Turkey for permanent residence - the best cities for foreign citizens to relocate

6 million Russians are waiting in Turkey

Every foreigner can obtain citizenship and start a new life, choosing for permanent residence one of the countries with a warm climate, profitable investment programs and loyal conditions for businessmen. Turkey for permanent residence in 2020 is a worthy choice, but it is preliminarily recommended to decide on a new city, to study its infrastructure, traditions and opportunities.

In which city of Turkey is it better to move to a Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian or citizen of another country, we will understand in more detail in our material.

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Turkey permanent residence - peculiarities of the state for foreigners

Why do foreigners choose Turkey as a country for moving to permanent or temporary residence? There are several indisputable advantages of this state, which is relevant in 2020.

  • Turkey is located in southwestern Asia and southern Europe, and its shores are washed by three seas (Black, Mediterranean and Aegean). Among the eastern jurisdictions, this state is considered the most economically developed, which is largely due to the tourist flow and well-functioning international relations. Most of Turkey's holidaymakers stay in the country forever and come from the countries of the former USSR.
  • The Turkish government is interested in foreign investors at all levels - from ordinary citizens who want to move to the country for permanent residence, to large businessmen who are ready to invest their assets in the state's economy. Turkey today is a country that accepts all foreigners, offering them citizenship programs and residence permits on favorable terms:

a. when buying real estate from $ 250,000, you can get Turkish citizenship, and purchasing an apartment at a lower rate gives you the right to a Turkish residence permit for a period of 2 years with a further extension of the ikamet;

b. investments in bonds, large objects, as well as opening a deposit in a bank of Turkey with a deposit of half a million dollars - the second condition, subject to which, a foreigner can obtain a passport of a resident of the republic, while retaining the status of a citizen of his country;

c. highly qualified specialists in various fields have the opportunity to apply for the Turquise Card/Turquoise Card in Turkey, which gives the right to permanently reside in the country of the southern sun as a resident;

d. registration of a company in Turkey by a foreigner can also become a reason for him to apply to the Migration Service with an application for citizenship. The main condition of this program is to provide at least 50 jobs in your Turkish company/branch.

Turkey for permanent residence - the best cities for foreign citizens to relocate

A great advantage of working in the country is that there is no need to obtain a visa in case of a seasonal stay. For example, if you decide to work as an animator in a hotel for 3 months, combining such activities with rest, you can do this without any documents.

The main foreign labor market in Turkey is the former USSR countries (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, etc.). This is partly due to the fact that Turkish entrepreneurs need employees who speak Russian well. In 2004, the Association of Russian Culture was even created, which helps emigrants find work in the country and adapt faster. Branches of the organization are located in large cities - Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir.

Seasonal workers are most in demand - animators, guides, dancers, models, English teachers for the summer. In addition, in Turkey there is a constant shortage of female workers, therefore, there are many vacancies for nannies and nurses, waitresses, maids, qualified nurses, waitresses, seamstresses, hairdressers on the corresponding sites. Due to the rapid development of the housing market, the country is in need of builders, engineers and designers. Not to mention highly qualified specialists: doctors, teachers, IT workers.

How to find a job in Turkey for a foreigner?

The easiest way to search is to contact the services of specialized agencies. But there are many "buts" here. First of all, the services of such companies will cost you $ 200-250. Information about the organization will have to be checked very carefully, there are many scammers in this area on the market.

Websites for job search and vacancies in Turkey

The first resource to look into is the Turkish Employment Service. Here you can find up-to-date information about the local labor market, as well as register for a job search, explore training opportunities, and consult on starting a business.

You should also visit the Government Investment Portal. Here you can find important information for immigrants that will help you find a job in the country, you can also find out the details of obtaining a residence permit and work permit.

You can also contact unofficial, but proven work sites:

  • FLAGMA (Russian)
  • SecretCV. om (Turkish)
  • Yenibiris (Turkish)
  • Kariyer. et (Turkish)
  • CareerJet (Turkish)
  • Vacanciesinturkey (English)

Don't forget to register on LinkedIn - there you can search for vacancies in international companies with offices in Turkey.

Turkey for permanent residence in 2020 - TOP 10 best provinces and cities of the Turkish state for expats and businessmen. Features and required documents.

