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By car through the districts of the city, which will reveal its essence to you

Excursion rating: 100% 4 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-5 people Price: $ 300

Custom New York City Tour

New York City does not tolerate standard sightseeing tours! I am sure that this frenzied, stormy city should be conquered only by looking into its most unusual corners astride an iron horse. You will visit those districts of New York that are the real "Big Apple", I will tell you little-known facts from the history of the city and help you feel it 100% with all the pros and cons. Having learned how to navigate New York and seeing it once through the eyes of local residents, you will definitely want to come back here again and again.

Dima guide in New York Usually responds within 3 hours. My name is Dmitry, and I am a guide who is boundlessly in love with the city of New York. I am lucky that my work is my favorite business, which brings me real pleasure and joy. I believe that a guide is not just a person who should tell you about the city and show you the main attractions, but above all a person who forms your idea of ​​the city, conveys its mood, rhythm, energy to you, and your impressions depend on him. about the city in particular and about the trip in general. This is a responsible task, because once you spoil the impression, it is very difficult to correct it in the future. I approach my work in a creative and creative way. I love this city, and my task is to make every guest understand and love it, just like me.

Individual excursion for - person

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Color and color of New York You will visit Harlem - a famous area in the north of Manhattan, which has gone from the development of luxury housing to desolation and the center of African American culture. It is here that the best jazz clubs and the Columbia University campus are located, where we will definitely look. I will show you Little Italy - the home of the American mafia, which rampaged during the years of Prohibition. There are still establishments there that remember the showdown of Cosa Nostra, and the famous cast-iron architecture pleases the eye.

Bohemian and Iconic Places Explore where Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, O'Henry and Kerouac lived, explore old and green Greenwich Village and stylish Soho. I will tell you where the coolest parties take place and where the creative intelligentsia of New York gathers, where films are made and graffiti is legally painted. We will look at the facade of the house where the heroes of "Friends" lived according to the plot. You may even meet Sarah Jessica Parker in New York - I'll show you the street where she lives. But most importantly, you will understand that in the city of perpetual motion, where there are almost 200 languages ​​in circulation, anything is possible at all.

Custom New York City Tour - Unusual Excursions in New York

No matter how many guides you read and what you expect from this beautiful city, it will still surprise you. But if you manage to fall in love with him, then nowhere else can you feel so free as on the streets of this city.

Therefore, we decided to write this guide for you so that you will definitely not forget anything. Welcome to our most comprehensive travel guide to New York City.

How to get to New York

You will not have much choice of transport to get from Moscow to New York: the distance from the capital of Russia to New York is 7123 kilometers, and almost all the way runs across the Atlantic Ocean. The great news is that the current prices for air tickets to America are quite normal.

The most profitable way you can get to New York from Moscow is to use the services of Air Sales and track the most profitable tickets with one stop. You can find such tickets at the Air Portugal and Finnair companies - you can get a discount and buy a ticket for only ten thousand in one direction.

Direct flights from Moscow to New York are operated only by Aeroflot - the ticket price varies from twenty thousand rubles in one direction.

Ticket prices jump a lot depending on what time of year you are planning to fly. If you have a ready-made Schengen, then you can get to New York on a budget. For example, the Norwegian airline provides tickets at rather low prices: from Stockholm you can easily travel for only $ 235 round trip, from Oslo - $ 243 in both directions.

Search and buy cheap flights to New York directly in the form below:

How to get from New York airport to city center

Almost all international flights arrive at the airport. John F. Kennedy, or JFK.

The most profitable option to get from the airport to Manhattan is the subway. Take the local "Aeroexpress" AirTrain JFK, which will take you to the Jamaica metro station or to Howard Beach. You can ride the subway for free, but you have to pay $ 5 when you get out. You can also buy a metro ticket ($ 3) right there. The whole journey will take about an hour or two.

If you don't want to strain on the subway (and you have to), then take the NYC Airporter shuttle bus. You can buy a ticket through the website: for $ 19 in one direction, and for $ 36 - in both directions. Buses leave every half hour from five in the morning to half past eleven at night.

