Travel business; how to organize a business

Travel business; how to organize a business

What a Tourism Manager Should Know

So, we have decided that knowledge of tourism, knowledge of the material part is necessary, but what kind of knowledge is needed? How to understand exactly what a manager knows about tourism? What are the main points of control do you have (Table 4)?

Table 4. What a Tourism Manager Should Know

As you can see, we've broken down the basic knowledge a manager needs into two groups. We marked in bold those areas that are almost impossible to recognize in a short space of time. The manager just needs to have them already at the interview stage. It is almost impossible to teach the hotel base, to teach the peculiarities of countries, the main tourist destinations, seasonality, off-seasonality and other fairly global matters in a short period of time. In any case, we have not yet encountered such a method in our practice, although we are preparing it now and, perhaps, will soon announce it. But this will be discussed later.

The same thing - it is very difficult to teach a manager about sales psychology and sales techniques in a short period of time. It is sales, sales skills, what is worth paying attention to, the very approach to sales and knowledge of the hotel base - these are very long-term matters. Therefore, it is almost impossible to teach them in a short time. The usual font indicates those areas that it is quite possible to teach in a short time, but if the manager is proud of his knowledge of the search program, the fact that he, for example, is well versed in the documentation, but does not know the countries themselves, does not know how to sell - this is not the best acquisition. At the same time, if a person sells well and understands countries, often traveled by himself and does not know any program, booking methods or any legal issues, this does not mean that he is not suitable for you. These topics can be mastered in two weeks, if you do it closely. Let's go through the points. Tour operator - travel agent relationship. To understand them, in addition to some kind of introductory lecture, a person experienced in tourism can study contracts with major tour operators. What are the rights of the tour operator spelled out there, what are the rights and obligations of the travel agent. See similar things in the Law on Tourism Activities, see the agreement that was adopted by the agency with the client. Already proceeding from this, one can understand who is responsible for what and who should do what.

There are not so many programs that are widespread in the tourist business: a tour search system, a booking system for tour operators, they can be mastered in two to three hours. The programs in which the documents are drawn up are a little more complicated, but given that the manager there will only have to do basic things, such as filling out client data and printing contracts, vouchers, etc., this is also mastered quite quickly.

Booking methods. Of course, there are still situations when fax or e-mail is used for this, but now most of the tour operators are switching to booking-only. And here there is such a subtlety that each online operator is slightly different. And the booking system needs to be studied, but having mastered three or four systems of the main tour operators, your manager will be able to fully work.

Questions regarding paperwork. You should have clear instructions. When to book a tour, in any case, do not book a tour without prepayment. What must be included in the contract, because it often happens that in a standard contract there are items to be filled out and the manager can hurry up and not fill in some things. It should be clearly stated in the contract that all empty spaces must be filled in, and again, our practice shows that it is not just filled, but filled in two copies in the same way: both in the client's copy and in the copy that remains in the tourist companies. It is very important to know the penalties and penalties, for example, in the event of a client's refusal from a tour All this, as a rule, is spelled out in contracts, on operators' websites, and it is not difficult to study it. It is necessary to understand the rules for filing claims and how to proceed with this claim (we will talk about working with claims in the following chapters).

Various documents such as tour confirmation that comes from the tour operator. There are situations when there are some mistakes. Therefore, it is imperative to check everything. Whether the flight, the airport, or the right hotel. This will be a kind of mindfulness exercise for the manager. If it is, then it means that a person can easily figure it out.

Naturally, the manager must know and have a good idea at what moment documents are issued to the tourist, what should be included in the set of these documents when we receive them from the tour operator, what documents must be signed when issuing documents. All these things can be mastered in a week or two of hard work, in contrast to the knowledge of countries and the hotel base, unfortunately. The priority for you should be that the manager, when you hire him to work, normally knows the countries and hotels. Moreover, in principle, if you, of course, do not take a super-professional, it will be good if a person knows what is called, from and to at least a couple of countries, optimally - this is Turkey for the summer season, Egypt for the winter season. If a person worked as a guide in one or another country, he, naturally, already has a good idea and he can come up to you, so that further along the way you can, so to speak, pull up other countries and teach him that he is not knows about the work of a travel agent. But if a person does not know the countries and does not know, does not understand and does not like the psychology of sales, with such a manager you are not on your way.

