What documents are required to carry out the activities of a travel agent

Travel agency business plan

Tour operator license and financial support for its activities

Until 2007, tourism activities (activities of tour operators and travel agents) required a license. Other forms of regulation are currently being applied. This especially applies to tour operators who organize trips abroad for citizens of the Russian Federation - the so-called outbound tourism.

To ensure the proper performance of their duties by all types of tour operators, there are 2 tools (to choose from), provided for in Art. 17. Law "On the Basics of Tourist Activity in the Russian Federation" dated 24. 1.996 No. 132-FZ (hereinafter - Law No. 132-FZ):

  • operator's liability insurance contract;
  • bank guarantee.

The amount of financial liability depends on the type of services provided:

The means of such financial support are used to return funds for non-rendered services and pay the actual damage caused, including the cost of evacuation from the country where the rest was carried out.

In addition, information about the tour operator and the types of services it provides must be contained in the Unified Register of Tour Operators posted on the Rostourism website.

The Association Certificate is the next mandatory document for the implementation of tourism activities

Operators of outbound tourism must become members of the Association "Association of Tour Operators in the Field of Outbound Tourism" TURPOMOSCH "(hereinafter - the Association). The confirmation document will be a certificate of membership and a notice of renewal of such membership for each calendar year. Information about the presence of this or that operator in the ranks of the association can be found in the Unified Register of Tour Operators.

The Association collects funds from operators to funds:

Tour operator and travel agency activity

The organization of tourist activities is understood as a system of actions aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of tourism, the development, promotion, provision and implementation of tourist services. This activity is carried out both at the state level and at the level of individual tourism enterprises. The procedure for creating travel agencies has undergone significant changes - the licensing of tourism activities has been canceled.

To protect the rights of tourists, all tour operators operating in the territory of the Russian Federation must have a civil liability insurance contract for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under an agreement on the sale of a tourist product. Instead of a civil liability insurance contract, the tour operator may have a bank guarantee (financial security) for the fulfillment of its obligations.

Financial security is not required for the following organizations:

- providing excursion services on the territory of the Russian Federation for no more than 24 hours in a row;

- state and municipal unitary enterprises, as well as state and municipal institutions that carry out travel arrangements within the territory of the Russian Federation at prices established by the state in order to solve social problems.

The tour operator's liability insurance contract or a bank guarantee must ensure that the tour operator properly fulfills its obligations under all contracts for the sale of a tourist product concluded with tourists or other customers directly by the tour operator or, on his behalf, by tour agents.

The tour operator at its own expense insures the risk of its liability, which may arise as a result of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the agreement on the sale of a tourist product.

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The object of the tour operator's liability insurance is its property interests associated with the risk of the obligation to compensate tourists for real damage arising from non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the tour operator of obligations under the agreement on the sale of a tourist product.

An insured event under a tour operator's liability insurance contract is the fact of establishing the tour operator's obligation to reimburse the tourist for real damage resulting from non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the contract for the sale of a tourist product, provided that this happened during the term of the contract tour operator liability insurance.

The claim for the payment of insurance indemnity under the tour operator's liability insurance contract must be presented by the tourist to the insurer within the limitation period. This period is established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and is equal to three years (Art. 196).

The insurer is released from compensation for lost profits or compensation for moral damage to a tourist arising from non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by a tour operator of obligations under an agreement on the sale of a tourist product. However, he is obliged to pay insurance indemnity under the tour operator's liability insurance contract if the insured event occurred due to the intent of the seller of the travel service.

Financial model of a travel agency

Brief Investment Memorandum

The rhythm of life of modern people makes us more and more often think about quality and pre-planned rest. That is why the need for travel agencies is quite high, because many people prefer to entrust the organization of their vacation to professionals. Cancellation of licensing of tourism services has provided more opportunities for organizing this type of business.

Despite the depreciation of the ruble, which began in 2014 and led to an increase in the price of tourist vouchers, it cannot be said that Russians have completely abandoned resort vacations. It's just that now people are choosing more affordable destinations, for example, vacation in Russia. So, according to the Federal Agency for Tourism, the domestic tourist flow in 2013 amounted to 29 million trips, in 2014 - 40, in 2015 - 50. Thus, the annual growth is about 20%. Due to the closure of accessible destinations such as Turkey and Egypt in 2015-2016, the demand for travel to Tunisia has tripled, as evidenced by data from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

Thus, the activities of travel agencies directly depend on political and economic factors, but with proper business organization, you can always find and develop profitable directions, as well as diversify them in order to level possible risks.

Initial investment amount - 490,800 rubles.

The breakeven point is in the third month.

Payback period - 8 months.

Average monthly profit - 96,050 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

In view of the fact that rest and travel is an invariable need of every person who can afford it, the main audience of travel agencies is people of 22-60 years old with an average income level and above, who do not have the time or knowledge for independent organizing your trip. It is important to note that travel agencies should not be confused with tour operators. A travel agent is a travel company (or entrepreneur) engaged in the search, analysis and implementation of offers generated by travel operators available in the travel market for a pre-agreed percentage (usually 5-16% of the cost of a sold tour).

As a rule, people turn to travel agencies in order to reduce the time spent on finding and booking flights and the necessary accommodation, in order not to bother with paperwork, clients want to receive the most detailed and colorful information about attractions, infrastructure of the places you want to visit.

The main tasks that a travel agency performs for a client can be summarized as follows:

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