Public Transportation in New York

Custom New York City Tour - Unusual New York City Tours. By car through the city districts that will reveal its essence to you

Imagine what the Wall Street area looked like 400 years ago and touch the origins of the Big Apple

Individual excursion for 1-8 people Price: $ 180

Colonial History of New York

The colonial era of New York is little represented in popular culture, and the general public knows almost nothing about it. I invite you to find out what Wall Street was like at the very beginning of the 17th century: how the oldest district of New York lived, how the townspeople got along with the Indians, and whether a wall really stood here. Step by step, you will travel back to the days of George Washington and uncover the dusty pages of the city's history that will help you truly understand modern New York.

Glory NYC guide Leads 3 tours Usually responds within 2 hours. New York fan and licensed tour guide with a technical background. I like to trace historical connections, I ask the question "why so?" On every occasion. and I try to find an answer to it. I practice attention to detail, sometimes even excessive, I have to pull myself up and dilute with something fun. I try to “feel” my guests and focus on what they might be interested in, so my excursions are usually unlearned. I want to show New York and the United States more interesting, friendlier and more curious than people might think of them traveling here on their own. Provides 3 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

The origins of the formation of New York Touching the colonial past of the city, you will learn how New York began, what its early economy was based on, how local relations with the Indians were built, and why from the early days New York became a city immigrants. You will be surprised, but in this citadel of glass and metal artifacts of past eras have been preserved, which will help to penetrate the history of the Dutch period, the early years of the British administration and the beginning of the US War of Independence. I will try to make these historical details clear to you and link them to the past of the city and country. And besides, if the Freemasons do not interfere with us, you can see the Bible on which George Washington vowed to defend the young American Constitution.

The spirit of the old city among skyscrapers The route of our walk will pass through the streets meandering between the long-buried canals. These districts have long been built up not with low-rise buildings with tiled roofs, but with skyscrapers - and yet this is the oldest neighborhood in New York. Even if you have been here more than once, I will show the unexpected historical layers of the city and help you look into its past.

Who needs a walk

When going to New York, do not expect to find out on the spot why it is called the "Big Apple" - even New Yorkers themselves will not be able to answer this question. There are many versions, as is always the case in such cases, one more absurd than the other. Better get ready for the fact that in one of the brightest cities in the United States of America they will easily talk to you on the streets, preceding almost any conversation with the sacramental "Where are you from?" movie you have already seen them for sure) that staying alone or at least being in a relatively uncrowded place in a megalopolis buzzing like a beehive will not work. But even if you read a thousand reviews and write out a lot of valuable advice on a piece of paper, you will still not be able to prepare for a meeting with New York - an ultra-dynamic, constantly in motion city dumbfounded and carried away, plunging into the abyss of variegated colors and many-sided emotions. In short, welcome to New York, baby!

Getting to New York

Moscow and New York connect daily regular flights of Aeroflot with departure from Sheremetyevo and arrival at the airport. Kennedy. The flight is non-stop, the travel time is at least 9.5 hours. Also, a large number of European airlines operate on the route - however, in this case, a transfer will be required in the corresponding European city. A significant plus - a connecting flight ticket is often cheaper than a direct one. But from St. Petersburg to New York you can only arrive with a transfer - in Moscow or the European capital.

Ukraine International Airlines fly directly from Kiev to New York, travel time - 10.5 hours. The Belarusians will have to be content with a connecting flight, there is no direct flight between Minsk and New York.

For more information on how to arrive in New York, see the How to Get to New York page.

NYC Borders

New York City consists of 5 districts, each of which has its own rhythm of life, its own soul and its own unique character.

Manhattan is the most famous district of New York and a visiting card of the whole of America. Skyscrapers, offices of international corporations, boutiques and expensive restaurants, as well as the most prestigious apartments are concentrated here. Manhattan, in turn, is divided into 3 "subdistricts": Downtown, Middletown and Uptown. Local attractions include Broadway, Wall Street with Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Iron and Empire State Building and Times Square.

When New Yorkers say "the city", they usually mean only Manhattan. Other areas of New York are called "the outer boroughs".

