Travel agency business plan

Travel agency business plan

In this article, you will learn how you can make money by organizing adventure tours or starting a travel business specializing in extreme tourism.

Costs of setting up a business: From $ 10,000 Relevant for cities with a population: From 50,000 people Situation in the industry: low level of competition Difficulty of organizing a business: 3/5 Payback: 6 - 12 months

Adventure or extreme tourism can be any tour that goes beyond a simple holiday on the seashore with equipped beaches and multi-star hotels. Potential tourists include fans of ice climbing in Finland, deep-sea fishing off the coast of Australia, rope jumping in picturesque places in Africa or sightseeing tours of the Mayan ruins in a hot air balloon. People want to spend their vacation in such a way that they will have vivid memories and unforgettable impressions about it. That is why the business idea of ​​organizing a travel agency specializing in extreme travel suggests a considerable demand for this type of vacation. Since adventure tourism differs from traditional tourism, not only people with experience in the field of tourism can try their hand in this area, but also beginners - lovers of extreme travel.

How to make money on extreme tourism

To make money on extreme or adventure tourism, you need to open a small agency, develop several types of extreme tours and non-standard vacations for a start, and then start looking for potential clients. Adventure tours will be popular with those who want to tickle their nerves, enjoy the excess of adrenaline in the process of experiencing extreme situations. Also, tourists should be offered various unusual trips, among which may be:

  • Archaeological
  • Ethnographic
  • Underwater
  • Zoological
  • Sports (river rafting , rally, skydiving)
  • Transport (moving on horses, camels, elephants, jeeps, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.)

There are a large number of places on the planet that arouse interest and attract the attention of travelers. You can recommend excursion tours to your clients to any place that seems interesting to them and to you. Penguins in Antarctica, ice ridges in the Arctic, traces of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, the Grand Canyon or Death Valley in America. And these are just the first ideas that came to mind. If you look through the illustrated geographical atlas, the number of ideas for unusual travel will grow many times over.

Income can be obtained not only from charging clients for organizing an adventure trip, but also by concluding agency agreements with host companies, providers of accommodation and various services at the locations of the tours themselves.

Agency Organization

In the process of organizing an agency, you will need to rent an office space. Be careful when choosing the location of your agency, visitors should easily find it. The next important point will be the repair and decoration of the premises. Take care of the design yourself or invite a designer, but as a result, the interior of the agency should immediately show the visitor that extreme tours are provided here. Do not forget about the registration of your company, as well as the need for licensing this type of activity. After completing all the necessary documentation, you can proceed to the search for personnel.

In the process of searching for employees, it is advisable to try to hire qualified managers who already have experience in the tourism sector. They will not only help to avoid mistakes at the start of a business, but also bring their clientele to the agency. They will also be of great help in planning routes, since any of the proposed tours must be carefully worked out in technical terms. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances and details regarding transport, equipment, finances, instructors, etc.

Advertising and customer search

How to make money on adventure or extreme tourism services

Over the past few years, Turkey has become one of the world leaders in pricing and quality of supplied goods and services. Business ideas with Turkey are still relevant today. Quite a large number of residents of the former CIS countries conduct their business with Turkish companies or seek to open their own company on the territory of this state.

Among the main advantages of doing business with Turkish partners, or directly on the territory of a given state, is its geographical position. Many experts point out the advantages of the transcontinental location between Europe and Asia. This factor is due to the placement of a large number of trade routes, attracting significant masses of investors. That is why business ideas with Turkey should be singled out as a separate category.

Moreover, the issue of joining the European Union is currently being actively considered, which will also contribute to the inflow of investments and improve cooperation in various fields.

The country is distinguished by quite favorable conditions for entrepreneurs of different classes, location close enough to many post-Soviet countries and historically established economic ties with the CIS countries.

Business with Turkey - Ideas: Features of the State Economy

In addition to the above advantages, this country is distinguished by the presence of specialized economic zones, which is used as a tool to attract investment. Such places exist in several cities of this state and represent a kind of industrial complexes that unite the business of the medium and small segment, which operates in certain regions. The development of business ideas with Turkey in these regions has special prospects.

The accelerated development of entrepreneurship in such areas is carried out through the use of specialized preferential programs in the tax area, the issuance of loans, as well as regarding the pricing policy for energy resources.

These zones can be roughly divided into three main groups:

Business ideas with Turkey: import of goods

Of course, one of the most demanded niches in working with Turkish partners is the supply of various kinds of goods and their sale in the markets of the CIS countries.

You can find suppliers both on the Internet and at thematic exhibitions and events - there are a number of specialized exhibitions that are held annually. Clothes and footwear from Turkey are in great demand, but household goods and household appliances are also in demand in domestic markets.

How to make money on services of adventure or extreme tourism In this article you will learn how you can make money on organizing adventure tours or starting a tourism business,


The promotion of any activity and sphere of production is impossible without the introduction of new technologies and achievements of science, improving existing models, taking into account changes in the market and needs of the buyer, as well as without the ability to be mobile among competitors. Such changes defines the innovative path of development of the industry.

Innovations in tourism are innovations and fresh ideas in travel and recreation. The result of the introduction of such innovations is to increase the tourist flux and profit growth.

features of innovation in tourism

In each industry, there are its own characteristics on which the success of its development depends. The same applies to tourism, income from which is the main for residents of some countries or is a substantial part in the state budget.

What are the innovations in tourism?