Turkey is a reasonable choice for Russian entrepreneurs who have decided to develop their business abroad. The country attracts foreign investors with its loyalty and ease of implementation of business ideas. A stable economic environment and the absence of inflation surges allow you not to worry about the safety of your capital, and government programs to support small and medium-sized businesses make it possible to quickly recoup your investment.

What is relevant and profitable to do in Turkey now

Today, when choosing a business in Turkey, Russian entrepreneurs prefer such types of activities as the tourism and hotel business, the provision of services in the field of active recreation: diving, hiking, sea attractions. However, an investor starting a business in these areas has to face a lot of competition, which makes the job much more difficult and increases the payback period.

To stimulate lagging sectors of the economy, Turkey has introduced a number of significant benefits for entrepreneurs investing in such areas:

  • automotive ,
  • education ,
  • health care ,
  • enterprises implementing innovative technologies in the field of environmental protection ...

Russian businessmen who open such a case will be able to receive tax incentives:

  • fish farms,
  • construction companies,
  • electronics manufacturing,
  • research and development activities,
  • shipbuilding.

Top Business Ideas

The choice of an idea for a business should be based on the planned volume of investments. With small investments, a good option would be to open a beauty salon, and with serious investments, it is advisable to turn your attention to the hotel business, investments in construction, agriculture and the restaurant business.

Many business ideas are effectively implemented in the so-called industrial zones of Turkey, created to support small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

In mid-April of this year, the Turkish-Russian Forum of Hospitality was held for the first time in Antalya, one of the organizers of which was the weekly "Arguments and Facts". The forum was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Republic and Russia.

How many five-stars?

“We have 81 provinces in Turkey. We can say that this is 81 guest rooms, where we are ready to receive guests from Russia, - said the Governor of Antalya Mukhtach Teyide at the forum. - In terms of the number of hotels and tourists, the city of Antalya is in the 12th place in the world ranking. Of the 900 hotels on the coast of Antalya, 400 are five-star. "

"At first, knowledge of English was welcomed when hiring, - recalls the representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Deputy Minister Arysoy Omer - Now - knowledge of the Russian language."

The international loyalty program of the tourism industry to Russian tourists Russian Friendly began operating in Turkey this year. Its participants - hotels, hospitals, shopping malls - everyone who wants to create comfortable living conditions for our compatriots.

These are Russian-speaking staff, signs and names of dishes in restaurants in Russian, as well as Russian dishes on the menu.

Who are the best?

Within the framework of the forum, the best hotels were awarded under the Russian Friendly program.

The awards went to Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa, PGS Hotels Kremlin Palace, Swandor Topkapi Palace, Lujo Bodrum, Selectum Luxury Resort and Astoria Hotel. AZUR air and ERV insurance company also received special awards.

The Russian Friendly program is part of the RU TRAVEL PRO National Tourism Rating, which includes, in addition to comfortable conditions for Russian-speaking tourists, such provisions as environmental safety, protection of tourists' rights, barrier-freeness and others.

It is noteworthy that 65% of tourists on the Antalya coast are families with children. They prefer the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. And for them in the hotels of Turkey there are programs "The hotel is a friend of children". There are programs "The hotel is a friend of the environment" and programs for people with disabilities.

The RU TRAVEL PRO rating has already started operating in Russia, and the first awards were presented at the First National Congress of Travelers and Air Passengers in Moscow in early April.

Turkey is an excellent platform for any type of investment, but the hotel business has been holding the palm for decades. After all, this is not only a guaranteed opportunity to recoup your investment, but also the prospect of combining work with leisure, which greatly enhances the popularity of the direction. Vacation is the greatest opportunity for work, and only the Turkish tourist infrastructure, combined with the active development of the middle and upper segment of hotels, allows building on the beautiful coastline, working and at the same time enjoying the privileges of the resort area. However, to achieve success, just ideas and financial investments are not enough, you need to understand what the tourism business in Turkey is focused on, what is more in demand, how to achieve a stable income in a short time, and also take into account the recommendations of the country's Ministry of Tourism and international standards.

Why do hoteliers choose Turkey?

