Travel agency Anex Tour - offers

Travel agency Anex Tour - offers

One of the most remote outposts of the empire, the final destination of the famous Transsib, the largest seaport and base of the country's Pacific Fleet - Vladivostok has always had enormous political and economic importance for Russia. And the peculiar terraced landscape and the location between the Amur and Ussuri bays and the Golden Horn Bay allowed the famous traveler Nansen to compare it with Naples. In the 1930s. N. Khrushchev called for making the city on the hills a second San Francisco. Not to say that the idea of ​​the Soviet leader was fully embodied: in the final analysis, Vladivostok is atmospheric, distinctive and unlike anything. Until now, in the center of the city, near the water, you can see boulevards built up with century-old buildings. In 2012, the APEC summit was held in Vladivostok - for this event, many new objects and attractions were built in the city, including the two-kilometer cable-stayed Golden Bridge over the bay.

All major attractions are concentrated within the center along the coastline. The historic center of Vladivostok is located along the northern coast of the Golden Horn Bay, several blocks inland. Tourists are better off settling on the streets of Svetlanskaya, Aleutskaya, Admiral Fokin, Uborevich, Fontannaya, Pogranichnaya, Naberezhnaya, Tigrovaya, 1st Morskaya and Okeansky avenue - this is the area around the main square of the Fighters for Soviet Power. It is convenient to get anywhere from here, restaurants and entertainment venues are concentrated here, near the embankments and the station.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

How to get to Vladivostok

The fastest way to get to Vladivostok is by plane. Regular flights are organized between Moscow and the capital of Primorye. The planes land 40 km from the city - from the airport you can get to the center in an hour.

The Vladivostok railway station is the twin brother of the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow. The floors in the building are paved with Japanese clay slabs - they have been preserved since 1893.

The Trans-Siberian Railway runs through the whole country and connects Vladivostok with the capital. The train runs along it for almost a week. If you want to travel by car, please be patient and money - there is a road ahead of 9500 km, and the quality of the roads leaves much to be desired.

Vladivostok Hotels

The seaside capital has a large selection of accommodation for tourists - there are options in the city itself and on the seaside. The cost of living is very different - from 850 RUB per night for a modest place in a hostel to 1200 RUB per room in a mini-hotel and 3000–5500 RUB in a mid-level hotel. The best hotel in Vladivostok is considered "Hyundai 4 *", one night in its double room will cost an average of 12,500 RUB.

It is more profitable for tourists to settle in the center - the difference in prices with the outskirts is insignificant, and the advantages are much greater.

Last Minute Tours from Vladivostok

Jan Hotels Sant Jordi

Tour: to Andorra from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour start: 24.2.021 Accommodation: 7 nights Resort: Andorra La Vella Room: Standard Room Meals: BB Route: Moscow Andorra (Barcelona) <

Tour: to Bulgaria from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour start: 21.5.021 Accommodation: 7 nights Resort: Sunny Beach Room: Standard Meals: BB Route: Moscow Burgas

Tour: to the Dominican Republic from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour start: 16.2.021 Accommodation: 5 nights Resort: Bayahibe Room: Standard Room Food: AI Route: Moscow Punta Cana (LRM) <

Tour: to Greece from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour starts: 24.4021 Accommodation: 7 nights Resort: Malia Room: Standard Studio Meals: RO Route: Moscow Heraklion

Gabriel & Felicidade Villa

Tour: to India from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour starts: 20. 2. 021 Accommodation: 7 nights Resort: Ashvem Room: Standard Room Non Ac Meals: BB Route: Moscow Goa

Fortuna Apartments Lloret

Tour: to Spain from Vladivostok (departure from Ufa) Start of the tour: 03. 6. 021 Accommodation: 11 nights Resort: Lloret de Mar Room: Studio Meals: RO Route: Ufa Barcelona

Imperial Laguna By Faranda Hotels

Tour: to Mexico from Vladivostok (departure from Moscow) Tour start: 21.2.021 Accommodation: 6 nights Resort: Cancun Number: Standard Room Meals: BB Route: Moscow Cancun without transfer (regular) <

Tour: to Sochi or Crimea from Vladivostok (departure from Blagoveshchensk) Tour starts: 20. 2. 021 Accommodation: 5 nights Resort: Esto-Sadok Room: Standard Mini Meals: RO Route: Blagoveshensk Krasnaya Polyana ( regular)

Vladivostok is the capital of the Far East, a young city, 160 years old is not an age for a city. An important economic and political center, on the border with China, Korea and Japan. Vladivostok is the terminal point of the great Trans-Siberian Railway, which stretches across the whole of Russia for 9000 km.

Vladivostok is a city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, which includes 20 islands. Everything here is connected with the sea: history, architecture and industry. The face of the city is defined by commercial and fishing seaports, ship repair and shipbuilding. Interesting relief, formed by sea bays and hills. National Geographic has included it in their ranking of the 10 most beautiful marine cities in the world. Meet Vladivostok!