  • scale: level of the entire industry, individual enterprises, countries, cities, destinations.
  • on the scope of implementation: in information technology, in the organization of management and work of people, in the field of maintenance.
  • in the rate of occurrence: strategic (introduced gradually) and reactive (rapidly).
  • on the potential of development: from radical changes before improving the parts of the existing system. The factors on which the growth and promotion of tourism depends is geographical and weather conditions, attractions, culture and history. The maximum use of their use, a combination of various services, the creation of a new product may be the potential for the development of the industry.

We list the main innovative activities on the tourist market: <

  • exercising advertising campaigns (through the media);
  • attract consumers through discounts and shares and reporting this information to tourists;
  • Creating a positive reputation with possible customers, improving the service, the formation of a system of feedback on its company;
  • Using information technology, including the development and creation of convenient tools for searching and reporting information, sites, mobile applications, etc./Li >
  • introduction and promotion of services previously not presented in the region: new tours, routes, cooperation with air carriers, hotels, restaurants, visit museums via the Internet and other;
  • Construction of new tourist objects;
  • study of the work of competitors, including successfully developing.

Government support for innovation in tourism in Russia

Tourism activity brings significant income to the state treasury, and also supports other economic sectors (transport, food supply, the creation of souvenirs and other goods, construction), thereby providing residents of the country with new jobs.

For this reason, it is beneficial for the state to support tourism and be directly involved in the development of programs for the implementation and support of innovations, as well as the formation of conditions for work and the necessary infrastructure.

Space tourism is a trend today and is no longer a fantasy, it is a global industry and a highly profitable business. The space tourism industry is growing at a fast pace in the world, in the future it is a multi-billion dollar market.

Leading space agencies and companies are extremely interested in this promising business. Now this industry is in its infancy and space travel is only available to millionaires. To make space travel with a spacewalk, you need to pay $ 20 - $ 35 million.

So far, space tourism means three types of flights outside the earth's atmosphere - orbital, suborbital and around the moon. Of these three directions, only the orbital option has been implemented in practice, the most expensive and demanding for the preparation of travelers.

Only Roscosmos together with the American company Space Adventures delivers tourists to orbit. Western companies Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are engaged in suborbital tourism, and SpaceX is engaged in flights around the moon. Lunar and suborbital voyages will be available to the public in the near future - no real tourists have been sent along these routes yet.

Space tourism companies

The first company to provide services in the field of space tourism was the American Space Adventures. In the period from 2001 to 2009, Space Adventures, with the technical support of Roskosmos, implemented 8 tourist flights. One of the tourists, Charles Simonyi, was lucky enough to visit the ISS twice - and only for $ 70 million.

All travelers were transported to the Russian segment of the station - NASA representatives since the inception of the idea of ​​orbital tourism said that the American agency is not interested in amateur travelers, although it has no objections to commercial astronauts-specialists.

In November 2019, Roscosmos ordered two new ships specifically for orbital tourists. The Soyuz-MS version for tourist flights has been redesigned to be operated by one pilot, the cost of the voyage is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles.

Prior to that, Roskosmos accepted tourists only if there were vacant seats, since 2010 there were no such tourists at all: the corporation delivered professional astronauts from NASA and the European Space Agency to orbit. The cost of the service is $ 80 million per seat, which is much more profitable than amateur tourism.

In 2020, Space Adventures announced a new service: organizing space tourists to go into outer space. The contract with the Russian RSC Energia is already ready, but the names of the first applicants are still unknown.

The exact cost of a tour into space, according to representatives of Space Adventures, depends on the duration of preparation at Star City, the date of the flight and other factors. It is known that preparation for the flight will take several weeks longer than in the case of previous orbital tourists, and the period of stay on the ISS instead of 10 days will be extended to 16.

Foreign commercial projects

The tourism industry is a dynamically developing business area. Modern rhythms of life force each of us to think in advance about quality rest, which will allow us to get a surge of vigor and restore our ability to work. A change of scenery helps to get new impressions and emotions, improve health and improve mental state, which is why people go on vacation abroad or travel around the country.

Description of the business idea and its relevance

The main function of a travel agency is the selection of tours for clients wishing to go on vacation abroad or within the country. In fact, a travel company is an intermediary organization that promotes and sells a tourist product from a tour operator to clients.

The tasks of the travel company include:

  • selection of the optimal tour from the offers of tour operators in accordance with the wishes and financial capabilities of the client;
  • preparation of the necessary package of documents;
  • planning the trip route and the organization of transfer to the hotel and back;
  • providing complete and reliable information about the infrastructure and attractions of the recreation area;
  • information and consulting support for vacationers.

Hundreds of new travel agencies are opened in Russia every year, which testifies to the prospects and profitability of this area of ​​activity. Opening your own travel agency is not very difficult, this business does not require large-scale investments and is able to bring good income if the business is properly organized.

What is the target audience for the business?

The main clients of the tourism industry are men and women from 22 to 60 years old who:

  • have an income of at least an average level;
  • do not have the desire or skills to organize recreation on their own;
  • want to reduce the time of selection and booking tickets and accommodation.

Clients of travel agencies can be divided into several segments according to their needs:

  • families with children;
  • couples in love and newlyweds;
  • youth companies;
  • older people.

Couples with one or more children prefer the so-called family vacation, for them the comfort and safety of the younger family members is of paramount importance. Families without children and newlyweds most often choose a romantic getaway, while companies of young people can choose completely different options - from an entertaining to an extreme tour. Older people often prefer health tourism or a relaxing beach holiday away from noisy companies.

Where to start?

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