Types of tourism in Germany

Types of tourism in Germany

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations below before starting the formation of a set of documents for a business visa to Germany and strictly follow them in order to avoid any delays in the issuance of a permit or a categorical refusal to issue a visa.

The Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany and the diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation are empowered to consider visa applications from foreigners wishing to obtain the right to enter a European country.

Remember that the employees of the Diplomatic Mission have every right to request additional documents from the applicant or increase the time allowed for the consideration of papers. In addition to the originals of all documents, you must have photocopies of each paper with you.

Submission of an application with a set of applications on behalf of a minor tourist is carried out in accordance with the information "visa for children to Germany" published on the website.

Documents for a business visa to Germany

► Download in the "Forms" section from the official website of the German Visa Application Center VisaMetric the visa application form:

  • Fill in all fields in Videx and affix personal signatures in three places.
  • In cases where the traveler has not yet reached the age of majority, one of the parents or an authorized guardian signs an autograph for him.
  • A consent form for the processing of personal information must be attached to the visa application form. It must also be filled out according to the sample and be signed by the applicant indicating the date the information was entered.

Identity documents of the applicant

  • One of the main documents for a business visa to Germany from the application package remains the original of the applicant's current passport.
  • The passport must be valid throughout the trip and three months after returning home. It is allowed to provide a passport not older than 10 years. Otherwise, the document will not be accepted.
  • Copies of its non-blank pages are attached to the original passport.
  • Availability of information on previously issued visas favorably affects the consideration of the issue. This significantly increases the traveler's chances of obtaining a new permit.

► Requirements for a photo for a business visa to Germany:

  • You will also need a 3.5 x 3.5 cm biometric photo kit, including two copies of a photograph taken to meet strict European requirements.
  • Most of the frame should be a color image of the applicant. It is performed on a light, neutral background, without foreign objects.

► Medical insurance policy TCD:

Having a medical insurance policy is a prerequisite for crossing the Schengen border. Remember that border guards can also check the availability and relevance of the policy. If it turns out that the tourist does not have a policy, then his further journey across German soil will not take place.

A short list of documents for a visa to Germany

If the host does not bear the costs:

Detailed list of required documents for a business visa to Germany

An extremely important document. The invitation is the basis for issuing a BUSINESS visa. If the invitation does not suit the visa officer in some way, the likelihood of a visa refusal is very high. The basis for issuing a business visa is only an invitation from a German legal entity.

If you yourself plan to visit, for example, an exhibition or a forum in Germany, you bought a ticket and registered as a participant, and you have an electronic confirmation of registration for the event, then this does not apply to a business visa. Confirmation of registration at a forum or exhibition is a visa "Tourism" and "Other" according to the application form. In the "Other" column, you should indicate: "to participate in a Forum" [participation in the Forum]. This is not a business visa. If you apply for a business visa, you will be refused.

An invitation on the letterhead of a German legal entity. The invitation must be drawn up in either German or English.

For large German companies with a worldwide reputation, it is not necessary to provide the original invitation. For medium and small companies, we highly recommend requesting the original invitation.

Please note that the Consulate still has the right to request the provision of the original invitation, regardless of the name and status of the German company, as well as documents from items and items of the list

The invitation must contain the following information:

  • full contact information of the German company;
  • details of your foreign. passport (surname and name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiration of the passport, preferably the issuing authority);
  • preferably - your place of work and your position;
  • dates Your trip (for example, from 02 December 2019 till 10 December 2019);
  • justification for entry: the name of the event you plan to attend, or a description of the travel plan in any form;
  • dates, for which a visa is requested (for example, from 02 December 2019 till 01 December 2020). It is highly advisable to indicate the justification for issuing a multiple-entry visa (for example, indicate an approximate travel plan to Germany during the requested period);
  • if the costs are covered by a German company, then a guarantee must be provided to cover all costs of staying in the Schengen countries and departure from them in accordance with §§ 66-68 of the German Residence Act (in it. §§ 66-68 Aufenthaltsgesetz - AufenthG);
  • surname, name, position of the signatory of the invitation.