The benefits of this trip:

  • we will walk along the streets of the amazing capital of Primorye - the city of Vladivostok;
  • we will drive along the famous bridge to Russky Island;
  • we will visit Primorsky Safari Park , the only one in Russia, which is one of the twelve best zoos in the world;
  • we will take a walk in the Ussuri taiga and look at a cascade of five waterfalls;
  • we will get acquainted with the lifestyle of the Primorsky Territory.

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Tour program

Self-transfer to the hotel.

Guaranteed check-in from 2 pm.

11:00 Sightseeing tour of Vladivostok, 3 hours.

In the program: central square, lighthouse, two stations (railway and sea), Korabelnaya embankment, Admiralsky square, Tsarevich Nicholas arch, museum "Submarine S-56" (outside), monument to Muravyov-Amursky, observation deck, Golden Bridge.

11:00 Excursion to Russky Island, 4 hours.

Route: Central Square - Golden Bridge - Russian Bridge - Novosiltsevskaya Battery - Fort Pospelov - drive past the FEFU campus.

At the end of the excursion, you do not have to return to Vladivostok, but in the afternoon, visit: the Primorsky Aquarium, located on the Russky Island in the Zhitkov Bay (additional lats, the travel agency will help with the advance purchase of entrance tickets).

After the APEC summit in Vladivostok, 30-40 conventions and exhibitions are held annually, incl. international. This year's global action should be the Eastern Economic Forum, endorsed by President Vladimir Putin. The seaside capital is gaining a reputation as a congress center.

“The infrastructure built for the APEC summit meets the requirements for holding certain international events - forums, congresses, international conferences,” says Olga Kurilova, head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) in the Far Eastern Federal District.

But it’s one thing to have a few high-level meetings, and quite another to have a constant stream of business. “Vladivostok, in terms of the number of exhibitors, as well as the frequency and large-scale of business events, is still incomparably less attractive for business tourists than the western part of Russia. Therefore, there are no large business tourist flows, which would bring significant benefits to the region's economy, "- said Sergey Spirin, General Director of Lucky Tours.

Raise the bar

Business tourism is both a time requirement and a fashionable trend. In the world, this industry is called MICE. This English-language abbreviation is used in international practice to denote four key English words that characterize the components of business tourism: Meeting (meeting), Incentive (encouragement), Congress/Conference (Congress/conference), Exhibition/Event (exhibition/event). The secret is that a business tour in general, and its elements in particular, should become an event first of all.

In Primorye, business tourism received the "legal" right to be called such only in the mid-2000s, when various forums began to be held in the region on an ongoing basis: from the international congress of fishermen to urban and ecological forums "Nature without borders ".

“Business tourism is one of the most important areas. Each ruble invested in holding international congresses and exhibitions brings 5-7 in related sectors: trade, transport, entertainment, advertising, - said Alexei Starichkov, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Tourism Development of the Primorsky Territory. - Tax deductions to the budget from one specialized exhibition event, where about 150 companies participate, amount to 33-42 million rubles. The expenses of one MICE tourist in Vladivostok only for hotel accommodation and meals amount to 18-37 thousand rubles. "

But any efforts of event organizers are effective only when there is a hotel between the starting point of the MICE system (meeting at the airport) and the third (conference). Not necessarily fashionable, but convenient, including for solving business problems.

Natalya Kalachinskaya, General Director of Gavan-Turtsentr LLC: “There are only three warm months a year in Primorye - July, August, September. Accordingly, the organizers strive to hold all business events with the participation of foreign guests during these three months. This trend is also superimposed on the traditional summer tourism season - from June to October tourists from China actively come to us. As a result, it turns out that there is literally nowhere to accommodate the guests - everything is busy. "

The standards of work with business tourists are just being set in the hotel market of Primorye. The market is forming and no one can say for sure which is the right one. The ideal option is a luxury business hotel in the center of Vladivostok. “There are really not enough hotels in the city, but Primorye has been instructed to increase inbound tourism. And it's not only about the volume of rooms, but also about the number of stars: almost all hotels are two- and three-star, and only one is a four-star one. You need to understand: if we want to raise the bar of Vladivostok to the level of a business center, to increase the significance and prestige of everything that we hold here, then we need high-class hotels desperately, ”Kalachinskaya said.

Area deficit

Olga Kurilova: “If we are talking about exhibition and congress activities, where large-scale exhibitions are held within the framework of forums, then the city also lacks a specialized center that would meet international requirements. All the events that are currently being held in Primorye are well within the framework of the infrastructure built only for the summit. "

We have a FEFU, the conference center of which has the necessary premises for holding congress and exhibition events, and is provided with multimedia equipment. It also has two conference rooms for 700 and 900 seats, while the closest competitor, the Hyundai Hotel, can accommodate up to 300 people. There is also the SC "Champion" at VSUES and the SC "Dynamo", where various local exhibitions are often held. But these are not numbers to be proud of.

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