Outdoor Role Play: Immersive Tourism vs Recreation

Earnings in business and at work

How to start a travel business and make money from it

In Russia, the tourism sector is growing very quickly, as it is very highly profitable, and is best suited for setting up your own business. What actions need to be taken for this? And how to turn this business into a successful and profitable one? In our article, we will talk about this in more detail.

Business Registration

From this article you can find out how to start a travel business. Due to the fact that it is not necessary to license tourism activities, both private businessmen and legal entities can be engaged in this area. However, in order to profit from this, you need to remember some of the nuances.

Before creating this type of activity, you must register with the relevant authorities. The tour operator must have financial security, or he must have a bank guarantee of funds for the following types of tourist activities.

  • Inbound tourism - 11 million rubles,
  • International tourism - 35,
  • Domestic tourism - 500 thousand rubles.

It is not necessary to have this amount on hand. You just need to carry out the insurance procedure for your business. The price for the policy will be approximately 0.5% of the total amount. The tour operator must be registered in the Unified Register without fail. In addition, you will need to deal with obtaining a certification certificate, which will certify all services provided by this company in accordance with established standards.

If your office has a large number of all kinds of certificates, then clients will treat you with great confidence.

Starting capital

Tourism business, like any other area in business, cannot be developed without initial investment. If you do not have great financial opportunities to invest in your own business, then first you can rent a small office. It is only necessary to have a large number of friends and acquaintances, to have a computer and a telephone. You can just sell various tours and make a profit from it. All the income thus obtained should be accumulated for the initial capital. You can also try at first to get a bank loan secured by existing property. For the possibility of successful development of your business, you need to invest in it.

Travel agency business plan

What does a typical trip abroad consist of? Hotels, local attractions, restaurants and social media photos. Immersive tourism offers something

After months at work, people are looking forward to their vacation. They are ready to pay any money in order to rest and recuperate in this short period. They want exotic things, and people are happy to devote their vacations to traveling to other countries. For this reason, the tourism business is gaining more and more popularity among entrepreneurs.

How to start your own tourism business?

How to start a travel business? This question worries many entrepreneurs. First you need to understand the types of tourism. It happens:

  • Outgoing. This type includes travel abroad.
  • Entry. This includes travel to the territory of the country by persons who do not live here.
  • Internal. This type of tourism includes travel of citizens across the territory of their own country.

Then you need to understand the types of activities that can be carried out in the field of tourism. Distinguish:

  • Tour operators who organize trips;
  • Travel agencies that carry out trips, that is, they carry out only trade activities.

For a successful start, a businessman must:

  • Determine the geography of the business. Do not choose too large a region to start with. It is possible to provide travel services to a specific country or area.
  • Select a line of business. Currently, there is a whole list of directions. Various types of tours are in demand, ranging from relaxation to extreme. To achieve success, you should carry out activities in one direction only.
  • Decide on partners. It will not be possible to run a tourism business without partners. These are tour operators. Partners should be selected even before the organization starts functioning.

Choosing a form of ownership

Having thought about how to organize a tourism business, an entrepreneur must choose a form of ownership. If it is planned to carry out a tour operator activity, which is the promotion and sale of a tourist product, then an LLC should be registered. The law stipulates that this type of activity is available only for legal entities. LLC fits this requirement, because it has the status of a legal entity. If you plan to carry out activities only for the implementation of tours, then you can go through the registration procedure as an individual entrepreneur.

Portfolio and Tax

Business is subject to compulsory licensing. To obtain a license, you will need to submit the following documents to the State Committee for Standardization and Financial Technologies of the Russian Federation:

  • application ;
  • copies of constituent documents;
  • copy of registration certificate;
  • confirmation of payment for consideration of the application ;
  • registration document.