Brooklyn is one of the southern districts of New York, which can be reached on foot from Manhattan along the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the city's population lives here, but there are almost no high-rise buildings at all: the area grew in width. Brooklyn is known as a home for artists and other creative New Yorkers, as well as for its concert venues and beaches. It is within Brooklyn that the Coney Island amusement park and the "All-York" Brighton Beach (concurrently, the largest Russian community outside the former USSR) are located.

If the United States is usually called the melting pot of the world, then located east of Manhattan, Queens is definitely the melting pot of New York. Here 170 languages ​​are spoken, the streets are full of the most incredible signs, and the abundance of races and nationalities would have caused the envy of old Noah. Queens is home to New York's two international airports, the city's second-largest Chinatown, and a separate cinema that plays exclusively Bollywood films. Once in Queens, it is worth going to the P. , visit the Steinway piano factory with a guided tour, take a walk in the Socrates sculpture park and see the expositions of the Museum of African Art.

Associated with black rappers in baseball caps and thick gold "chains" The Bronx is Manhattan's northern neighbor. Despite the presence of slums with the poorest population in New York, the Bronx is the greenest area in the city, whose territory is covered by a quarter of parks and gardens. Local gems are the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Baseball Stadium. It is also worth going to the Botanical Garden, which consists of 48 (!) Separate thematic gardens, visit the Edgar Allan Poe House Museum and the Shipbuilding Museum, and pay tribute to Duke Ellington at Woodlon Cemetery.

Staten Island is the southernmost borough of New York City accessible by ferry or bridge. It is very green, relatively quiet and has a huge number of immigrants from almost all over the world. On Staten Island, it is worth visiting Port Richmond, the beating heart of Latin American culture, taking a walk in picturesque Park Hill and taking a peek at the exhibition at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Millions of tourists visit the Big Apple every year. An endless gold mine for those who want to earn money, isn't it? However, New York is not greedy, it continues to delight visitors - children and adults traveling alone and with a company - with free entertainment.

The Met, the city's iconic museum on the east side of Central Park, is so huge that you will have to try to get around it without missing anything. Museum treasures are divided into galleries: here are collected masterpieces of the Ancient World (Greece, Rome, Byzantium, North and South Africa), as well as contemporary American art. And, of course, painting and sculpture by European masters - from Rembrandt and Vermeer to Van Gogh and Picasso.

The museum presents wonderful collections of musical instruments, clothing, weapons and armor from different times and peoples. In summer, be sure to check out the rooftop garden for stunning views of the park with the city on the horizon. During the day and on weekends, the museum is usually crowded with visitors. Therefore, come here early in the morning or in the late afternoon on weekdays. From March 2018, you will have to pay for the entrance. But! It will remain free for residents.

Cost: $ 25. For visitors over 65 years old - $ 17. For students - $ 12. For children under 12 years old - free.

Since the 19th century, Rabbit Island has been a favorite vacation spot for New Yorkers. So, we set aside an hour for the road, take the southern subway train F, D, N or Q towards Coney Island and go to wander the historic paths and ride the Cyclone slides (part of the renewed amusement park).

The Atlantic coast here is not as attractive as other New York beaches, but in summer it is beautifully appointed and ready to welcome guests. And they will surely descend - the benevolent atmosphere will attract.

Or go to a circus show at the Coney Island Museum - gawk at fire eaters, giants on stilts and much, much more. The Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team plays in charming MCU Park near Boardwalk. And in the summer on Fridays, fireworks are launched here.

For one of the best pizzas in New York, visit Totonno’s (1524 Neptune Ave., www.otonnosconeyisland.om).

Where: Peninsula south of Belt Parkway and west of Ocean Parkway.

The 172 acre (69.6 ha) island south of the Brooklyn Bridge was opened to the public in the summer of 2009. Since then, it has been one of the favorite natural areas of residents and guests of the city. From May to October, you can get here by ferry from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South St.) in Manhattan or from the Brooklyn Bridge at DUMBO. Bicycles for rent, the beach, manicured lawns and the perimeter walking trail are great choices for both meditative walks and an afternoon picnic overlooking Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty. There are many food trucks and grocery stores on the island. You will not be bored either: one event is replaced by another here. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is held in the summer.

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