More and more hoteliers are betting on Turkey, the number of hotel chains in the country is increasing annually, today there are more than 160 of them. It is important that about 18 percent of them are owned by foreigners or are a form of joint ownership. Why Turkey? There are several reasons:

  • According to the results of the last year, tourism in the Republic of Turkey was recognized as exceeding the world average in terms of development rate, and the industry's contribution to the 2017 deficit was 38 percent;
  • Turkey is one of the five leading countries in geothermal tourism, and is in first place in terms of the number of thermal springs, because there are more than 1,500 of them in the Republic!
  • The number of hotel beds at thermal spa resorts is growing rapidly, their number has already exceeded 55 thousand due to high demand.
  • Turkish Belek is a real paradise for golf fans. More than 2. million tourists from different countries come here every year, and the International Association of Tourist Golf Tours leaders recognized Turkey as the most developed country in this industry. New hotels are opened in Belek every year, which are invariably in demand.
  • Due to the optimal climatic conditions, the construction of hotels in Turkey is very fast and relatively inexpensive. The competition is very high, which forces construction companies to offer customers low prices, thus minimizing the return on investment.
  • The Turkish authorities are actively working to turn the country into a year-round resort. An example of this is the development of diving in the city of Kekaba, where tourists can admire sunken ships at any time of the year, the "Lycian Trail" for trekking fans, numerous tennis courts and football fields for training athletes in winter. Medical and business conferences, usually held in winter, play an important role in maintaining the hoteliers' year-round income.

Most Popular Hotels in Turkey

The popularity and peculiarities of Turkish hotels arouse keen interest not only among tourists, but also among investors who are planning to open a hotel business on the coast. The most unbiased and accurate source providing the rating of hotels in the country is AKTOV (Association of Investors and Hoteliers of Turkey). According to the latest data from analysts of this organization, provided at the end of 2017, the following are among the best Turkish hotel chains: DedemanHotels, RixosHotels, LimakInt. otels, TitanicHotels, DelphinHotels, CrystalHotels, PalomaHotels and AnemomHotels. With regard to international hotels of the chains, which, like the Turkish ones, were assessed by at least 15 criteria, the leaders were: Hilton Worldwide Hotels, Intercontinental Group, AccorHotels and Wyndham Hotels.

In the current season, according to the Ministry of Tourism, the hotels LandofLegends, DelphinPremium and MaxRoyalsHotel are in greatest demand among vacationers. An important role is played by the originality and imagination with which the owners approach the organization of the hotel business and the Land of Legends Hotel of the Rixos chain is a very vivid example of this. The concept of the hotel is truly unique, because its rooms are decorated in a unique style, there are elements of fantasy, and fabulous motives, as well as bright historical moments are displayed in the interior. In addition, the hotel has developed a chic amusement park, vacationers are delighted, plunging into the fantastic world offered by the creators of the hotel.

As for MaxRoyalsKemer, it has become a leader largely due to its unique location, the hotel is located in a nature reserve, its concept is based on the unity of man with nature, combined with high-quality service and meeting all VIP requirements.

Also among the most unusual Turkish hotels are AquaBossHotel in Istanbul, located within the walls of a former cannery, the floating OtantikGemiHotel, located near Bursa and created on the basis of a real Istanbul ferry, the Gamirasu hotel in Cappadocia, where guests are welcome are accepted in cave rooms, as well as hotels in the form of forest houses on the Mediterranean coast. The ingenuity of hoteliers is invariably justified by high incomes and the flow of guests, as practice shows that modern tourists value originality very much.

Do not forget about the numerous boutique hotels, the popularity of which has almost doubled over the past year and a half. This segment is becoming more and more attractive to investors due to its fast payback. Such hotels are created for travelers who are tired of the hustle and bustle, and who want to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and solitude, take a break from the noise. One of the most popular boutique hotels in Turkey is considered the Ada Hotel, located in the thickets of century-old olive trees in Bodrum, TahsinbeyKonagi is no less famous, founded within the walls of an ancient mansion and creating a unique historical atmosphere.

The imagination of Turkish hoteliers really knows no boundaries, because thanks to its geographic location and state support, Turkey disposes to implement the most daring ideas.

Peculiarities of the hotel business in Turkey

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