all this makes the New Town Hall a majestic neo-Gothic structure. Inside are the offices of the city government and council. However, you can enter through the main entrance during the opening hours of the City Hall, while the Old Town Hall is not publicly accessible. There is a restaurant in the basement of the New Town Hall where you can get acquainted with Bavarian cuisine.

The towers of the Town Hall are interesting: the Old Town Hall is home to the Toy Museum, and the tower of the New City Council Building is worth climbing to get to the observation deck. The rise is carried out by an elevator.

It is convenient for tourists to start the day from Marienplatz, because every morning there is a performance under the clock on the New Town Hall after the bells ring. The human-sized figures move, fight and dance for 10-15 minutes. Start times: 11:00 and 12:00 and also at 17:00 during the period March-October. The evening lullaby starts at 21:00.


Next to the New Town Hall is the main Munich Cathedral of the Mother of God - Frauenkirche, built in the 15th-16th centuries. Its two towers - South and North - are recognized as the city's hallmark. They reach a height of 98–99 m, and since 2004 there have been no buildings built above this mark in the city, as this is officially prohibited by the authorities. The architecture is distinguished by strict lines and grandeur, but the interiors are rather austere. You can freely go inside, but the ascent to the towers is now closed due to repair work.


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