Tourism is a profitable and promising business sector, which you will definitely not regret taking up. This business will allow you to find out a lot of useful and important information, meet a lot of interesting and useful people, and also inexpensively travel the whole world on "hot" tours. Consider how to open a travel agency from scratch and what you need to do this.


If you decide to enter the tourist business, then you should distinguish between the concepts of a tour operator and a travel agency.

  • The tour operator makes its own route, reservations transport, hotels and solves all organizational issues.
  • The travel agency sells tours from tour operators, receiving a percentage for this.

You will start your business exactly as a tour operator - this is the easiest and most inexpensive way. The travel agency can implement various tours from different tour operators - usually there are no restrictions on this. Tours can be both international and domestic.

How to open a travel agency

Not sure where to start the opening procedure? With registration in the tax office. You can register as an individual entrepreneur and as an LLC. IP allows you to save time and simplify the reporting system, but LLC opens up more opportunities for the client.

Please note: we recommend opening an LLC right away, since clients trust organizations more than private individuals. And tour operators are more willing to cooperate with full-fledged LLCs.

Then you will need to come up with a name, preferably directly or indirectly related to travel. Of course, you can name a travel agency after your wife or your favorite dog, but this is unlikely to bring him popularity. Better to choose something themed. You will also need to choose a room, hire staff and run an advertising campaign.


As an office, a small room with an area of ​​about 20 squares with 2-3 employees is suitable for you - this is quite enough in most cases. It is better to choose an office in a crowded, passable place in the city center. Be sure to make good repairs in the room, install comfortable furniture, order a high-quality sign. Wealthy people who value comfort and coziness order travels, so you shouldn't save on comfortable armchairs and sofas.

For your employees, equip comfortable desks, buy computers, armchairs, various stationery, shelving, etc. You will also need a copier, printer and fax. Pay special attention to the Internet - the channel must be of high quality and stable.


Where to start this type of activity. Choosing the location of the company, recruiting personnel and searching for clients. Calculation of costs and revenues. According to a study by the World Bank, tourism is the largest and most dynamically developing industry in the world. The number of tourists visiting other countries is growing every year. A large number of travel agencies are opening in the domestic space. But many of them are also hastily closed, because the market is oversaturated with such offers. Business tourism is a profitable sphere, but it is very difficult to take a stable position and gain a foothold in the tourist services market.

When you go into tourism, the main thing is not to go around the world

But this does not mean that the tourism business is a hopeless business. There are many successful and profitable firms that have managed to get started in a highly competitive environment. Let's consider the basic ideas of organizing a travel agency.

Entry threshold

Many people think that it is very easy to organize this business. Renting a small office, hiring 1-2 employees to take phone calls and work with clients is all you need to get started. Such ideas lead to the rapid closure of the company, which did not even have time to declare itself.

No tourist wants to agree to the first offer, especially if it comes from an unknown travel agency. Scammers and fraudsters continue to work successfully in this market, many organizations provide services of poor quality. That is why most are ready to overpay money, but turn to a trusted agency.

If we talk about pricing policy, then most companies cooperate with the same operators. This means that the main proposals, ideas and prices for services do not differ much.

In turn, this area has significant advantages. The threshold for entering business tourism is low and amounts to 10 thousand dollars. But this is the bottom line. Foreign investors who enter the domestic market are ready to invest millions of dollars to achieve the set idea.

Concept Search

How to start organizing a business? The first step in your plan should be to find a concept. Such ideas should reflect the essence and specifics of future activities, include the range of services provided. Will you be engaged in additional services - sale of tickets for air or rail transport, travel insurance, visa processing, etc.

If you are not sure where to start the organization process, follow our diagram:

  • Monitoring of the market of tourist services in your city.
  • Generating an idea and choosing a main direction of activity.
  • Design the content of service processes.
  • Search for tour operators, development of main directions and routes.
  • Preparation of permits.
  • Formation of control methodology.
  • Conducting marketing activities.
  • Development of sales options and financial transactions with clients.
  • Establishing a pricing policy, analyzing the cost of a tourist product.
  • The process of working with clients and control over the quality of services provided.

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