If the company has a seal/facsimile, then ask them to certify your invitation.

In the event that you are registering a new foreign. export immediately before traveling to Germany, to save time, you can omit the number of this document in the invitation (this is written on the website of the Embassy). The idea is simple - make it easy for a foreign country. assortment and in parallel - an invitation together with a German company. However, there may be a conflict in the spelling of your surname and first name in the new passport and invitation - we all know how the state. Rgans love to distort our names and surnames when writing them in Latin letters in foreign countries. asport. There are, for example, several spelling options for the name Yuri. In most cases, we do not know what name we will "get" in the new foreign. Asporte, therefore it is rather risky to issue an invitation in advance. An invitation full of typos in such fundamental things as first and last name may not please the Consul very much. Of course, if you know perfectly well what name and surname you will have, then feel free to ask for an invitation without waiting for a foreign exit. asport.

In practice, visa documents from large international companies with a worldwide reputation are accepted without providing a copy of an extract from the Trade Register.

Germany is one of the most economically developed countries in Europe. Immigrants are attracted by the high level of salaries, as well as the favorable conditions for doing business. Germany has a visa regime. For business travel, there are two types of entry permits: work and business visas.

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What is a work and business visa in Germany?

Despite the fact that work and business are very similar concepts, they also have a number of differences. Therefore, the corresponding permits to enter Germany have some special features.

  • A work visa is provided for residence and official employment of a foreign citizen in Germany.
  • A business visa is issued to meet with partners, hold a conference or business negotiations, as well as to resolve any issues related to doing business.

  • The period of validity is 6 months or more, 90 days of which you can stay on the territory of any countries of the Schengen zone.
  • The visa holder is entitled to formal employment.
  • To obtain a document, you must provide an invitation from the employer and a certificate confirming the existence of this organization.
  • It is possible to issue a national work visa, which gives the right to obtain a permanent residence in the future.

This is what the Blue Card for work in Germany looks like:

Distinctive features of a business or business visa:

  • Document validity period - no more than 90 days. During this period, you can stay on the territory of any state of the Schengen zone.
  • A multivisa is issued for frequent trips. In this case, you can cross the border as many times a year as required. All visits can only be short-term (no more than 90 days).
  • The holder of this type of visa is not eligible for formal employment.
  • For registration, an invitation from business partners and documentary evidence of their existence is required.
  • National business visas are not available.

Business visa looks like this:

What types of work permits are there?

Germany is mainly for tourism and is interesting in terms of its wealth of historical and architectural monuments. They are indeed collected on German soil in great numbers and variety. But this is not the only thing that makes this wonderful country attractive for tourism. Tours to Germany are able to amaze you with amazing discoveries, here you can find various and interesting types of tourist leisure.

If you are interested in architectural landmarks, then the best cities for tourism are, without a doubt, Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Here, majestic cathedrals coexist with carefully restored castles, palaces, as well as fortified cities.

German Resorts

German resorts are extremely diverse, many of them have been functioning for more than a century. They are mainly concentrated around mineral water springs, which allows you to combine relaxation with health improvement. The resort towns are very easy to distinguish among others, in their name there is the word "Bad", which is translated in a similar way. The world famous Baden-Baden, Bad Ems, Bad Kissigen, Bad Wildungen can be cited as an example of such place names. In total, the number of resorts in Germany is more than 300.

German resorts are mostly wellness. This is facilitated by the large accumulation of thermal and mineral springs, as well as the wonderful clean forest air, which is rich in oxygen and directly affects the recovery processes of the body. In Germany, there are a number of zones around which most resorts are concentrated: these are the Baltic Sea coast, the Rhine river valley, Bavaria and the Black Forest. The history of German spas is very rich. Some of the healing and health-improving springs were known by the Roman legionnaires, who were conquering the expansion of these lands.

German resorts are a combination of amazing service, modern technology, high-class specialists and the health benefits of local nature. The combination of these essential components makes them extremely attractive for health tourism, which is why they receive many millions of tourists every year.


When it comes to tourism in Germany, the first thing that comes to mind is this resort town. First of all, it is famous for its thermal springs, which were loved by the ancient Romans. The remains of Roman baths can still be found here, which is extremely interesting in itself. The modern spa history begins in the 18th century. It was visited by royals, nobles and famous artists. Russian writers fell in love with her, Ivan Turgenev, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov rested here.

The climate here is very favorable, the city is beautiful and covered with green gardens and parks, with an abundance of fountains and flower beds. Just walking along it is already a great pleasure that will allow you to get rid of the inconveniences of large metropolitan areas. Baden-Baden is a center for health tourism, so the tourist infrastructure is at the highest level here.

The thermal waters of Baden-Baden help in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart and blood vessels, respiratory diseases (rhinitis, bronchial asthma, laryngitis, etc.), stress disorders, nervous tension and overwork.

There is everything you need for health tourism: thermal springs, baths and baths, modern clinics, massage rooms and physical treatment rooms. Here, special water massage, mud baths, bathing, drinking procedures and other types of health and prophylactic procedures are used for treatment.

Germany is considered the economic center of Europe, it is not surprising that this country annually receives millions of tourists from all over the world. The Germans attract travelers with delicious cuisine, the Baltic Sea coast, Bavarian lakes, excellent hotels, clean and cozy cities, ski resorts, museums and many attractions.

Country overview

Germany with its capital in Berlin is located in Central Europe. The German state is considered one of the most economically developed countries in the world, which manifests itself in the social infrastructure, with the best clinics, transport links and technology. Constant development in all spheres of activity makes this state an object not only for tourist trips, but also for migration.

Experts of the tourism industry note that one should go to Germany for only a few days, while the program should be full of major cities and attractions. If you go on a visit for a long time, then you may get bored. The cost of the holiday is high due to property prices, otherwise everything is within the normal range. Gastronomic tours should fall on holidays and festivals, otherwise they will hardly surprise you.

German weather is shaped by a temperate climate. Due to the North Atlantic current, the maritime climate zone is widespread in the coastal territories, and the temperate continental zone in the southern ones. Winters are mild, with occasional frosts, and there is no sultry heat in summer. The ski season lasts from January to March.

How to get to Germany from different CIS countries

There are daily direct flights from Moscow to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hanover. The average flight duration is about three hours. Residents of St. Petersburg can directly get to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich on any day, citizens of Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar once a week - to Munich, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara - to Frankfurt.

There are direct flights from Kiev and Minsk every day to the largest German cities. Twice a week, a train runs from Russia to Germany via Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Austria. You can still get from Moscow to Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich by bus through Belarus.

Health resorts and ski resorts in Germany

The small settlement of Baden-Baden is famous for its mineral springs. As early as the third century, the ancient Romans were restoring health. This place also attracts guests with ancient buildings, well-tended parks, luxury hotels and restaurants, the Palace of Festivals, a spa house and a casino.

With the help of thermal baths, drinking mineral water, inhalation, massages in Baden-Baden, they successfully eliminate general weakness, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, heart, and improve metabolism.

Wiesbaden is an old thermal spa in Europe, located near Mainz. Guests improve their health, tidy up their appearance in four saunas, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi. Wiesbaden is also interesting for the historical bath of the Emperor Frederick, Palace Square, decorated with two Town Halls, a Ducal Palace, an old casino, a city museum and Mount Neroberg with the Church of St. Elizabeth.

The beautiful ski resort of Oberstdorf is located on the German-Austrian border. The center is famous for its high-quality tracks, both for beginners and athletes. The stages of the World Cup are held on the sports tracks. Oberstdorf regularly hosts speed skating competitions and world skiing championships.

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